Tickets and fixtures: Who’s playing where and when?

The Local's World Cup guide makes sure you've got your tickets and your calendar marked for every big match.

Tickets and fixtures: Who's playing where and when?
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Having pumped €51 million into nine stadiums across the country only five years after hosting the men’s football World Cup, Germany is once again ready for its close-up.

The first women’s World Cup, held in China in 1991, was a relatively modest affair with only 12 teams participating. This summer’s tournament hosts 16 nations, with over 900,000 tickets available for general admission.

Of these, about 75 percent have been sold already. But tickets remain available via the World Cup’s official ticketing portal here, and from the telephone hotline at +49 (0)1805 / 06 2011 (€0.14 per minute from German fixed lines, mobile charges may vary).

Tickets can also be purchased at the Stadium Ticket Centres in each venue, which will open two days before each game.

The fixtures, meanwhile, are divided into four groups containing four teams each. After 10 days of group play, the top two teams from each group advance to the knockout rounds, which commence with the quarterfinals on July 9 and culminate in the final on July 17 in Frankfurt am Main.

German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF will combine to show all 32 matches live on television. ARD will also offer radio broadcasts and live streaming video of its 16 games here, and ZDF will live stream its 16 games here under the FIFA Frauen-WM 2011 tab.

Group A

Germany, Canada, Nigeria, France

June 26, 3 pm: Nigeria vs. France, in Sinsheim (broadcast on ARD)

June 26, 6 pm: Germany vs. Canada, in Berlin (ARD)

June 30, 6 pm: Canada vs. France, in Bochum (ARD)

June 30, 8:45 pm: Germany vs. Nigeria, in Frankfurt (ARD)

July 5, 8:45 pm: France vs. Germany, in Mönchengladbach (ZDF)

July 5, 8:45 pm: Canada vs. Nigeria, in Dresden (ZDF)

Group B

Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, England

June 27, 3 pm: Japan vs. New Zealand, in Bochum (ARD)

June 27, 6 pm: Mexico vs. England, in Wolfsburg (ARD)

July 1, 3 pm: Japan vs. Mexico, in Leverkusen (ZDF)

July 1, 6:15 pm: New Zealand vs. England, in Dresden (ZDF)

July 5, 6:15 pm: England vs. Japan, in Augsburg (ZDF)

July 5, 6:15 pm: New Zealand vs. Mexico, in Sinsheim (ZDF)

Group C

United States, North Korea, Colombia, Sweden

June 28, 3 pm: Colombia vs. Sweden, in Leverkusen (ZDF)

June 28, 6:15 pm: United States vs. North Korea, in Dresden (ZDF)

July 2, 2 pm: North Korea vs. Sweden, in Augsburg (ARD)

July 2, 6 pm: United States vs. Colombia, in Sinsheim (ARD)

July 6, 8:45 pm: Sweden vs. United States, in Wolfsburg (ARD)

July 6, 8:45 pm: North Korea vs. Colombia, in Bochum (ARD)

Group D

Brazil, Australia, Norway, Equatorial Guinea

June 29, 3 pm: Norway vs. Equatorial Guinea, in Augsburg (ZDF)

June 29, 6:15 pm: Brazil vs. Australia, in Mönchengladbach (ZDF)

July 3, 2 pm: Australia vs. Equatorial Guinea, in Bochum (ZDF)

July 3, 6:15 pm: Brazil vs. Norway, in Wolfsburg (ZDF)

July 6, 6 pm: Equatorial Guinea vs. Brazil, in Frankfurt (ARD)

July 6, 6 pm: Australia vs. Norway, in Leverkusen (ARD)


Match 25 – July 9, 8:45 pm: Winners of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group B, in Wolfsburg (ZDF)

Match 26 – July 9, 6 pm: Winners of Group B vs. Runners-up of Group A, in Leverkusen (ZDF)

Match 27 – July 10, 1 pm: Winners of Group C vs. Runners-up of Group D, in Augsburg (ARD)

Match 28 – July 10, 5:30 pm: Winners of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group C, in Dresden (ARD)


Match 29 – July 13, 8:45 pm: Winners of Match 25 vs. Winners of Match 27, in Frankfurt (ZDF)

Match 30 – July 13, 6 pm: Winners of Match 26 vs. Winners of Match 28, in Mönchengladbach (ZDF)

Third place play-off

July 16, 5:30 pm: Losers of Match 29 vs. Losers of Match 30, in Sinsheim (ARD)


July 17, 8:45 pm: Winners of Match 29 vs. Winners of Match 30, in Frankfurt (ARD)


British football teams allowed to skip Germany’s quarantine for Euro 2020

Germany's government announced on Tuesday it will allow England, Scotland and Wales to enter the country without quarantine to play at Euro 2020 despite a recent rise in cases linked to the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Britain.

British football teams allowed to skip Germany's quarantine for Euro 2020
One of the venues for Euro 2020 is in Munich. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Sven Hoppe

The three teams could potentially reach the quarter-final held in Munich on July 2nd.

If that were the case, they would be exempt from the rule that travellers from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland must currently observe a 14-day isolation period due to the virus strain of concern – Delta – first identified in India.

“The people accredited for the European football Championship are exempt from the quarantine obligation, even after arriving from an area impacted by a variant” Berlin said in a statement.

“This exemption concerns all the people who have been accredited by the organising committee for the preparation, participation, the holding and the follow-up of international sporting events,” it added.

The exemption does not include fans, who will be obliged to follow German government self-isolation rules.

Germany declared the UK a ‘virus variant area of concern’ on May 23rd due to rising cases linked to the Delta variant in parts of the country. 

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This reclassification came just seven days after the UK was put back on Germany’s list at the lowest risk level, and barely a month after it was taken off all risk lists completely.

The ban was put in place despite the UK’s relatively low Covid rates as a precautionary measure.

A general ban on entry is in place for people coming from countries on the ‘virus variant’ list – such as India and Brazil – the highest of Germany’s risk categories. 

There are some exceptions for entering from these countries – for example German residents and citizens. However, anyone who does enter from Germany is required to submit a Covid-19 test before boarding the flight and must quarantine for 14 days on arrival, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated or not.

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Euro 2020 starts on Friday as Italy host Turkey in Rome with the Bavarian city hosting three group games as well as the last-eight match.

Around 14,000 fans will be allowed into the Allianz Arena for the fixtures.