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Immigration surge halts population exodus

The Local · 9 May 2011, 16:08

Published: 09 May 2011 16:08 GMT+02:00

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According to the the Federal Statistics Office, 798,000 people immigrated to Germany in 2010, 77,000 more than in the previous year (+11 percent). Meanwhile, 671,000 left the country, 63,000 fewer than in 2009 (-9 percent).

The rise in population reverses a two-year period when more people left the country than arrived. However, immigration in 2010 still did not match the heights seen during the post-reunification 1990s, when typically saw 800,000 people entered Germany each year.

In 2010, 684,000 immigrants of the total were foreigners, while about 115,000 were expatriate German nationals returning home.

The most immigrants came from Poland (126,000), Romania (75,000) and Bulgaria (39,000), while Hungary, Turkey and the United States were represented with 30,000 each.

Emigration from Germany fell about 10 percent for both foreign nationals (530,000) and Germans (141,000).

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Switzerland (22,000) was the most popular landing spot for German emigrants, followed by the United States (13,000) and Austria (nearly 11,000), but emigration numbers for all three countries fell compared to 2009.

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Your comments about this article

16:30 May 9, 2011 by sneakerpimp27
As one of Germany's new immigrants in 2010, I'm happy to have survived the first five months in one piece, after rigorous language training and soon to attend immigration classes, if I'm still gungho about my new Lebensraum then I will look back and be proud. Finding some major negative aspects though compared to Canada, especially the job-hunting experience and all that it entails... why would I put a picture on my CV just so that someone will call me into an interview because I'm young and good-looking?? I don't see this as being fair, and I know there is a lot of general criticism out there, and it seems warranted. As many bad things there are good things though, and access to great medical care and amazing grocery prices top my "pros" list.. so to take the good with the bad, sometimes coming from a very well-developed and progressive society (hello Canada!), it pays to have less expectations and be surprised when things... even those that seem impossible.. do come true!
16:50 May 9, 2011 by trash head
> why would I put a picture on my CV just so that someone will call me into an interview because I'm young and good-looking?

Its NOT requiered to have a picture on your CV. Its since 2009 officially forbidden to require that. Its your decision to place a picture or not.

But i didnt expected anything else from a canadian, who felt bad to participate like all others on an integration classes.

Maybe you should have put more effort into this classes. Then you may would have known this and dont need to bash around here with wrong facts.
17:55 May 9, 2011 by Jibzy
ROFL. All in light mood Trash head.. all in light mood. You dont like all of the things in your society now, do you?

Its not a complain against Germany, its just a personal choice.
17:58 May 9, 2011 by Kayak
So it's forbiden to require a photograph on your CV since 2009. Then the joke is on you trash head! It WAS required up until --ONLY-- 24 months ago.

18:20 May 9, 2011 by ChrisRea
It is actually from 2006 that it is forbidden to discriminate on the basis of gender, race or ethnic origin; religion or belief; age; disability; or sexual orientation (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz or AGG). However, it will still take a while until all employers will stop requiring a photo on an application (for example, here is a job announcement that requires a photo, even if the employee is required to work only in the kitchen).

Erika, good luck with your courses! If you still need to improve your German, Volkshochschule has great classes (and they are free for Integrationsschüler). If there is anything else I can support you with, please feel free to contact me.
18:46 May 9, 2011 by lwexcel
What is to stop an employer from throwing a CV in the trash when it does not have a photo?
19:08 May 9, 2011 by michael4096
@kayak - actually, joke's on you. A photo was not required. However, a prospective employer requiring a photo was not forbidden, as it is now.

@Iwexcel - nothing stops an employer throwing your cv in the bin in Germany, or any other country come to that.
19:10 May 9, 2011 by ChrisRea
Sorry, I forgot the link to the job announcement: http://www.backinjob.de/detailFrame.php?Chiffre=999870000000308475
19:23 May 9, 2011 by Englishted
Bullshine ! I don't think they know , until the cencus results.

How many Russian/Germans came?

Also I was lead to believe there were restrictions up till the 1st.of May This Year so where were all the Romanians, and Bulgarians hidding up till then remember these figures are last year .

Same old story we are mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on s##t.)
20:49 May 9, 2011 by Johnne
Oh! I didn´t know that EU & US citizens migrated to this country more than Africans, Arabs and Turks...mmmm..this sounds interesting.
21:07 May 9, 2011 by cobalisk
115,000 expats came back to Germany and 30,00 Americans immigrated here?

This tells you something, something very important.
21:42 May 9, 2011 by wxman
30,00??? What is that, thirty hundred? We usually call that three thousand, but whatever. And yes, it does tell you something important. It reflects the strong efforts on the part of Americans to purge our society of Europhiles, even the ones who were born here. We'll keep at it till it's done.
21:51 May 9, 2011 by chicagolive
It is in the case of Americans they include the numbers from family members and contractors and people working for US sources but since they are civilians they count in immigration numbers. US Active Military is counted also but their numbers are normally not published since they are not officially apart or are the responsibility of the German system.
22:13 May 9, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ Englishted,

Work restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians are currently valid until 31.12.2011. However, there are rumours that they will be prolonged another two years. That means that they can work in Germany as an employee only with a work permit. However, they already have the right to live in Germany, as there is no restriction on the liberty of movement. There is also no restriction to work as a freelancer/self-employed. Some of them are also here as students.

I happen to know some Romanians and Bulgarians that came last year. One is working as a physicist (with a working permit), one is a professor (also with a work permit), three are learning the language (out of which one plans to be a student starting October, one to work as a freelanlancer also starting October, and one to get a work permit).
22:38 May 9, 2011 by WTM
@ChrisRea : "the Volkshochschule has great classes (and they are free for Integrationsschüler)"

I'm being charged Euros 115/module - I think it's only free if you're spouse has a salary less than a certain amount.. I'm not sure though.. Maybe you can clarify this for me?
06:51 May 10, 2011 by ChrisRea

Here is a clarifying link: http://www.berlin.de/vhs/kurse/deutsch/integrationen.html

The most interesting paragraph says: "Foreigners entitled to unemployment benefit according to vol. 2 of the Social Security Code (SGB II) or social benefit according to vol. 12 of the Social Security Code (SGB XII) can apply to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) for exemption from paying this share in the costs."

As Erika does not work yet, I suppose she should qualify. But even paying EUR 1 per hour is pretty good deal, isn't it?
09:49 May 10, 2011 by Angry Ami
Interesting, well I know people from all the groups listed, although my Bulgarian friend haven't heard from for a few years, maybe he moved back home, my Romanian friend moved to Mallorca, got cool Polish neighbors and colleagues, know a few Turks, and most of my friends are Amis or Germans, and everybody I know, "has a job" or even their own business, as a matter of fact a number of my American friends run their own business, and everybody can speak Deutsch,

"stell mal vor" well this looks like the future of good old Germany, in spite of the fact that only a few years ago the mantra coming from

most German politicians was "Germany is not a immigrant country"

quatsch! my how they have all changed their tunes, I wonder why, hmmm, could it be because the German birthrate has been falling for years and is well in the negative, could it be because there aren't enough German workers to fill all of the job openings in many occupations, could it be because many young German married couples don't want to have children because the tax system punishes you if you do, (wanna see my paycheck)

so guess now it's time for imports, LOL!
11:50 May 10, 2011 by sneakerpimp27
Wow.. after reading all those comments, good and bad, I've learned something. Good to know that photos are no longer required, that makes me feel a little better about the situation...

@ ChrisRea - thanks for the invite and info, I will see how things go at the integration class before finding out how to proceed at the Volkshochschüle. I have heard some pretty negative feedback about the one in my city, but as the job situation will probably be better in some other, larger cities, I will investigate at other VHS's. I think it will be important no matter what to continue in my German (learned it at home and all throughout Uni and still going..) but also plan to pass along my French and Spanish to my future family as preserving that part of my experience is equally as important.

Now that I'm an "immigrant" I can sort of see the perspective and at least in a minor way appreciate the hurdles for someone new here - and can't imagine it's any better if your first language isn't English or you don't have white skin. Although I always had a heart for immigrants whatever their flavour or colour, I can only appreciate the personal sacrifice and self-deprecation that one willingly assumes as part of their integration process.

Yes, I could apply myself more and try harder - it starts in the simplest of ways like asking the Lidl lady where the eggs are, but I'm surprised to receive a smirk and an ignorant reaction when I mispronounce "Eier" and say "Ei" instead, like, "what is this idiot girl trying to say?!". Because to me they sound almost exactly the same, and yes I understand the difference between plural and singular, I speak 3 other languages, but German is the most vexing, if not most frustrating to pronounce and that will be my first order of business when I step into my first Integration Class next week.

@ Trash Head - I guess you got schooled on some facts here, and thanks to those who have corrected, and yes you should expect nothing less than hope and a positive attitude from a Canadian, who in fact, will cherish the classes that will help me integrate better into German society. Canadians will always be known for their peace-loving and free, happy nature and I hope I represented my countrymen and countrywomen to that effect. I hope to bring equally an positive and hopeful outlook to my integration here, and share in the journey that German ex-pats in Canada make and have made, I have met many, many that were glad they made the move. Not that one is better than the other, there are advantages and disadvantages on both side,s therefore it seems that personal ones personal happiness seems to be the reason one stays or one goes, and isn't that the ultimate guide?
21:56 May 10, 2011 by Gabriel Grubb
This is good is it? The above article barely disguises its glee at the destruction and islamification of Europe.Who has said the politicians can do this? What mandate do they act on? When most of the indigenous populations of Europe do not want to be swamped with immigrants requiring huge welfare payments and state housing! They want to preserve they own language and their own culture not be swamped by other peoples! It is the self righteous act of unelected EUSSR politicians! Who think more immigrants equals more people vote left wing!
11:06 May 12, 2011 by Raminder Dhillon
Well as someone who has lived here in germany for more than 12 years, i find it galling that ,outsiders still find it difficult to adjust and live here. I havent found any country more beautiful, organised and fair than Germany.

It took time to come to this conclusion ,and i am sure ,all the immigrants who land here ,and who complain about germany ,in their hearts know that this is the real deal here.
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