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Village denies ignoring incest family horrors

The Local · 15 Sep 2011, 11:04

Published: 15 Sep 2011 11:04 GMT+02:00

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People in Willmersbach, 40 kilometres outside Nuremberg, initially said they were shocked to discover what had been going on in the house on the edge of the village, but then a number said they had always thought something was amiss.

The man lived with his wife and daughter and two of the incest children until March when his daughter, now 46, told her probation officer what had been happening. He has been in investigative custody since then, while his wife and his daughter have both left the village. He has been charged with nearly 500 counts of rape.

Now, in scenes reminiscent of what happened shortly after the Austrian Fritzl case emerged in 2009, reporters and television crews have flooded the village.

It is so small there is not even a shop, while on Wednesday hardly any residents were to be found on the streets.

“The village community feels unjustly pilloried,” said Mayor Jürgen Mönius. He said there had been gossip about the family, but that no concrete allegations had been made.

The father had been very aggressive when approached, he added.

Others, who did not want to be named, told journalists that people had often wondered how the woman had repeatedly become pregnant when no-one had ever seen her with a partner.

“When we saw them they were always friendly and said hello,” one neighbour said, although he said he had rarely seen the daughter.

“Only now and again while shopping, and the father was always with her.”

The father had seemed to rule the house, and, the neighbour said, he had often seen his wife with a black eye.

No-one had wanted to have anything to do with the family because they were scared, one elderly lady said.

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“It is bad enough what has happened. But it cannot be, that now the whole village is being accused,” said Mönius.

He said that although the family had not taken part in village life, which centres on the volunteer fire service and shooting club, but said that outwardly everything seemed to be in order. “The garden was always cared for,” he said.

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Your comments about this article

12:18 September 15, 2011 by gorongoza
Welcome to Germany !
13:04 September 15, 2011 by freechoice
yeah we all missed the busybody oma we keep an eye on things around our neighbourhood...

how could this escape the different levels of checks throughout her school and adult life? or could she have just gone to the police?
13:12 September 15, 2011 by raandy
34 years of abuse in a Dorf, school, kids talking ,the daughter seen with no one but the papa, she is with child ,a few times, mother has a black eye.

and nobody new...nobody had the courage to stand up to the dork.
13:26 September 15, 2011 by n230099
As if WWI and WWII could be topped??
13:49 September 15, 2011 by Shirazz
I wonder how many of these like minded old fart incest-pedophiles are now living in Asia walking on the beaches with young girls and boys clinging on their arms ...
14:52 September 15, 2011 by raandy
Shirazz, I have been there, and the answer is, to many.
15:27 September 15, 2011 by Shirazz
So they should be extradited, oder? ......oh, I forgot, they are not wanted here either, that's why they are there....silly me.
20:38 September 15, 2011 by Lisa Rusbridge
>>[quote] "He said that although the family had not taken part in village life, which centres on the volunteer fire service and shooting club, but said that outwardly everything seemed to be in order. ¦quot;The garden was always cared for,¦quot; he said. [end quote]The "he" being the mayor Herr Mönius. So as long as the outward appearances of a cared for garden are maintained it's all good?

Good Lord... have mercy...
23:11 September 15, 2011 by baddaboom
they all knew and are all guilty of not saying anything espcially the old women who keep an eye on every one and every thing in that little village so yeah they KNEW
08:01 September 16, 2011 by Englishted

If you break the law in the country you are in then that country should deal with you.

The laws are there but as in many things money goes before people.
09:39 September 16, 2011 by Silvia CR
I think it's not a simple situation.

Indeed her teachers or medical doctor should have notice something. Unless she had been homeschooled and never went to a Dr.

Anyway, for neighbors there is not an easy way to intervene. In cases of abused women, if you ask them they always denied what's going on, this is why they don't go to police, they have a dependent relationship with the agressor. If somebody could have managed to ask her o her mother what was going on, who is the father of the babies, they'd probably invented some story. And not because they liked to live like this, it's because the human mind is soooo complicated.

And also, if you see it from the legal point of view, they had no real proves that something was going on, only gossips. The major could have send the police to the house and probably the whole faily would have fake that everything was OK. I know that the argument that the garden was always care of, sound ridiculous, but if the garden would be not care of, maybe the police would have an excuse to visit the family or pay more attention to them...
09:52 September 16, 2011 by freechoice
for your info homeschooling is illegal in Germany. how could anybody not been sick for his entire life and never been to a doctor? how could their mother let this happen for so long without guilt or conscience? what is happening to the people?
11:44 September 16, 2011 by gorongoza
Consider the frequency and magnitude of these bizarre cases in Deutschland and Austria. Then do some extrapolation. The figure you will get points to a normal occurence.

And what can you conclude ! its in the gens of these two nations. After all they are same people - history confirms that.

So Mr Reporter there are no shocks in the German community over this incidence - its normal.
17:58 September 16, 2011 by Sam Stewart
"The Garden was always cared for", what the hell does that have to do with anything??? The girl was always turning up pregnant, the father was always seen with her, the wife was seen with a black eye but, THE GARDEN WAS ALWAYS CARED FOR, so everything must have been ok!?!?!?!
02:50 September 17, 2011 by flnative52
any petunias
05:29 September 17, 2011 by Shirazz
Agreed, Englishted.

However, many of those sexy belly guys with kids on their arms on Asian beaches left their own countries before law got to them.

And sadly in many countries they go to reside in, it's money before humanity.

So knowing that the law is there but the enforcement is weak, these pathetic parasites usually lay low and continue with their sick behavior, only, with somebody's else's children.
11:09 September 17, 2011 by VexingConfection
Why do "good Germans" always stand by and do nothing? Yes, blame the whole villiage which saw the clues, witnessed the black eyes and pregnancies, etc and then turned their backs while another Jew, Catholic, etc was tortured, put to death, sent away-

And just as before-let's remind the world that there are "good Germans." We're the ones with blinders on.

I'm deeply disgraced to be German today.
13:21 September 17, 2011 by maedel
The term "co-abuser" refers to one who knows and does not prevent... While villagers/neighbors may not have "known," it is impossible to believe they did not suspect...

gorongoza: Your comments inappropriate and ridiculous. Your statements are ever bit as dangerous as Nazis considering other peoples to be "less than" Aryans. Every nation is influenced by its past, but no person or their genes are just bad or destined to some specific failure.

As an American living in Germany, I can confirm that this is far from unique to Germany and I have seen no evidence that it more prevalent in Germany than elsewhere. Such stories are sadly not uncommon in the USA. Did you know that "Sex trafficking" has become a hot topic among advocates and before congress now- typically teenage girls (or younger...) who are forced or cooerced into the sex trade- aka being sold for sex. The U.S. Dept. of Justice estimated that between 2001 and 2005, there were 100,000 to 150,000 victims of sex trafficking in America- many "normal" American girls.

This is a hot topic NOW because it was ignored on a governmental level until this point. It has also been ignored on a personal level- I volunteer with a home for girls in America, and personally know several girls who were trafficked by their family members- all telling how other people who saw signs turned away.

@raandy: so true- and so tragic.

@Lisa Rusbridge: people make any excuse to comfort themselves in their choice to do nothing... Right with you, Sam Stewart...

@Silvia CR: no, it is surely not simple. But no, it does not excuse those who suspected but did nothing.

@freechoice: Your last two questions are valid. Homeschooling is not allowed in Germany, however, I am an American who was "homeschooled" in the U.S. Yet I received no education after the 1st grade. I also was not taken to the doctor for sickness or injury, if any sign of the abuse I endured was showing- which was basically always. So even extremely ill, no go... I recently got a hold of my pediatric record- even when doctors saw me, they ignored obvious signs. Just to say it is sick, it leaves some wondering how others could turn away... but yes, it happens.

@VexingConfection: Reread what I wrote to freechoice. I am not denying this being an issue in Germany, but the only other country I can speak for is the USA- and it is surely also an issue there. This is a story to make us ALL aware of a need to respond to future suspicious situations, even if difficult/confusing, not a report on how bad "good" Germans are.
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