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Islamist preacher ordered to leave Germany

The Local · 21 Apr 2011, 15:36

Published: 21 Apr 2011 15:36 GMT+02:00

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Citing security concerns, the authorities said if he doesn’t depart on his own, he could be arrested and forcibly deported.

Philips, who was born in Jamaica and raised in Canada, spoke in Frankfurt earlier this week on the subject “Islam, the Misunderstood Religion” alongside German Islamist preacher Pierre Vogel – who authorities have no way to deport – after a court allowed the event over the objections of Frankfurt officials.

Arid Uka, the 21-year-old Kosovar who has admitted to killing two US airmen in Frankfurt in March, is thought to have established contact to radical Islamist preachers including Vogel before the shooting.

Police said up to 1,500 people, separated by gender, attended the rally, where Philips appeared as a surprise guest. The 64-year-old has been on a tour of sorts around Europe, recently surfacing in Denmark.

Although Philips has failed to deliver extremist messages during his European appearances, he’s attracted plenty of protesters, including 500 in Frankfurt.

Philips, who runs an online university has attracted the ire of officials for his previously inflammatory messages and alleged links to Muslim extremists.

He is alleged to have preached that homosexuals should received the death penalty, although in Frankfurt he said he doesn’t hate gays at all.

In previous interviews he has also accused Western governments of oppressing him by falsely associating him with terrorism.

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Your comments about this article

16:36 April 21, 2011 by tactician
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:13 April 21, 2011 by dizzyblondefrau
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:59 April 21, 2011 by cobalisk
I agree with the government on this one.

Those who are not nationals but would disrupt civil society can, and should be deported.
20:54 April 21, 2011 by thomass66
Bravo Germany, Bravo! It's about time the European Nations start taking some action(s) against these zealots (fanatical rebel rousers) before it's too late - Here is to Germany for doing the "right" thing - good job! Keep up the good work and don't let them push you around because I have a very uneasy feeling that this (he) won't go away quietly.
21:01 April 21, 2011 by Sepul
Indeed, Western countries have a right to maintain their culture and exclude those who represent unwanted values.
21:25 April 21, 2011 by Landmine
Kudos for Germany! It is high time the word "BASTA" is heard by those inciting violence against the West
23:39 April 21, 2011 by nschaudhry
I don´t believe it will be possibile to hide truth from innocent citizens with such tactics ,

and also this whole false and cartoon story of terrorisim can be prolonged more
23:41 April 21, 2011 by Sam Green
Well done Germany!Why hasnt the U.K. got the balls to stand up to the spread of Islam and the unwanted preachers of hate insulting our soldiers and desecrating our war graves!
02:23 April 22, 2011 by jbaker
These are the same Hateful actions taken during the 1930's. Read History - The Islam Religion is now Replacing the Jewish Religion. This is happening all over the World - It is Sad.
03:09 April 22, 2011 by Altdude
If they would extend that order to all other religious denominations, sects, cults, and reform movements therein, that would be some real progress!
06:26 April 22, 2011 by Ludinwolf
No extremism of any sort.starting with the low IQ neo-nazi and those extremist that pray violence in the name of god. What good god is this that want to exterminate other human? seems that the world has been built to turn into a whole muslim believers... that s too much of ignorance. Im sure not all muslims are like that, but hey,go back to your own country and culture and be happy over there... dont push europeans to do what they dont belive.... or is it the end of free will.

Well done germany.. i hope uk will soon learn a good lesson too, b4 is 2L8!
08:54 April 22, 2011 by syousuf
Its unfortunate people are not allowed to express their opinion. Just to let you know yesterday 17 people Germans reverted to Islam, when brother Bilal gave lectures.

Pure double standards, a person has right to make picture of prophet Mohammad(pbuh), but a person is not allowed to express his opinion
10:25 April 22, 2011 by tallady
The comment that there are Neo Nazi's in germany is true enough.The last thing Germany needs now is an Islamic radical preachers. Send him back to where he came from, Persona non grata.
10:59 April 22, 2011 by pseu
@jbaker - oh if only it were true. Maybe that could be redemption for their past deeds.
11:29 April 22, 2011 by Chigozie Ohanweh
He should not be allowed 2 go on his own, but be escorted out n declared a persona non grata.
12:04 April 22, 2011 by Jerr-Berlin
Good for Germany...send the pr...ck packing...
12:10 April 22, 2011 by Landmine
As Jbaker pointed out "it is like it was in the 30's". I That is not so, in the 30's you got sent to a concentration camp, in this inbstance he is being deported where he came from...
15:19 April 22, 2011 by ATM
Finally good for Germany. Go to Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries and try to openly voice your opinion against their regimes. Also if these idiots do not like our lifestyle and culture return to where they came from.
16:13 April 22, 2011 by storymann
Landmine,,absolutely He is not a citizen he is most likely here on a visa perhaps a resident visa,either way he is a guest in Germany and if his behavior is radical and problematic then Germany has every right to ask him to go.

Hasta La Vista Di--rt B-g
17:23 April 22, 2011 by Lachner
Great job by the German government! If that Islamic preacher is so against Western values and ideals, then go back home to the Middle East. If he is a menace to the German way of life, he needs to go. I hope that other countries in Europe and the United States follow suit. I'm sick and tired of Islamic extremists advocating against Western values in our own countries. Go home Jihadists!
17:26 April 22, 2011 by Englishted
8:54 April 22, 2011 by syousuf

Its unfortunate people are not allowed to express their opinion. Just to let you know yesterday 17 people Germans reverted to Islam, when brother Bilal gave lectures.

Pure double standards, a person has right to make picture of prophet Mohammad(pbuh), but a person is not allowed to express his opinion

I think this says it all comparing a cartoon drawing with someone who call for death for gays and none believers .

Plus 17 Germans reverted that means they were muslims before so what.
17:55 April 22, 2011 by storymann
Every year 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity not to mention those leaving and joining other religions and atheism ...so big deal..

This man preaches hate and discontent daily ,go back to your own country and preach that sh!t,
20:06 April 22, 2011 by michael4096
Deporting foreigners preaching hate. Good idea.

Might reduce the number of forum posters though.
21:36 April 22, 2011 by Englishted
To michael4096

Reduce it I would have nobody to write to.
22:37 April 22, 2011 by Landmine
Hey, is foreigners here are sanctioned by the government, he is not...
10:52 April 23, 2011 by michael4096

Please, tell us what special dispensation The Local posters have for preaching racism and hate. As far as I am aware, we must all follow the same law.
15:05 April 23, 2011 by Landmine
Simple, we aren't Muslims with links to Muslim extremists so the German government isn't concerned about us.
15:58 April 23, 2011 by LiberalGuy
Send him home. Send him back to Canada....

Guess I better watch out for those Canucks
16:10 April 23, 2011 by wenddiver
Can't imagine what any imigrant group would be thinking to invite somwbody advocating war against their Host's government into the country. The people directly responsible should be deported also.
10:19 April 24, 2011 by LiberalGuy
Using the 'guilt by association' theory that so many of the racists people use on here. It is safe to say that all Canadians (judging by this extremist) are to be classifed as Islamic extremeists and should be deported at once. Better throw in the Jamacians too (since he was born there)

The people who preach hate on this website really are pathetic. Your arguments fall away into hypocrisy as soon as any counter point is raised.

What ever happened to the 'right'? You used to have ideas, constructive points of view. Now it seems he only thing you can do is shout the loudest, and keep everyone afraid. What happened to the party of ideas....
15:23 April 24, 2011 by hrt1
What are the grounds for establishing Philips as a radical?

If in case he is a radical indeed, then how do you call a North American or European person who openly talks about anti-Muslims (a balanced moderate) ?
11:03 April 26, 2011 by Gaffers
Hey LiberalGuy, People's rights to freedom of speech only are valid if they are in keeping with the point of view of the said hypocrite :-)

It's true though that so many people who post here "claim" to be democratic and non extremist but then at the slightest opportunity denounce those that are different or hold different beliefs and cry for action against them. Don't get me wrong, IF this guy has a proven link to terrorism he should not be deported but arrested and charged. If he commits a crime by inciting hatred and violence he should be arrested and charged. If he is only promoting Islamic faith in his speeches and nothing inflammatory then he has not committed a crime.

I've said it before. Christians are hypocrites. The preach tolerance and love but are the same as any other religion in that this tolerance does not extend to other faiths. Christianity has in it's time been as oppressive as any other religion and it is still ongoing.
00:13 April 27, 2011 by Laiser
Interesting thing this report. Where is the video of the brave woman who stood in the center of the Islamist group voicing her opposition while a man moves in on her to try and shut her up. The video speaks volumes and maybe thats why its not here.
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