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Bishop says Europe must take refugees

The Local · 24 Apr 2011, 09:36

Published: 24 Apr 2011 09:36 GMT+02:00

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Junkermann said in an interview that those fleeing violence in places such as Libya should be granted safety and help.

“That we should help civil war refugees should not be put under question,” she said. “That is Christian duty, citizens’ duty in a global society.”

Europe must help – not only in Libya itself but also here in accepting refugees.

Referring to the current arguments over what to do with the illegal immigrants who have already landed in Italy, she said, “I find it disturbing how politics is being conducted on the backs of those people concerned.”

It is not possible to simply refuse entry, she said. “That is too little in a globalised world where one demands the ability to act as free as possible worldwide in ones own interests.”

Junkermann said the European Union should develop a migration and integration policy for refugees. “There is a clear policy which grants freedom of movement within the European region, and that the borders are open. But the price is high – the borders are as good as closed to the outside.”

This was unfair, she said, and said that a “certain permeability of European borders,” should be the aim.

Instead, those willing to risk their lives enter illegally and take their chances once here.

Around 26,000 people have made it across the Mediterranean so far this year, with many landing on the Italian island of Lampedusa which is just 150 kilometres from the Tunisian coast. Most end up interned in overcrowded camps.

To relieve the pressure, Italy has started issuing refugees from Tunisia with six-month Italian visas which give them the right to move throughout the EU.

This has infuriated many other European politicians – not least French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He has mooted lifting the Schengen agreement which abolished border checks between EU member states, in order to try to stop North African refugees from heading to France.

The German Interior Ministry said it was monitoring the situation and was prepared to strengthen border checks, although there was no indication that many North African refuges would be heading for Germany.

Nonetheless, Bavarian state Interior Minister Joachim Hermann said he was outraged by the Italian move. “The behaviour of the Italian government is unreasonable,” he told Der Spiegel magazine.

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“Italy must stop granting residence permits to Tunisian economic refugees as soon as possible.”

The first Tunisian with such a visa was spotted in Germany last week according to a report in Der Spiegel.

The man not only had the correct paperwork but also enough money for his stay in Germany, the report said, so the border police who had been making a routine check on a train from Milan to Munich, did not stop him.


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Your comments about this article

10:35 April 24, 2011 by 9900lawre
The world is a massive place with people being displaced every day for many reasons. Why do they all feel the need to come to europe? Because they get something for nothing at the expense of the resident country thats why!

Turn off the benefit taps in europe and let them head South into another African counrty instead. It is after all a continent offering just as much land (not enturnment camps and 5th floor flats in a council block).

Being displaced shouldn't automaticaly entitle you to Education, Healthcare and a blank cheque for Lidl/Aldi.

The Bishop should not be so quick to presume that opening our borders and purses is a "Christian Duty". God did after all say he would only help those who are willing to help themselves. Not those who help themselves to everything.
10:53 April 24, 2011 by Lachner
I completely disagree with the Bishop. Europe and Germany cannot continue to host all the African and Middle Easter immigrants because it is putting a heavy burden on their economy and society. I know that it is a "Christian Duty" to help those in need, but it is also a "Christian Duty" to protect one's own from danger.
12:25 April 24, 2011 by cobalisk
As for why they want to come to Europe... I think the reasons given above are seriously flawed.

If you live in N. Africa, where is the closest, stable place with a high quality of life?


If you are Mexican, where is the where is the closest, stable place with a high quality of life?

The United States.

Never underestimate the power of simple geography.
12:45 April 24, 2011 by Keleth
Perhaps the church would like to pay for it too?

Fed up with hearing from church leaders (whatever denomination) going on about christian duty and expecting us to cover the cost of the so called christian duty.
12:51 April 24, 2011 by voltairean
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
14:36 April 24, 2011 by asteriks
Bishop is right, fascists are not right. Stop with imagined fear about immigrants, it is your personal decision how much EU can accept refugees. In any case, half of your meal you put in the garbage while people die hungry all over the world. You have more than you need, so, now when refugees come, welfare will be balanced.
15:35 April 24, 2011 by ronasch
Let them move in with the bishop, but then the bishop lives off the taxpayer as well.
16:11 April 24, 2011 by Al uk
Let them in and get ready for the next load and the next and ..........

It's time to put the shutters up and the sign saying "sorry but we are full"!
16:14 April 24, 2011 by Major-General Sir Binden-Blood
Why oh why are we Europeans so intent of sewing the seeds of our own destruction?Both financially and culturally!Is there un-rest in Tunisia? These people are economic migrants and have no right to be in Europe.They should be deported forthwith!Furthermore is the Bishop going to open her doors and allow some in to her home like a true christian? I thought not! Is the Bishop going to have them living next door? I thought not! Is the church going to pay their welfare? I thought not! It is a bottom less pit of a financial mess! There are no jobs for these people.What jobs a few manage to get will be taken from Europeans! So what will happen? they will remain on welfare the rest of their natural lives!For every refugee or immigrant we allow in we have eventually allow in their families.Who require welfare,health treatment,education,housing the list is endless.Who is going to pay for it? Not the un-employed man from Tunisia or Libya but the hard working European man.It is the economics of the mad house!A constant spiral of economic decline,higher taxes and worsening quality of life for the hard working European man as the immigrant turns to crime to seek the comfortable European life he dreamed of!
16:17 April 24, 2011 by 9900lawre
cobalisk and asteriks. High quality of life, better than what is used to and the golden dream? Salvation from violence doesn't have to be lined with gold, just somewhere with no violence.

Fascist i am not, i would gladly give away what is not needed to the needy but i do not wish to work for the welfare of those who won't or can't.

In suggesting an alternative to europe to turn to for help(or others if thats where you are) i only state we shouldn't be seen as the easy option.

When a stranger knocks at your door to get away from a mad man then you offer them a moment of security or show them where they can get help until the threat has passed. When the madman has gone we encourage the stranger to leave again.

Applying this on the bigger scale is not whats happening in europe or america. We're giving people help and then adopting them permanently instead of encouraging them to help themselves.
17:20 April 24, 2011 by hrt1
Migration and movement of people escaping from suffer or in pursuit of opportunity has always been a part of human's history.

Germanic tribes moved west and pushed the Celts to east-end of Europe. Europeans then have expanded into North America and have pushed the native Indians to the west.

Within the extended EU, population is moving westward from former Communist countries.

People always find ways to migrate into a foreign country, legal or illegal.

A migration from North Africa into an European country in the long run should not automatically render a higher quality of life, as the language/culture barrier will substantially limit the ability of the immigrant.

When viewing a TV news about the fight in Libya, view it by thinking that the bombarded town and buildings are your hometown in your native country.

Your life is threatened, you have a family to protect and you have been offered a boat to Italy.

What would you do if it were you, and how would you feel if you were rejected at the port of destination and were told to go home?

Lucky that it wasn't you.

When Yugoslavia was at war, a lot of Yugoslavians fled their country on boats to Italy.

I think Italy is doing the same thing for Lybians which I think is the right thing to do.
17:22 April 24, 2011 by jmclewis
The Bishop can host all the refugees in his personal quarters. He should have 10 bunk beds in his residence.
18:09 April 24, 2011 by hrt1
The Bischop is a woman, not a man.
18:43 April 24, 2011 by Al uk
FAO hrt1 how many families do you see in the boats?

I will tell you. None! They are simply economic migrants.

Jobs are few and far between for our own citizens let alone these people.They should be sent back asap.
18:53 April 24, 2011 by raandy
Send them to some other Muslim country .
19:01 April 24, 2011 by hrt1
Go send them back, and they will re-enter via a different route, whether you like it or not - and you should be rest assured that these guys are not those people who can threaten your own jobs...
19:01 April 24, 2011 by karldehm
Whether the bishop is a man or a woman, is not the point. I am sure there isn't enough room for them in her or his residence. Religious leaders should stick to what they are suppose to do, and that is saving the soles of sinners or fixing the church.

Europe is almost broke and can't afford to take care of the people it now has let alone more. Europe is struggling with the migrants that have come here over the past 50 years. Migrants who have not integrated nor contributed positively to the betterment of Europe. Migrants who have had their arms permantly fused in a hands out position.

Europe doesn't need another Döner or fruit stand.

A realist permanent solution lies in having these people stay where they are. Why don't we use Gadaffi's money that he has stolen from his people to take care of them. I am sure there is enough money there to put them all up in resorts in Tunisia for a long time.
19:16 April 24, 2011 by Major-General Sir Binden-Blood
@ hrt1 I totally agree with Al uk -you say all these poor people our fleeing with their FAMILIES from a war zone therefore should be granted refgeee status!Yet when one see pictures on the TV news all one can see is thousands and thousands of single men landed in Italy.In fact one only has to look at the photograph used at the top of this article - A boat full of SINGLE men! Therefore your statement number #11 is a typical hand-wringing left-wing mis-truth!
21:07 April 24, 2011 by Gajanand
Peoples from USA and Europe only want have the resources from Africa other than human resources.!!!
21:55 April 24, 2011 by michael4096
@hrt1 - I'm with you

Gated communities sound great. Why let the great unwashed spoil our day by begging for a bowl of rice?

Well, we do have experience of building walls both to keep people out and to keep people in. I can't think of one that has actually worked. Most have just made the inevitable harder when change comes.
22:56 April 24, 2011 by Mingus
If the Bishop is a truly believer of God he should propose to send all refugees to the Vatican.
00:33 April 25, 2011 by mastiboulance
Ah thats so funny, They bomb Africa, they use african ressources... They complain about the stink of their own poop.

Why don't they just exterminate the whole african population once and for all??? i don't see another solution. Nobody can change nature, butterflies will always go where there is light.
00:52 April 25, 2011 by FredFinger
The Bishop says Europe must take refugees! And where is it going to put them? We're full up thank you. Lets see how long it takes before europeans start emigrating claiming refugee status trying to get away from a continent swamped with the debris from africa and the middle east and the poisonous medieval ideologies that come with it.
04:19 April 25, 2011 by wenddiver
07:04 April 25, 2011 by Ludinwolf
Migration always existed and always will. But today, lands and countries are better organized. People are not living their great grand parents lives but only theirs and trying to benefit their children with their hard work ( support ).

Is it fair to accept a bunch of refugee? is it fair on the people that are years fighting for a decent life and retirement? and WHO said and can PROVE that coming into a rich country will give ppl stability and happiness?... ahhh, i forgot one thing, the tax payers money go directly to support the huge amount of blood suckers already in here... when many of them said wanted to live a dream in a european country... but i guess, many when in here are, the dream is not other than sucking the benefits from the government and claiming incapability of work and integrate. I know a russian(could be any other nationality) that s always failling his integration language course so that he can stay without work.... as i said, not only russian, but any other nationality and even some germans are doing other sort of similar stuff.

So, what to do with those running from that civilization?they live in another world, and soon will start to do what many muslim do in UK, to run the streets and making christians to give up their cruxificsso that they can wear their religious whatever. wake up government of EU, wake up. Italy is doing so cuz it is easy to allow ppl to live in other countries land.big circus today.
07:29 April 25, 2011 by Johnne

Thank you very much for explaining the reality of life. Indeed heavens help those who help themselves so the eralier some people here understand your lecture, the better cos they are words from the wise. Actualy God has offered help to some people here through you, it is left to them to receive it. You see, some people forget things so easily..they forget that their own fore fathers were in the same situations just some centuries and infact decades ago! you´ve said it all "what would you have done if it were you" just the right question people must answer. People have forgotten how many East Germans died trying to enter the West for the sake of "economic immigration" how many fled to even Hungary that wasn´t an economic super power of those days...such a funny world we live in:-))
07:50 April 25, 2011 by harcourt
I've noticed that stories which elicit a huge response from readers are usually criticism of Germany, the German way of doing things OR as in this case dislike of foreigners. Really Germany you should have moved on from 70 years ago !!
09:44 April 25, 2011 by Sastry.M
Ideally the Bishop is right because Christianity is avowed to help the needy and poor. But ideals are only guidelines for rational discrimination and judicious application to contemporary events. One should take care of oneself as a recipient of God given gift of precious life and show compassion to others as deemed necessary to benefit the needy. That means order should be added to ideals to realize the desired benefits. Is it so at present?

The Church allowed women to attend congregations and listen to sermons of wisdom but forbade to mouth any comments. Viewed from the present day drummed up Democratic Rights it is pure male chauvinism. But seen from Spiritual angle the ruling of Church pertains to 'Order' of Creation' because man is the main bread winner of family with a qualified knowledge of some trade and exercise a judicious guidance of both sides of family. Women,however, can admirably manage family even without any 'externally' acquired knowledge of scholastic qualifications because all knowledge of 'procreation' are holographically programmed into the female reproductive system and methods of management intrinsically programmed in their minds and instinctively applied,as revealed lately by modern science. Hence men are allowed to fumble with their mouths when clarity of understanding is clouded by intellect.

Now ask what men are doing presently drumming up the "Idealized Rights of Democracy" converting women into vote banks and wearing modern weapons of destruction as if holding the Holy Cross in the self proclaimed mission of defending "Democracy" to restore freedom and peace among the ignorant and spew death as common place.
12:32 April 25, 2011 by hrt1
The photo used in this news article shows mostly men indeed, but a TV news broadcasted on ZDF last week was about a boat with families and children, with women and kids taking shelter inside a container which was put on the back side of the boat.

In most of these cases it is this single dictator guy who is creating all the problems (like North Korea of today or Hungary few decades ago).

So the priority I think is to arrest Quaddafi a.s.a.p. and then you can send everyone back to Libya.
13:51 April 25, 2011 by raandy
We do not need any more needy or radical people. If you have a skill or are educated and have something to offer than apply ,all others stay where you are and improve your situation as we have ours.
13:55 April 25, 2011 by FredFinger
Better still, if you have a skill or are educated and have something to offer STAY HOME and offer those skills where they are needed the most.
16:01 April 25, 2011 by raandy
True, with 8 new members having the right to work in German ,I think is more than enough.

These people fleeing the middle east are looking to get into Europe then getting all their family moved here ,brothers, sisters ,uncles and their members all looking to ride the German gravy train.

Then after being here and getting all the social benefits for the families and extended families they want us build mosques and centers so they can radicalize as many as possible and convert as many infidels to Islam as possible.

These people are never happy or satisfied as a majority in a Christian country.

No thanks I stick with xenophobia rather than chant the Liberal, " lets all share in the wealth and prosperity" they should add as long as it last.
16:25 April 25, 2011 by voltairean
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:52 April 25, 2011 by Chigozie Ohanweh
I know it will be a huge burden on d euro economy, but then let it be a service 2 humanity. all can't be absorbed in, but some should be allowed in and kept at various refugee kamps across europe for d mean time until things stabilizes a bit in their countries. 2 send all back would be unfair. the churches should play a significant role in this too.
19:12 April 25, 2011 by michael4096
@harcourt - I think you must be new here

As you say, the posters on this forum frequently reflect a dislike of 'foreigners'. However, they do not represent Germany - almost all are in fact foreigners. Germany has moved on, it is others that remain stuck in the past.
21:45 April 25, 2011 by raandy
You think Germany has moved on? on to what? We all have been through the immigrant phase in our development now it is your turn, ENJOY
01:11 April 26, 2011 by Major-General Sir Binden-Blood
@hrt1 So it`s gone from thousands and thousands fleeing with there families in boats to ONE family you have seen in a container on the news! Typical left-wing distortion of the truth!
08:16 April 26, 2011 by hrt1
@Major-General I don't know what's really left or right in this instance, but on what grounds do you think that the thousands who fled are mostly male and are potentially smugglers? Few photos you have seen on newspapers?
09:22 April 26, 2011 by harcourt
michael 4096 - How on earth do you come to the damning conclusion that " almost all are in fact foreigners" you have in fact proved my point single-handedly and condemned yourself with your own comment. I think I may have hit a sensitive spot !!
09:31 April 26, 2011 by tallady
@hrt1 maybe the males from countries like Tunisia are going first to obtain a Refugee, asylum visa and after they receive it then they bring in the family,who they now support from another country.Nothing new here only the numbers.
09:53 April 26, 2011 by Student_LU
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
11:41 April 26, 2011 by michael4096
@harcourt - I come to the 'conclusion' that most posters here are foreigners because nearly all the regulars and many of the others have said clearly and plainly, in these pages, that they are not German citizens. I don't make assumptions.

However, even if I were to make an assumption that most posters were foreigners, based on the types of grammatical errors and typos, for example, I fail to see how anything is proved. I am also a foreigner and I base my opinions solely on my own experiences living and working, for over a decade, in Germany with Germans; not on some internet ranting.

Perhaps, you should rethink your own assumptions and conclusions.
13:50 April 26, 2011 by harcourt
michael4096 - I'm sorry to have to cross swords with you again Michael but using the example of grammatical and typo errors just doesn't hold water. Even the most fluent person, from any country, in English, make the two types of mistakes you highlight, in fact it has been known for me, an Englishman, to make those mistakes myself. Or is it possible you have fallen for the myth of the " PERFECT GERMANS " having lived in Germany for the last TWENTY years I can assure you it IS a Myth
14:17 April 26, 2011 by michael4096
@harcourt - sorry, I no longer understand what you are saying

Crossing swords is no problem - it is what the forum is for
17:08 April 26, 2011 by FredFinger
I happen to have a friend that works for the government in matters of drug addict problem here in the city. He tells me that the policy is that the government realizes that immigration brings with it many problems including drug smuggling and becoming drug pushers once they arrive in Germany (how else are many of them going to make money, he asks, when they can neither read nor write nor german?). Despite these huge problems the immigrants are officially accepted due to a desire for germans to be useful globally, guilt for atrocities committed during WW II and a misguided perception that immigration will not appreciably alter the quality of life in germany. Of course as Angela famously put it a few weeks ago "multiculturalism is dead". Hopefully Germany will finally put a stop to this debilitating state of affairs and begin respecting its own native population.
10:52 April 27, 2011 by Sastry.M
In my opinion the German Federation (Deutscher Bund) in meant to cohere unity of all ethnic German States in a secular manner and maintain European Culture as a centrally located nation surrounded by sovereign European powers . The fact is that German Reich was always confined itself to European continent and achieved a sovereign national status under the statesmanship of Chancellor Von Bismarck and hence never genuinely aspired for colonial establishment earlier.

Therefore Germany was never a multi cultural society of domiciled foreigners and cannot be blamed because she never entertained global colonization.

During 1950's the arduous task of resurrecting from the rubble of ww2 needed the support guest workers who were mostly drawn from nearby continental borders but insignificantly from colored continents.However color never counted with Germans in pursuit of knowledge as their scholastic works on Orient in general and Indology in particular testify.

As viewed from the above the tirade directed against Germans for racism,global domination and failure to accommodate refugees and maintain a multi cultural society mostly pertains to the accusers who are more experienced and privileged with their earlier accomplishments than to the Germans who even could not uphold and hence lost their Reich twice during recent history
00:39 May 10, 2011 by lived in africa
The main point and truth here is that the African Nation (every Country in Africa) voted for independence from the Europeans and either threw out or forced via discrimination, racism and crime, the white people.

How dare they now turn around and hop along to European Countries and expect them to take them in.?

The crime rate will soar as they have different values and principals and the truth of the matter is that they must be sent back to Africa with help from the UN to stabalize their Countries. Kindly note that some African Countrires have been "in power" for 3 generations and have gone from bad to worse.

All that is happening in every Country around the world is that what once was a safe Country has now been infested with crime and this will never stop.
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