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Disgraced Guttenberg now at US think tank

The Local · 30 Sep 2011, 08:06

Published: 30 Sep 2011 08:06 GMT+02:00

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The Washington-based Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) announced Thursday that Guttenberg was joining the organization as a "distinguished statesman."

Guttenberg would "lead a new transatlantic dialogue initiative at CSIS which will bring European and American thought-leaders, practitioners and officials together," the CSIS said in a statement.

This would allow them to develop "a bold, new strategic vision to reinvigorate the transatlantic relationship and prevent strategic drift."

CSIS president John Hamre welcomed Guttenberg, hailing "his energy, enthusiasm and deep commitment to the transatlantic partnership."

Guttenberg, once the most popular minister in Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet, in March admitted to "serious mistakes" in his 2006 legal dissertation at the German University of Bayreuth.

He asked the southern German university to withdraw his doctor title, but denied cheating.

A university committee set up in the wake of the affair to look at the allegations found that "the standards of good scientific practice were clearly grossly abused and it was obvious that plagiarism was involved."

Asked to comment on the scandal, Heather Conley, the director of the CSIS's European programme, said that while the think tank was "fully aware" of the affair "it did not ultimately change our decision."

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The unpaid position at the CSIS is an advisory post also held by Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak.


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Your comments about this article

08:36 September 30, 2011 by Christine1
Guttenberg needs to get in line behind all of the other dirty politicians in Washington. The only surprising thing about this post is that it's not a paid position.
08:47 September 30, 2011 by authun
The "honorary" nature of it seems a bit ironic, no?
12:07 September 30, 2011 by Johnne

14:29 September 30, 2011 by DOZ
I see the USA is still stealing the brain of Germany.
14:51 September 30, 2011 by jmclewis
The Think Tank wants insight into German Politics and Europe Too.
17:50 September 30, 2011 by Englishted
Shame it is not a Think bank then we could bail it out.
17:59 September 30, 2011 by Major B
We welcome the forward thinking and very talented Dr Guttenberg to the US and his involvement with the CSIS.

Yes DOZ, as in the past, we are steeling German talent. Unappreciated and scorned in Germany, it was shameful the way he was treated, and perhaps his pedigree and skills at CSIS will be helpfull. It seems that to be popular as a leader in Germany you must be boorish, unattractive,not have a personality and above all, you mustn't have an attractive spouse as well. That appears to be OK in business but a "no-no" at the National level. His personality will be perfectly appreciated here in the U.S.

And no, not all politicians in Washington are "crooks".

(although there are plenty, it is same as in EVERY other world capital)
18:21 September 30, 2011 by Englishted
@Major B

"His personality will be perfectly appreciated here in the U.S."

That is a slamming indictment of the way you and I hope not the U.S.A. thinks,

just turn it round ,as long as his wife looks good and he has style it matters not a jot that he is dishonest and lies .

He is treated as he deserved but I'm still waiting for the court case of intellectual copyright theft.
18:34 September 30, 2011 by ECSNatale
Well, considering that US colleges and universities are nothing but big money machines full of under educated and barely able to write students whose best contribution is daddy's wallet, I hardly think The Plagiarizer's status here in Germany did anything but make him more desirable. After all, if you look at the political spectrum of idiots who make up the leaders in the US, it's not as if education or intelligence is much of a prerequisite. Half the GOP candidates thing the earth is only 6,000 years old and the rest agree it might be older than that, but will have to get back to us later. The world is EFFED!
20:09 September 30, 2011 by expatriarch
@Major B - Think about what you said. Your supremacist hubris is clouding your brain. I know it's easy to get wrapped up in the international philosophy of "anything an American does is the right thing", but bringing a documented, entitled, greased plagiarizer/liar on your team does not do anything to add credibility. I would be asking myself, how am I supposed to believe anything this guy has to say if he may as well have plagiarized all kinds of stuff to get to a point where he could plagiarize is dissertation.

You don't just say "well, I have studied hard and have a lot of knowledge and worked long hours to get to this point in my life. F it. I am just going to start stealing other people's words and thoughts."

If we continue our spiral into the abyss of no standards and intellectual shrinkage, we will never come out on top again, as everyone wishes so much.

On the other side though; he will do fine here, because our economy is built on bullshit. That is what makes people so envious of us (not that I blame them) that such lazy, fat, dumb, squandering, goofing off, bastards can have it so easy and constantly wreck things with miles and miles of room to spare and do such horrendous things around the world and yet have so much without any accountability for our actions. We are like the drunken, whore of a frat boy that lives off grandmother's trust-fund, in a huge house known as the place to get wasted an party and sleep over by all the women and that gets greased through college because daddy donated some money; while you are working two jobs and treating people and girls with respect and help old ladies across the street and study hard to go home to your crappy apartment you share with a bunch of stink-a22 roommates. it's not right, but it's the way it is, which is why people are envious. It's not because we do something better, we don't. It's because we found a lottery ticket and won the biggest jackpot in history (America and its natural resources) and we do nothing net-good with it.

What you also don't understand is that it's not that Germany somehow loves its unattractive people, they just don't primitively subscribe some sort of advantage to them for it. The tendency is that those who are most qualified to do anything, tend not to be the most attractive; in aggregate. Just like the attractive girls tend not to be the smartest, because they have, for varying reasons, relied on their attractiveness to get by where they didn't have to be intelligent or capable otherwise; it is also inversely true.
20:19 September 30, 2011 by wxman
A Englishted, "That is a slamming indictment of the way you and I hope not the U.S.A. thinks, just turn it round, as long as his wife looks good and he has style it matters not a jot that he is dishonest and lies."

Not to worry, he'll fit right in with the current Washington crowd.
20:48 September 30, 2011 by shahislam
Hey the wise guys in the old Think-Tank! Why can't I be a participant in your Tank or the ensuing new one under UN power?

Any type of killing by human is a crime for every human on Earth, that incudes leaders of all kind!

Instead of anti-bacterial-type killings of more of these continually growing @ cosmic rule, the new generation of bacteria-type insurgents, just help in replacing (non-violent possible manner and of course without any bloodshed) all of the religiously or otherwise ego-blind leaders would be more wise!
21:27 September 30, 2011 by Englishted

Sadly ,you right.
00:55 October 1, 2011 by mikel taylor
Welcome to America, where the brightest get the spoils,, he,s good looking, has an attractive wife is more than 5' 6" and of good Aryan blood, what more can we ask, and he was smart enough to plagiarize a thesis that got him his PHD,, if this doesn't qualify him to be in a think tank, better than all those idiots that wasted time writing an original, he used that time much more wisely and went on about furthering his career, we need more of this kind of intelligence rather than the boring morons that pretend to know whats going on but never get the noses out of academia.

whoever hired him realized his value and jumped on this brilliant man for what he can do, not what was his past, which in my humble opinion was brilliant.

hasn't America always stolen from the Germans there best and brightest,, remember Werner Von Braun, and all the other scientist after WW ll did we care if they were Nazis NOOO we cared about what they could do for America,, even the Jews didn't jump up and down too much over this,, funny how all the American people looked the other way when there's a profit to be made....I'm thinking we change the birth requirement for US Presidents and get Guttenburg his citizenship and elect him President in 2016,, or maybe just governor of California, Wake up and realize this guy is just what we need here. Welcome Mr. Guttenburg, lets see what you can do..
09:27 October 1, 2011 by Shirazz
Give him a break. He's just trying to make an "honest" living....
13:02 October 2, 2011 by bobmarchiano
Guttenburg will be a asset to the USA and a lose for Europe

With his knowledge of Europe http://csis.org/ will gain insight to

Europe we have not had before.

To all of you who are slamming the U.S.A.

The Universities there are some of the best in the world.

WASHINGTON, DC, November 15, 2010-The number of international students at colleges and universities in the United States increased by 3% to 690,923 during the 2009/10 academic year

Could not find information on any increase of students for Germany only a

article from 2008 about a decrease.
13:10 October 2, 2011 by Universalismus
@Major B

Hitler led the people into believing something false didnt he?

What has Guttemberg done? The same. Led parliament in Afghanistan, innocent people into what? KtvzG also doesn't know and disguises himself behind a cute banana face.

A North Atlantic Alliance I can stay, I don't have a problem with. Many including me think its a good idea at this juncture of history.

What I have a huge issue with is plagiarizing, copying without evidence, proof, sound and well founded research, and disgraceful for being consciously aware of it.

A convict in court which is the best thing that could happen to a politician. More politicians are going to be convicted behind him, he is just the first one. Just wait... the waves of change of 2011 arent over.


"-We welcome the forward thinking and very talented Dr Guttenberg to the US and his involvement with the CSIS.-"

What does forward thinking mean to you? Lie to the people? Decieve them? Get the task done kind of cowboy, cheering for a blind national hero?


"-his involvement with the CSIS-" what involvement? First no one knows what it is. Second, disclosing confidential papers from CSIS would be impossible to get his -involvement- more clearly.


-His personality will be perfectly appreciated here in the U.S.- Propaganda machine and autograph signer for the celebrity he has become, good.

The other thing he will be signing is his extradition papers into a pit hole where he will be known throughout the world.

I like the guy though, his personality, his looks, his WIFE wow. I truly will once say hello to him, because as with any Hollywood actor, he was good in the Bundestag. Wow

You see, his ethics are confused and twisted. Why??? Learn from him, from his past, his father, his grandfather and learn from the propaganda machine. There are a handful of documentaries about the entire Guttemberg family in history. So please Major B, check your sources.

No one will get around the Constitutional Court in Germany, not even a good looking petty boy from Bayern

Great thing is that he is already a convict, so if he comes back to Europe, we will be waiting for him. :)
20:56 October 2, 2011 by wenddiver
LOL, getting your Average American to give a rat's a## about academic stupidity.

In the real world this is a think tank, you assemble a variety of people for the diversity of their ideas and talents to try to find inovative ideas and solutions to todays problems and predict what the challenges of tommorow are. Talent and innovation is the goal not how much paper your parents could buy at a Universiy. You can make fun of this American method of solving problems, but it has put them in the very forefront of World Power in less than 250 years.

Think how different European History would have been if the Kaiser had assembled a think tank and explored what Russia's , Great Britain's and France's reaction to mobilization would be in 1914 or if in December 1941 there had been a little think tanking on whether Germany should declare war on the US, or let the US go fight Japan?

It is no accident that we are on an English Language site hashing out this issue amongst people from many different backgrounds and many different levels of talent. Look at the Greek crisis is it being approached as an Economic problem affecting all of Europe and the World or is it Germany's problem and solvable with Germany's solutions only?

Orville and Wilbur Wright were High School drop outs, George Washington (was refused a commission in the Regular British Army) and never went to college, Abraham Lincoln never attended College, Bill Gates dropped out of College, Germany had no use for Baron Von Stueben, America's history was writien by second chances.

If Guttenburg has talent and can compete, I say "Welcome to America, I hope this is a new start for you and your wife and maybe we will all benefit."
23:28 October 2, 2011 by MaKo
The USA is "stealing the brain of Germany"? Wow. Sorry about your luck, Germany!
06:02 October 3, 2011 by wenddiver
We constantly have comments about Americans being dumb on here, is Germany to blame if that's where the brains came from. I thouht the British said we were sucessful, because they were the Mother Country.

Do we take the Brains like zombies, or is it just that the Authority figures in Germany ran off people that were more valuable than the world thought. I've been back to Germany and some of the ideas my ancestors used to build Houston would have improved Cottbus quite a bit.
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