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Man shot after knife attack on cops

The Local · 9 Aug 2011, 08:40

Published: 09 Aug 2011 08:40 GMT+02:00

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The officers were responding to an emergency call from a supposed traffic accident in the Ruhr Valley city when the 21-year-old man rushed towards them and stabbed them.

While his female colleague was being attacked, the policeman was able to draw his pistol and shoot the assailant. All three were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The authorities are now investigating the incident as attempted homicide after determining there had been no traffic accident at the scene of the crime.

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Your comments about this article

10:46 August 9, 2011 by Asgarli
I am usually not against police brutality, since they risk their lives for our safety, thus sometimes it may be necessary for them to be overly brutal.

But an officer pulling a gun to stop the attacker that attacked his colleague(!) just does not make sense to me! I mean come on, don't they learn any hand-to-hand combat?? It was a female colleague who was attacked, and in Germany they always put one male partner to a female police officer, so I think he could have responded without a firearm.

"All three were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries."

Now how did that happen I wonder?? Police officer with a gun could not stop someone with a knife from making him AND his partner a life-threatening injury? I don't really feel safe now :S
12:27 August 9, 2011 by nec123
12:36 August 9, 2011 by Lachner
Asgaril - The attacker called in on a fake traffic accident and then attacked the police officers by surprise with a knife. A determined attacker armed with a knife can inflict some serious damage in close distances since it is very hard to draw a weapon quickly and fire it when the attacker is within 6 feet. You suggest that the Police should have used a non-lethal method to stop the attack such as pepper spray or hand-on-hand combat, but in this case the attacker was already armed with a knife which is lethal and had to be met with lethal force as well to save the female officer's life. Any person that attacks a police officer with deadly force should be stopped with a firearm. Why is that so hard to understand? God forbid you are ever attacked by a man wielding a knife. I would like to see you try your best Bruce Lee moves against that!
13:06 August 9, 2011 by freechoice
I don't think any sane person would want to attack a Policeman with a Glock on his belt by wielding a knife. It is simply not efficient and probability of kill would be on the Policeman side. But then again, why are mentality disturbed persons escaped from severe penalty in the court of law, let alone a death penalty?
13:12 August 9, 2011 by Asgarli
@Lachner, I am sure it was not a Navy SEAL who attacked the police officers, not even a decently minded person probably, otherwise he would first stab the male officer. And how would you explain that BOTH police officers got injured? Does it take that long to take out a gun? Or did he jump on the attacker and then tried to take out a gun, instead of stepping back before it? See in any case there was a negligence or lack of skills.

Btw, I'm Asgarli, not Asgaril, you keep misspelling my name :)
13:22 August 9, 2011 by vossy
If the policeman had used too much force he would have emptied the magazine into the attacker, they are trained to use minimum force only, me - I would have used at least 2 full magazines on him.
13:37 August 9, 2011 by Lachner
@ Asgarli - Sorry for misspelling your name! ;) It does not take one to be a Navy Seal in order to inflict a lot of damage with a knife, just determination and a good sharp knife. I think that both officers were injured since they were caught by surprise in the attack and the attacker was determined to kill them both. If you are being attacked by a man wielding a knife, it is harder to draw your gun since you have to be on the move and defending against the thrusts of the knife. I think they both receive some wounds, before the male officer drew his gun and killed the attacker.

By the way, I have seen videos were a man with a knife attacks by surprise and kills 2 officers out of a group of 5 armed with AK47's in Nicaragua and a man that attacked with a knife a customer and clerk in Turkey, before he was shot down by the clerk. Look for "real knife attacks" in YouTube and you will see how deadly they can be.
14:27 August 9, 2011 by Yala
Just because someone works as police officer doesn't mean he is supposed to let himself get killed by some madman. They are just humans like everyone else and have family. So if someone attacks cops with the intention to kill them I don't see why the cops shouldn't use their guns.
15:22 August 9, 2011 by Cnd/Deu
I try my best to resist the urge to respond to comments let alone such as the likes of @Asgaril, but that was just too naive...Whatever your vocation is it most certainly is not in Law Enforcement .

In a perceived edge weapon confrontation the minimum distance to safely and accurately draw, aim and discharge a firearm from a secure holster is 21 feet.

It takes approximately .5 to 1 sec to simply draw and acquire target acquisition on a stationary target in a non stress situation if you are properly trained.

It does not matter if the officer was male or female, that¦#39;s why they are referred to as Police Officers not Policeman or Policewoman.

If police are working together as partners you don¦#39;t separate from each other to any significant distance when approaching a suspected dangerous situation.

If you do the chance for crossfire becomes possible for yourself and other people if your use of force option becomes your firearm.

If you and your partner approach a victim needing help in a non violent situation your demeanour will be different than your approach to a possibly armed suspect.

Responding to a ¦#39;Traffic Radio Call¦#39; does not automatically make you more concerned for officer safety then usual.

So if you are working with a partner you can BOTH be cut even by an unskilled person with a knife if caught off guard.

I am able to make these comments because I am qualified to do so and I am guessing unlike @Asgarli.

I am currently and have been a police officer in Toronto Canada for the last 20 years and have been cut as well as shot at during this time in spite extreme training and experience.

@Lachner..your comments are realistic.
15:25 August 9, 2011 by Asgarli
@Lachner, no problems, just grab me an iPad from London when you go there next week, doesn't need to be brand new, few scratches is ok :) (I saw it in other comment that you made for Germany's UK riot warning)

That's exactly my point, I always thought German police is more trained than Nicaraguan or Turkish police. And I'm totally not against police using a gun against knife, I just would prefer it to be more efficient.
18:29 August 9, 2011 by Lachner
@ Asgarli - If I knew you personally, I would gladly bring you the iPad from London...but that is highly unlikely given our anonymity! ;) I would think they are more expensive in London since they sell in GBP. Perhaps you should buy it better from the US, if someone goes over there.
19:19 August 9, 2011 by TheChanger

I don't know where you are getting your facts, can you provide some sort of reference?

@everyone else....

I am ex-law enforcement and there is a lot of information missing from this story. I think you are jumping to conclusions as to what happened here and apparently deciding the man attacked the female officer and then was shot.

If this was a deliberate attack the assailant would most likely come from behind and initially attack the larger (more dangerous) officer first, while having the element of suprise. All it would take would be two quick jabs to the back and the officer would be mostly incompacitated.

At that point the attacker could be on the female officer in a mater of less than 2-3 seconds while she is attempting to react, perhaps in shock to see her aprtner assaulted in such a manner (police officers are people too and not used to being attacked).

Once the attacker is on the female officer, it makes perfect sense for a badly injured male officer to resort to lethal force to remove the threat before he and his partner are dispatched.

I think that trying to blast the police for using lethal force when they were clearly ambushed by a nut bent on killing them is about the stupidest thing I have ever read. Both officers sustained life threatening injuries. Had the officers not sustained any injury and used lethal force, then I could see your point.
09:32 August 10, 2011 by Asgarli
@Lachner, right now iPads are free in London, you just grab one from the store ))
13:57 August 10, 2011 by Bavaria Mike
Hope the officers are OK, they did what they had to do! And, they saved all kinds of tax money, no courts, no rehab, no further incidents.
15:57 August 11, 2011 by toemag
TheChanger is right, nothing Hollywood like in being put in a position where your hit from behind/surprise and your going down and hurting with all the cards stacked against you.

Police officers are people doing a job, that job consists of boring mundane duties on the whole, RTA's and domestics, break ins, theft's etc., not playing or training to play rambo with their customers (us).

I seriously hope that the officers make a complete recovery and can return to duty as soon as possible. Get well soon :-)
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