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Woman shot dead after knifing police officer

The Local · 19 May 2011, 16:53

Published: 19 May 2011 11:56 GMT+02:00
Updated: 19 May 2011 16:53 GMT+02:00

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The authorities said the 39-year-old woman got into an argument with a member of staff in the Rhine-Main Jobcentre's section for homeless people and those with addiction problems.

When she refused to leave and the argument became increasingly loud, security and then the police were called to get her to go.

After the police officers who arrived on the scene asked for her identity papers, the woman opened her handbag and took out a knife. She then attacked the male officer, injuring him badly in the abdomen and upper arm.

His colleague pulled her gun and shot the woman once in the stomach - she later died of her injuries in hospital. It is not yet known what caused the argument.

"We're all completely under shock," said one job centre employee.

The Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper reported that the injured policeman is in a stable condition in hospital while his colleague is said to be shaken by the incident. State criminal police have sealed off the building as a crime scene and are gathering witness statements and potential evidence.

“Today is sad proof that violence against the police is increasing,” said police union leader Jörg Bruchmüller. ”We are confronted daily with such violence (but) the police are not society's maintenance crew.”

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The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

13:12 May 19, 2011 by golfcricket
Wow!! Can you say "trigger happy" or "scared sh*tless"... The woman only had a knife?? What happened to the billy club days? Take the billy club out and whack the knife lady one good time in the noggen and I'm sure she would have dropped.. Hope there's a quick recovery of the victim..
13:28 May 19, 2011 by Johnne
Another exaggerated reaction by an officer. The Polizei is your friend;-)
13:35 May 19, 2011 by Frenemy
Definitely an over-reaction!

Could have at least gone with the "don't taze me ho" approach ;-)
13:36 May 19, 2011 by n230099
And the EU's were shocked and appalled at the treatment that Dominique Strauss-Kahn received in NYC...now we see that they just shoot people on the street. What was the officer doing with a gun in the first place?
13:38 May 19, 2011 by wenddiver
Sorry about the Polezi Officer being injured. I am sure the attempted Murder's removal from the human Gene pool has improved all of humaity.

Lesson for today:

Try not to kill anybody today, if you have any plans for tommorow. This goes double for people contemplating killing armed Policemen, which is illegal in every country in the entire world.

If you were taught differently, you might want to seek a refund from that University, because you were educated by liberal idiots.
13:52 May 19, 2011 by dcgi
golfcricket, Johnne: I'm sure we'd all be happy to put you in the same situation (officer just been stabbed by mad woman) and you have to defend your colleage while simultaneously disarming her hacking & slashing only by using a blunt implement. *facepalm*
13:56 May 19, 2011 by jmclewis
She attacked with deadly force, and so did the officers partner. I doubt there was much time to react and defuse the situation.
13:58 May 19, 2011 by Lachner
I cannot believe that people here are saying that the police officer overreacted? The woman attacked an armed Police Officer and stabbed him in the abdomen and arm with a knife which caused severe injuries that could have killed him. Once a person uses a lethal weapon (knife or firearm) to attack another person, there is no choice but to use lethal force to stop the attack. If you take into consideration that the attack was perpetrated against a Police Officer, then it is more than justifiable to use lethal force. In my opinion, the Police Officer acted according to what most normal Police Officers and civilians would react to a violent attack against an officer. If the Police Officer would not have shot the attacker, we would be mourning the death of more than one person. Therefore, I support the way in which the officer reacted.

You guys here are just a bunch of liberals that live in a fantasy world. I want to see you all trying to stop an attacker armed with a knife by using a taser gun, a collapsible baton or a bottle of pepper spray. Sure it sounds good on paper and feasible, but when you have a determined criminal in front of you with a big knife and ready to kill you, the adrenaline and fear will overtake you and you will be prone to error. There is no chance for failure when facing a killer and thus, it is best to use deadly force to stop the attack and prevent further tragedy.
14:10 May 19, 2011 by steve_glienicke
while i believe the police officer acted in the best way given the time she would have had to react, i'm sure that if you read the story again, the woman died later in hospital from the injuries she sustained, it is not like this police woman aimed at her head and took her brains out! she clearly shot in defence and end result is the woman died, on another occation she could have lived and faced trial for attempted murder.

my sympathies go out to the policewoman, she had a second to evaluate, think and react, and im convinced her actions were 100% spot on given the situation that was in front of her.
14:16 May 19, 2011 by cobalisk
Stop with the labels. A person is free to agree or disagree that does not mean you know their political position. Besides, Germany is a liberal democracy, it is overrun with liberals because with the exception of the Far right, almost everyone is a liberal here.

This is not America, using american slang or labels is not applicable. Neither is attacking someone and name calling because they disagree with you! Tolerance for dissent not tyranny, we can argue but lets be civil

I can see both arguments here. The woman attacked and injured a police officer, I can see how the policewoman reacted as fast an as effectively as possible through using her sidearm.

However, by electing the sidearm and not the truncheon or night stick, the police officer opted for deadly force not just sufficient force. Using deadly force is supposed to be the method of last resort.

I think that we should recognize that the woman attacked and wounded another person, succeeding in multiple stabbings. On the surface it certainly seems that shooting her is defensible but still reprehensible.
14:24 May 19, 2011 by Fatz Lewinski
If you have a severely injured patient (and they only way you can assess this is to examine them to a state of safety) you need to remove the danger (fire, water, gas, etc). This is rule #1 in hospital emergency and as far as I know paramedic practice.

I would have thought that an individual armed with a knife after blatantly attacking a colleague is definitely an attempted murder and a police officer is justified in using a firearm.

To try and use a stick to beat off an attacker (essentially engage in arm-to-arm combat) seems to open up risk of further injury to all parties and even losing. ALl things said and done, and considered from the perspective of a quite computer screen, I'd say they that the police officer did the right thing.

I've never held a gun or carried a knife but my father, an ex-policeman always told me: If you are attacked, try to get away, if you have to fight then don't stop to think how badly you might be hurting this person.
14:34 May 19, 2011 by FredFinger
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
14:38 May 19, 2011 by nashville
If the woman had stabbed ME, I would hope and pray if there were an armed officer of the law present that he or she would use whatever force necessary to stop any further bloodshed. Since none of you know the details of the stabbing, or how close the policewoman was to the victim, you shouldn't be saying a word. I would be willing to bet that none of you who are being critical have ever held a gun or been held at gun or knife point. Your view would change drastically when it's your life on the line. Shame on you for condemning the person who did the right thing! Your posts contained no condemnation of the woman who started the the violence in the first place. Thank God that policewoman had no time to think or more than one person would probably be dead.
14:48 May 19, 2011 by venkyfra
appreciate police officers decision.... cant imagine her state of mind now having known that she has killed a person...

planet earth has more than 6 billion people..

losing a criminal isn't that bad...
14:50 May 19, 2011 by golfcricket
First of all my heart goes out to the police officers and congrats to one less crazy on the streets...

@ cobalisk = Awesome!!

My opinion and pure speculation is that there's no way possible this officer shot this woman while risking the life of her partner. There's no way she pulled the trigger toward the other officer.. So ~ For that being said... What prompted her to use lethal and deadly force?? I'm sure the details will come out in the coming days..

Freedom of speech!! Gotta love it..
15:09 May 19, 2011 by Frenemy
@Lachner: "I want to see you all trying to stop an attacker armed with a knife by using a taser gun" (?)

What? You think its easier/safer to shoot someone with a real gun than with a police-issue taser? The mechanics are not much different. At close proximity the chances of missing the target with both electro-javelins are remote. And you are talking about a police officer (presumably trained in basic hand2hand combat versus an irate female civilian...not some 6ft, 200lb pissed off war veteran).

This is either a case of over-reaction or p!ss-poor training! (or both)
15:30 May 19, 2011 by melbournite
Yay for the police. All power to them. We should praise them for their good work on this occasion. The law should be strengthened for police to use their guns whenever needed, like when someone addresses them as "du" rather than "sie"... or when someone gives them a funny look.

After all if its good enough for the Afghans its good enough for us
15:35 May 19, 2011 by Sal Dagastino
Let me help this misguided debate on deadly force. A police officer is justified in using deadly force when the threat, or the use of deadly force against the officer is "IMMINENT".. The threat WAS imminent here, one officer had already been stabbed. Now, a private citizen can use deadly force to protect him or herself if the threat of deadly force against them is "SUSPECTED" and actual. Let me break it down further, you stand in front of me, a private citizen, knife in hand, and say, "I'm going to stab you!" Your use of deadly force agains me is suspected, but not imminent, you die immediately. If this same situation happened to a police officer, Mace or a Billy Club would be appropriate, until the attacker lunges or the knife is in its thrusting motion, Bang, the stabber is dead. FULLY JUSTIFIED POLICE SHOOTING HERE, plain and simple. NO POLICE OFFICER IS PAID TO BE STABBED AND HAS ALL THE RIGHT TO PROTECT HIM OR HERSELF OR INNOCENT BYSTANDERS. Open and shut case, roll the perpetrator into a grave, and get replacement Ammo after cleaning the weapon. Best... Sal Dagastino
15:39 May 19, 2011 by melbournite
of course this "story" has nothing to do with the state of mind of the woman.. whether she was suffering from withdrawal, had nowhere to live or perhaps had some mental illness.. who cares? send in the cops with guns, push her over the edge.... one less crazy, yay... who needs mental health services anyway, waste of money
15:44 May 19, 2011 by steve_glienicke
agree with you totally Sal....no one here except those present in the room know what happened, for all we know she did lunge at the police woman, or worse turned her attentions to some poor innocent bystander, either way im convinced it left the policewoman no choice but to take her out.

Sorry Frenemy i think your wrong, on one count, this was not a one to one situation between this woman and the police officer, there were other people in that room and the officer had to base her descion to take her out on that, her first priority is to protect the innocent, if that crazed woman had managed to take out the 2nd officer, god only knows who else would have got it from her, taking her out immediately was the only sensible option.
15:58 May 19, 2011 by Sal Dagastino
State of Mind means absolutely nothing when a police officer has been stabbed, not the state of mind of the stabber, rather, the police officer's state of mind matters, clear mind, deadly shot! Police Officers are NOT counselors or therapists, the perpetrator called the shots, and the police put an end to the danger. Got it Steve Glienicke... you are right. Oh, Membournite, yes... when crimes are being committed, orderly society does send in the COPS (Constables on Patrol) "IN" that is why we pay them and why they take an oath to protect innocent citizens, it is their moral duty to enforce the law. The stabber was not within the law, now a dead criminal. Best.. Sal Dagastino
16:34 May 19, 2011 by hanskarl
Knowing many members of law enforcement from the local to state and federal levels in several branches this was most likely a very quick reaction close quarter encounter with very little time to aim for a disabling shot (shoulder area)so therefore the stomach shot.

It is tragic that this woman has died. Knowing the huge amount of training for all types of situations law enforcement and other groups must complete, test, pass to certify in before going out it is terribly hard to second guess any of this until there is a full inquiring of the facts.

My condolences to the womans family and to the injured Polizei family.
16:55 May 19, 2011 by Angry Ami
So once again the pacifist mafia is on here faulting the cop for doing his job, so let's do a recap, woman gets into argument with clerk, woman told to leave, woman refuses, police called to escort woman out of the building, woman pulls knife and stabs one policeman severely inuring him, other policeman pulls his service weapon fires on woman armed with a knife wounding her, woman later dies at hospital, cut and dry, in German it's called "Notwehr"

meaning that a cop or security guard can and "must" protect the life of another person who may be in immanent danger by using deadly force, go Google it if you don't want to believe me, I learned this law when I went to security guard training for the US consulate, and I can bank on it that all of you pot smoking vegan lefty pacifacist latte drinking chumps would hope to god that if the crazy chick was aiming the knife at you, that you want the cop to stop her anyway he could as well, and kudos to the opposition on here that still have good old common sense.

PS: "selber schuld" as the Germans say, had the woman left like she was asked to do she'd still be alive.
17:13 May 19, 2011 by Gretl
Many people are asking why the police officer responded with using her pistol rather than . From this report, we do not know if she had any other non-lethal weapon on her. In addition, she was responding to a lethal weapon with a lethal weapon. I don't see where anyone who wasn't there has any grounds to second guess her actions.
17:18 May 19, 2011 by frankiep
Overreaction! Are you people ****ing serious? This lunatic pulled out a knife and starting stabbing someone, and in the process seriously injuring him. The police were perfectly right for shooting her.
17:59 May 19, 2011 by Jack Kerouac
Come on guys, the woman attacked a police officer. Law and order has got to be kept. Also, the policeman that was attacked was badly wounded - it wasn't just a punch or shove or something like that.
20:22 May 19, 2011 by The-ex-pat
14:50 May 19, 2011 by golfcricket

Freedom of speech!! Gotta love it..

I certainly do, either you are a pillock or a troll!
21:31 May 19, 2011 by toemag
Good call on the part of the police officer, she did what she'd been trained to do.

It would have been unacceptable if the headline had read, "Two police officers slain while responding to a civil disturbance at the Employment exchange".
00:10 May 20, 2011 by Frenemy
I love it how some people on here give total carte blanche to all military/law enforcement, no matter what the situation... (You're either naive right-wing cheerleaders or you don't have a clue what you're talking about. The exceptions to that, admittedly, blanket statement:... you know who you are)!
00:28 May 20, 2011 by Rockentoten
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
03:36 May 20, 2011 by stablemate
i agree with last comment......germany has a big mix of people....super character....police need to keep order torwards civil....
03:47 May 20, 2011 by Meringer
Police are trained to use the "plus 1" level of force. That means the officer goes one level higher on the force continuim than the offender. And Deadly Force is always met with Deadly Force, period. Officers are even trained that if a suspect with a knife is within 21 feet, they can be shot, because it has been proven a person with a knife can cross those 21 feet and kill or maim the officer before he can draw and fire.
03:48 May 20, 2011 by MfromUSA
As I read the story I am aware that the deceased attacker was at a center for the homeless and those with addiction problems. I think that is is possible that the attacker could have been under the influence of a drug, or in a state of withdrawl, either of which can make people extremely unpredictable, and subsequently dangerous. I do not think that the police woman should have put her own life , or the life of her fellow officer at even greater risk by using a less lethal method of stopping the woman attacker. A bullet to the abdomen is often NOT fatal. This attacker was not shot in the chest or head, either of which would have indicated perhaps, a more lethal intent by the female police officer.

I think that the female officer did an admirable job by attempting to both protect her fellow police officer, and stop the attacker by using her weapon in a manner that often does NOT kill the assailant.

07:00 May 20, 2011 by brigand
I think the police were justified shooting the attacker. However, the quote here by Herr Bruchmüller, ¦quot;We are confronted daily with such violence (but) the police are not society's maintenance crew.¦quot; I think is not even close to accurate. The number of Cops being attacked or stabbed in the entire nation of Germany on an annual basis is a drop in the bucket, compared to cities like L.A. or N.Y. where cops are attacked on a daily basis. I think his statement was just a politically correct diversion.
10:25 May 20, 2011 by mainhatten
As a police officer I am glad I have never been in such a situation. Based on the information provided in the article I commend the policewomen for her actions. She prevented a bad situations from becoming worse.

As for all of the arm chair, know it all experts who sit back and criticize, I guess you also have the answers to solving all the world¦#39;s major problems in three easy steps and can do everyone else¦#39;s job better than they can. Surely you have gazillions of Euros in your bank account from using all of your brilliant talents and thus you don¦#39;t need to work anymore and could volunteer to teach the police how do handle these and other situations. Please oh mighty know it all, save us with your profound wisdom and expertise.
12:12 May 20, 2011 by michael4096
I often wonder how I would (ideally) react if I were the cop in a situation like this. As I can't give an honest answer, I can't criticise.

I thought the same in the similar case in the courthouse where the cop reacted the same but accidentally got the wrong guy. However, The Local readers put me right and pointed out that it was just racist Germany... Gotta love The local readers, black or white - who cares about the people!
12:56 May 20, 2011 by Apollo_13
It's too bad that there are still people who have to resort to

mindless name calling which does nothing but point out their

own ignorance and prejudice toward people and toward

societies they know nothing about. If someone is ignorant and

a biggot, this will usually be very clear from what they write!

It is amazing how many "experts" have miraculously appeared

out of the woodwork empowered by computer keyboards,

who seem to know miraculously so much about an event that

they did not witness, but only read about! I must thank cobalist,

(Comment #10) who represents a much needed a voice of

reason to point out that this situation is not easily analyzed, and

it adds nothing to this discussion call people names, who you

imagine don't share your viewpoint or your dogmatic agenda.

There are others here who feel a personal need to resort

to name calling, categorizing people as being certain "types"

or mindlessly pronouncing their "final judgements" outside

of a just court of law, which is the only venue where all the

facts in such a complicated event may ever be properly

investigated. Also I do not think that a police officer should

boast that he or she knows how to pronounce judgement

on this case: your job title does not allow you to be a judge

and jury. If anything, a police officer's job experience could

be a cause of prejudice. However, thank you mainhatten,

for pointing out a most important fact: there are too many

self-appointed "experts" who have no clue how to judge

the actions of the people involved in this event!
16:47 May 20, 2011 by ElPatriotico
If someone dies in a police operation, something has clearly gone wrong!

I don't understand how people can congratulate the police officer for killing a citizen.

I worked as a police-man in Frankfurt/Germany for about 40 years. I had to deal with some very serious, difficult situations at the Hauptbahnhof (main-train station). I even had to use my weapon on several occasions, but I NEVER EVER KILLED ANYONE.

I think in 99.999 of 100.000 cases a good police-officer is able to use his weapon properly and maybe harm, but not kill a person!

Even if the woman had a knife and injured her colleague and the situation is really bad, for a trained police officer it should not be a problem disarm the person. If this is not possible you can still shot the person, but not kill her!!!

I just read the news like everybody else, I was not there and don't know the exact details. But based on my experience I assume that this was totally unnecessary and avoidable.
17:37 May 20, 2011 by Bruno53
Just another plain crazy person. Can happen anywhere.
19:42 May 20, 2011 by PPLJ
Seriously?! To all you guys saying the police officer overreacted... If I just as much as move an inch while being pulled over in America, I'll be beaten silly with a baton, sprayed with pepper sprayed and then repeatedly tasered... Now THAT'S what I call overreacting...

The woman was trying to kill a police officer... If this would have been America, I'm sure they would have shot the woman 300 times and make sure she was dead....
19:52 May 20, 2011 by Al uk
And the problem is?
21:07 May 20, 2011 by MfromUSA
@ ElPatriotico.......do not brag so loudly because you have not ever killed someone...YET!

I am going to assume that this woman police officer did her very best to manage a deadly, rapidly evolving situation.

Every police officer that I have ever known has faced serious and life threatening situations. Some have been able to avoid shooting the assailant, some have shot and wounded the assailant, some have shot and killed the assailant. Those that have shot the assailant did not always or typically intend their shot to be lethal, but rather to STOP the assailant from doing further harm.

You do not do any justice to this police woman by believing that you understand if or how she could have avoided this situation.

shame on you for being so quick to criticize her, as you were not there. I hope that in Germany there are video cameras EVERYWHERE these days, just as there are in the USA. The truth will be determined here.

And again, I do commend the officer for her actions. She saved her fellow officer from death perhaps. I think that in situations such as this, ours and her first priority should be to prevent death of others who are law-abiding. Secondly, if she judges that she needs to use her gun, then she should.

The article does not say that this is a pattern behavior for her so i will assume she needed to use her gun.
13:21 May 21, 2011 by Ludinwolf
Why the police had to accept that attitude and just try to restrain the attacker? Does not the police deserve to go back home and embrace his or her family?

Violence attracts violence.

R.I.P ...and this should serve as a lesson to knife super bad heroes. . . heroes of their own stupidity.
14:08 May 21, 2011 by ElPatriotico
@MfromUSA: Now what's your problem? I worked almost 40 years for the police in Frankfurt. I've seen so much violence, pain and death threatening situations that I think I can allow myself a judgement.

And yes, I am proud of the fact that I never killed any person! What's wrong with that? I am retired now and I think that every police-man should be proud to not make use of his weapon and try to de-escalate situations in a verbal way.

Unfortunately some younger colleagues do not stick to this formulae anymore.

Of course If de-escalation is not possible you have to use the weapon. But killing is something completely different than shooting someone. A good police-officer hurts the person by pulling the gun on the feet or shoulder. But never the breast or stomach area!!!

At least that's what I was told back in my schooling years at the police academy.

I have some competence based on experience and the only resaon I registered here is to reply on some stupid remarks here.

I had to shoot some persons during my years with the police. But I always aimed for parts of the body that can be wounded without causing life threatening wound.

Unlike most of you commentators here I live three streets next to the crime scene and today I had a very intersting talk with someone who works at the Jobcentre.

He fully backed my opinion about the whole thing and told me that the office grapevine in the jobcentre says, that the police-officer simply overreacted!
23:26 May 21, 2011 by nashville
@ElPatriotico With all due respect to a person who fulfilled a very challenging job for many years, I beg to differ with your opinion. Just as you have been in many different, difficult and dangerous situations, you, personally were not in the situation described in the article. Was your partner ever mortally wounded? Were you? If so, I imagine you would want to give or receive any protection necessary to stop the assailant. It's my understanding that police partners take their roles as "having each other's back" very seriously. In addtion, courts in Germany or anywhere else in the civilized world do not base their judgements on the office grapevine. I am disappointed that you, after so many years on the force, would give it as much credibility as you have.
00:56 May 22, 2011 by Bishopbayern
All those who say the Police acted wrong would demand they do the same if they had just been stabbed. she deserved what she got. get a grip
03:40 May 22, 2011 by MfromUSA
@ElPatriotico.............I too have much experience working with this type of reality. And i say again, you should be ashamed of yourself for "stabbing a fellow officer in the back", given that you were not part of this situation.

This woman did what SHE THOUGHT SHE HAD TO DO, not only to protect herself, but to protect her comrade.

I WILL SAY This AGAIN TOO....many, many, many people are shot in the abdomen and do not die, unless they are prevented from getting medical care promptly or are not taken promptly to a trauma center that is equipped to deal with them.Many people take multiple gunshot wounds to the belly, all in the same episode, and survive just fine.

If the rumor mill has it that this officer over-reacted, then why didn't the rumor mongers step in and help diffuse the situation? HHMMMMM......

This intense anger and judgement that you have against a fellow officer, who happened to save another officer's life, leads me to wonder if just a wee bit of sexism may be operating in this situation???? I know many retired officers who resent women working on the police force. Those who hold biases against women officers are quick to second guess them.

I guess time will tell whether this woman officer did an acceptable job. If she did not, then her superiors will deal with her, don't you think?

I wonder if she has been suspended from active duty???? If her behavior was really out of line, that would be an appropriate response.
16:33 May 22, 2011 by ElPatriotico
Unlike most of you writers here I know the police department in Frankfurt, I'm still in touch with some colleagues and I know how situations like this are dealt with.

So much about "time will tell whether this woman did an acceptable job"...

So I made some research on my own, talked to colleagues from the department and a person from the jobcentre. With those informations and the 40-year experience I have, I think I am in a position to judge about this incident.

Whether you like it or not, I came to a conclusion and estimate that the police-woman overreacted!

I did not want to go any further details of my own experience, but here we go:

I was in a similar situation about twenty years ago. One of my partners and me had been shot, but another officer safed us. This officer was a woman and she did hurt but NOT KILL the aggressor. She safed my life and dealt perfect with the situation. I am happy that she did not kill the person, but still save our lifes.

That's how you have to solve a situation like this. And it was in a far more complicated operation than the one that happened in the Jobcentre.

That has been a daily operation, a operation that should NEVER end that way!

So I am really sorry for the woman that lost her life!

And that's something no-one has written here so far.

I guess most people think that it's a good thing that a lunatic died. I think it's a shame that a person had to lose her life in unnecessary way.
06:30 May 24, 2011 by MfromUSA
@ElPatriotico........There is something strange about your intensely negative investment in criticizing the woman police officer. It doesn't matter whether you had a similar situation 20 years ago because YOU WERE NOT PRESENT AT THIS SITUATION. You seem to have an excuse for "why time will tell whether this woman did an acceptable Job", and here you seem to be insinuating something negative about the police department in Frankfurt.

HOW, IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS OFFICER MEANT TO KILL THE WOMAN WITH THE KNIFE? You state that 20 years ago your "savior" hurt the person who shot you............well, perhaps that is exactly what the woman officer intended to do last week.........only hurt the assailant.

Where do you get off playing God in judging her?

I think you have some unresolved issues regarding the Frankfurt police, and this was an opportunity to vent.

I am also not certain that i believe that a woman officer saved your life 20 years ago.

You have convenient history, confidants, etc which just seem a bit too much .

Please leave this woman officer's reputation alone, and quit posting negatively about her.

It should be apparent to you that most readers are not experiencing much empathy or sympathy for the attacker who was shot, and subsequently died. I personally don't really care that she died. She was a damn fool for pulling a knife and stabbing the man...period. I would have shot her also.
19:11 May 25, 2011 by ninoman
am not a police and neither do i like police but lets face the fact, the police are also human so at this point from the look of things, i think the police-woman never had the intention of killing the woman but because of the situation of things at that time, which from my own view i think the dead woman and the police-woman where both in a confusing state. so anything is bound to happen period.
16:46 October 27, 2011 by Doggy
maybe a women was sick?
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Franziska S., who went missing 24 years ago. Photo: Hanover police.

A woman disappeared in Hanover 24 years ago, but no one reported her missing. Although her husband has now confessed to her murder, he still may not step foot in jail.

Two injured after army tank falls 50 metres in Alps
A Bundeswehr Puma tank. File photo: DPA

A Bundeswehr (German army) soldier has been severely injured after the tank he was riding in crashed 50 metres down an embankment after going off course in bad weather.

Teen girl stands trial for 'Isis' police stabbing in Hanover
Police guard the courthouse in Celle. Photo: DPA

A teenage girl stands trial from Thursday in Germany for stabbing a police officer, an assault allegedly "ordered" by Isis but which was not claimed by the jihadist group.

Merkel threatens Putin with more sanctions on Berlin visit
Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin in Berlin. Photo: DPA

Chancellor Angela Merkel created a united front with French President Francois Hollande in Berlin on Thursday to denounce Russia’s “war crimes” in Syria.

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