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Guttenberg moving to the US to write book

The Local · 28 Jul 2011, 16:40

Published: 28 Jul 2011 16:40 GMT+02:00

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The former rising star of German politics, who quit on March 1 after being accused of plagiarising substantial parts of his PhD dissertation, made it known in June that he wanted to live for several years overseas with his family.

Broadcaster ARD reported Thursday that Guttenberg had bought a house in Connecticut, just north of New York. There, he plans to write a book and hold lectures. Guttenberg is known as a strong trans-Atlanticist who is popular in US political circles.

Guttenberg , 39, is a Bavarian aristocrat whose family fortune has been estimated at about €800 million. His wife Stephanie is a descendant of Otto von Bismarck. Together they have two daughters.

His former university, the University of Bayreuth, confirmed after its own investigation that large sections of the dissertation had indeed been copied and withdrew his doctorate. It remains unclear whether Guttenberg is able to make a political comeback in the future, at least at national level. Most commentators thought in the wake of the scandal that such a comeback would be difficult.

Connecticut, just to the north of New York, is a wealthy and New England state with the highest per capita income in the US.

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Your comments about this article

11:46 July 28, 2011 by Ludinwolf
All these social reamarks: ´he is a Bavarian aristocrat´. well, great, i am not against

these remarks that makes someone being so important ( at least make them to feel that they are much important than regular folks).

But in the end, with an expensive education he had the whole life, he still acted like many of non aristocrats and lower than some ´simple´ people would do. where is he dignity!?

human = human (doesnt matter where they come from) what matter is the way they live. lol

I am a sociologist... just kidding.
11:52 July 28, 2011 by lordkorner
In his own words ,naturally!
12:06 July 28, 2011 by germirror
Guttenburg moving to the States to write a Book.

We should warn him, coze copyright law is stronger there than in Germany and is punished more severely!
12:15 July 28, 2011 by pepsionice
Only two observations. First, it's an odd way to end a news story....telling how Conn is a "rich" state and has highest per capita. It also has a significant amount of debt (coming pretty close after California), and could default on it's ability to pay within the next year or two. You will also find that Hartford has significant crime issues. But folks who do alot of business in New York City and prefer not to live in New York City....often live in Conn.

Second observation....what goes around, comes around. By the next election, we will be surprised to find a couple of Green & SPD folks with degrees....who also have issues with the way they wrote their thesis. Don't discount the likelihood of this happening.
13:00 July 28, 2011 by tueken
He should come to China to write his book.
13:14 July 28, 2011 by auniquecorn
I already read some of his new Book Excerpts and the First Chapter starts off, See Spot Run, Run Spot, Run.

It should sell pretty good in Germany.
13:17 July 28, 2011 by venkyfra
He probably will have to pay less tax in US for what he makes with 800million asset.

However, if he relocates permanently I guess many country will gladly accept him (atleast for his asset) & probably give him a menu of univ which will give him honary doctorates!!
13:30 July 28, 2011 by lunchbreak
Moving to the US to write a book? More likely moving to the US to escape his notoriety. Here everyone points him out in the supermarket.
13:33 July 28, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
I believe the headline shoud read "...to have a book written".

He may have a lot more free time on his hands now, but I doubt whatever drivel he is going to publish in book form is really going to be his own intellectual (as if) work and property.

so what's next... are we gonna see photo ops with him and Sarah Palin? His own show on Fox News? I say the German Geheimdienst should keep tabs on him, looks to me like there is a chance he might become radicalized, mingling with U.S. fundamentalist extremists... being the "strong trans-Atlanticist" that he is.

In any case, please, America, keep him for good.
13:51 July 28, 2011 by freechoice
aren't you guys blowing everything out of proportion?
14:27 July 28, 2011 by Loth
Will he run for office like Arnold Schwarzenegger? It would be interesting to see how he handles debt problems some states have.
16:03 July 28, 2011 by auniquecorn
Depp Problems?
16:03 July 28, 2011 by jbaker
He will fit right with us in the USA. We have room for the Aristocracy from Europe. They can learn how to refine their evil ways directly from our idiodic political leaders.

Yes, he does qualify to become governor of one of our fine states, If he changes his birth certificate and social security number he qualify's to become president.
16:50 July 28, 2011 by jmclewis
Guzzy Baby you would be better writing fiction.
17:01 July 28, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
@ jbaker

"If he changes his birth certificate and social security number he qualify's to become president. "

I wouldn't put it past him. Once a cheat, always a cheat...
18:18 July 28, 2011 by vonSchwerin
Well, he won't have to worry about his doctorate in America. Americans don't use the Doktortitel socially. Only professionally.

Actually, there is a long tradition of failed European aristocrats starting over in America. If he doesn't mind being known to his neighbors as "Teddy Guttenberg" he'll do fine.
19:57 July 28, 2011 by iseedaftpeople

"If he doesn't mind being known to his neighbors as "Teddy Guttenberg" he'll do fine. "

yeah I can just picture some semi-educated suburban upper-class housewife asking him at a cocktail party, "so you were like a king or something back home?". Better yet, "so are you related to Steve Guttenberg?"

I think they will regard him more for the 800 million dollars that he's worth... and perhaps for the fact that that's old money and he's not part of the nouveau riche... nobility and titles are a bit of a great unknown to Americans... they never quite know what to make of all that. But tell somebody your net worth is 800 million, and you'll raise an approving eyebrow or two in certain social circles... not speaking from own experience though... sadly...
00:37 July 29, 2011 by zeddriver
So am I correct in thinking that in Germany. It doesn't matter if you do a good job. It just matters what kind of paper is hanging on the office wall? Even if the degree is unrelated to the job at hand?

Was a Phd. required for his job. It looks to be more a case of a political witch hunt.

As a non German. I don't have a horse in this race. More curious than anything.
07:15 July 29, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ zeddriver #18

I think this was already discussed. We cannot say that Mr. zu Guttenberg did a good job. He used to be popular as a politician invited to talk shows, but as Defence Minister he did not really excel, but rather failed reforming the Bundeswehr. This might have to do with his lack of character.
08:39 July 29, 2011 by proclusian
Sach mal, man ey!

Wer hat denn für dieser Drecksack die Aufenthaltsbewilligung in den U.S.A. genehmigt?
08:54 July 29, 2011 by MaKo
Well, sure, why not? We let Lothar Matthäus play in the MLS for a crummy season, and we took that family from Baden-Württemburg that wanted to home-school their kids - as refugees, no less. And Oak Ridge, Tennessee is scheduled to take on a load of German nuclear waste, so this does seem to fit the emerging pattern...
09:05 July 29, 2011 by harcourt
ChrisRea #19

Absolutely, there are so many non-entities like him in politics all over Europe who are in it just for self-aggrandizement and no commitment to anything except, of course, themselves !!
09:47 July 29, 2011 by Talonx
@ Pepsionice

I'm not so sure that any of the other parties, save perhaps the NPD, are as ethically corrupt as the FDP. Though, politicians will be politicians. I welcome the culling of the cheaters. Good riddance.

@ Zweddriver

It boggles the mind that people thing is dissertation had nothing to do with his job. It was about constitutional development in Germany. I'd say that's pretty much exactly what any government official should know. It's bizare as well the way some folks have said they don't want a scientist, that is exactly saying 'we don't much care for critical thinkers'.
11:49 July 29, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
@ zeddriver:

"So am I correct in thinking that in Germany. It doesn't matter if you do a good job. It just matters what kind of paper is hanging on the office wall? Even if the degree is unrelated to the job at hand?"

That can be about the size of it.... maybe not so much if you're a mere "Dipl.-..." or, in more recent times, have completed your Master's degree... but make it a Doctor, better yet, a professor, and you have made it. Nobody will question the quality of your work, because hey, you're a doctor... doesnt matter if you are a doctor of archaeology who took a lazy ten years to complete his thesis and whose only area of professional expertise is ancient Etruscan burial practices, or a doctor of economic science who published groundbreaking new theories in his dissertation in record time... you are guaranteed to move up the social ladder.

And that goes especially for politics. What exactly you have a doctor in doesn't really matter - it's something you can flaunt on campaign posters and on your personal web page. People will assume that you are somehow a smart fellow and worth their vote on election day... unlike in America, where many people on the face of it appear to be willing to vote more for the folksy Everyman (or Everywoman, like that redneck Alaskan housewife), here in Germany, at least in theory and on paper, the electorate wants a formally educated intellectual. Well, and then they are disappointed time and again when that politician screws things up probably at least as bad, if not worse than the American Everyman. But hey, at least he's a doctor, right...
12:44 July 29, 2011 by harcourt
I know this is trawling over old ground, but some people have lost sight of the fact that he was unsuitable to hold public office (even though he might have been doing a good job) because he CHEATED !! It's to do with personal integrity , or doesn't that matter any more to some of you out there.
14:12 July 29, 2011 by zeddriver
@ talonx

Sorry. My question was a general one about the subject. And wasn't referring to the specific degree that Mr. Guttenberg has (or had).


I'm not saying that we shouldn't be concerned with personal integrity. But, If we are ONLY concerned with personal integrity. Even above job performance. Then that excludes most of the population of the earth from doing anything.

There isn't a person on earth that has not done something that they knew they shouldn't have at some point in their lives. I guess it's a matter of where one draws the line. Or how far into someones history we should go to dig up any flaw. As for Guttenberg. Yes. He should and did step down.
15:41 July 29, 2011 by harcourt

My observations were not necessarily directed at you but as you say there isn't anybody who hasn't done something they shouldn't have, at sometime. But I still maintain that persons who are elected to public office should be extra careful not to have any skeletons in the cupboard and certainly not cheat and deceive once they ARE in that position.
18:14 July 29, 2011 by Talonx
@ zeddriver

In any case I would ask that you have another look at your question, because it wouldn't seem to be relevant on any other grounds. This whole thing is about cheaters, not about degrees.
18:43 July 29, 2011 by Jack Kerouac
@ Zeddriver: HAHA! I completely see this happening when you said that a semi-educated housewife in the U.S. would ask Guttenberg : "so you were like a king or something back home?".

It's the same when I go to the U.S., and people ask me "So you're German? Are you a Nazi or something?"

11:41 July 30, 2011 by MaKo
Err, Jack? Just where in the US are people asking that question? Just curious; I travel with Germans fairly frequently, and I haven't heard that one yet.
11:41 July 30, 2011 by harcourt
Ridiculous I agree, but in this day and age it's not an unreasonable assumption that the majority of Germans are deep down "right of centre" in their views.
22:08 July 30, 2011 by zeddriver

I'll word it in another way not related to Guttenberg or his degree. If I cheated on my B.S. degree should I lose my job at Globus even if my work quality met Globus standards? So when does cheating on a degree. Which is against school policy. And is not an illegal act. Effect ones job status? Only for politicians? Or for everyone in all situations?

Please don't take my statement has excusing cheating. How high or low should the line be to lose ones job.
08:31 July 31, 2011 by ChrisRea
Does your work at Globus involve the need to be trusted (as opposed to highly supervised)? If yes, lack of personal integrity is a reason to lose your job. Of course, personal integrity is something that you can very slowly rebuild. First step is to admit one's fault. In zu Guttenberg's case, he did even deny his fault.
09:18 July 31, 2011 by Talonx
@ zeddriver

That question is more explicit, thanks.

I think ChrisRea answered quite well. But I can still add something provocative. Legality doesn't matter, that is to say, law does not exhaustively define the set of all ethical actions, outcomes, and eventualities. Ethics is more meaningful than law. It is certainly ethical for your company to second guess you as an employee if you cheated on your main B.Sc. paper.
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