Berlin police station firebombed

Berlin police station firebombed
Photo: DPA
Masked perpetrators attacked a Berlin police station with Molotov cocktails and stones on Monday, causing property damage and prompting one officer to leap from his office window to chase suspects.

The attackers converged at the entrance of the Friedrichshain district station on Wedekindstraße. The front steps were set alight by a Molotov cocktail, which blackened the doors, a police spokesman said.

Another Molotov cocktail burst into flames in the foyer, where a 26-year-old custodian was awaiting entry. Officers reacted quickly, pulling the young man into the building. Though he was not injured, the situation was dangerous, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, a number of rocks broke windows at the station. The station chief, sitting at his desk in one of the building’s lower floors, noticed the commotion and reportedly sprang from his window in pursuit of the attackers.

He managed to nab one suspect, but an accomplice wrestled him free and they fled on bicycles, the spokesman said.

Before the attack, suspects had strewn caltrops, or crow’s feet, across four nearby intersections to destroy police vehicle tyres and hinder their pursuit. But police managed to clear the way in time, they said.

The attack is the third of its kind on a police station this year, the spokesperson added. Criminal investigators are looking into the case.


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