'Determined, yes. Successful, no.'

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19 Oct, 2011 Updated Wed 19 Oct 2011 12:38 CEST
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In the wake of last weekend's nationwide “Occupy” protests, The Local took to the streets of Berlin to gauge public opinion on the demos, in the latest instalment of the Zeitgeist series.

Demonstrations took place in numerous German cities over the weekend, and tent villages have been set up in Frankfurt and Hamburg during the week.

In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement in the US, German protesters were taking a stand against perceived injustices in the global financial system and the political handling of the eurozone debt crisis.

See what Berliners had to say

Around 10,000 protesters marched through the capital on Saturday, so The Local asked ordinary Berliners what they made of it all.

Christian H., 26, shipping and logistics agent

"The protesters won’t be successful because the power of the banks is just too strong. Sure, they are determined, but successful? No."

Jessica B., 26, student

"I think it’s good. I’m for protests of every kind. But I do think that it’s more of a symbol (rather than something that will accomplish change). It’s good that the western world is beginning to protest against something though."

Steven A., 33, English teacher

“I'm more of a read-the-paper-from-afar type, but I think it’s a good thing. But I don’t think the protests will be successful. The banks are all far too powerful and the protests are based on the idealism of youth. This ‘we can change the world‘ attitude probably won’t change much.“

Sahin S., 35, IT specialist

"It had to happen sometime. The banks are filling their pockets, and right now during the crisis, saving the banks is wrong. I would take part in the protests, but I wouldn't sleep overnight in a tent."

Christoph S., 20, student

"I think that it's basically right, especially in the US, where the banks are totally crazy. They also absolutely have the upper hand in Germany and Europe, and I have the feeling it's causing the financial crisis."

Lisa R., 28, lawyer

"If there's not enough pressure put on the banks, nothing will change. I have a lot to do with banks professionally, and the customers are not always well-informed."

Dagmar S., 38, playwright

"I was part of the protests. For me, it's not just against the banks. I think it shows that the majority of people don't support the system."

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