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German warships won't enforce Libyan embargo

The Local · 23 Mar 2011, 13:06

Published: 23 Mar 2011 13:06 GMT+01:00

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"NATO has decided to impose an arms embargo on Libya, which could have concrete results and lead to an eventual recourse to arms. Germany will not take part in this," a Defence Ministry spokesman said late Tuesday.

"The ministry has decided to place two frigates and two ships in the Mediterranean under national command," he added.

The two frigates, Lübeck and Hamburg, are part of NATO's Active Endeavour operation to stem terrorist activities in the region.

The spokesman said: "For the time being, these vessels will remain in the Mediterranean and we have not decided where they will go."

There are about 550 defence personnel aboard the four ships.

NATO agreed Tuesday to use naval and air power to enforce an arms embargo on Libya.

The NATO forces will monitor, report and, if needed, "interdict vessels suspected of carrying illegal arms or mercenaries," said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

"All allies are committed to meet their responsibilities under the United Nations resolution to stop the intolerable violence against Libyan civilians," Rasmussen said.

He said NATO had completed plans to help enforce the no-fly zone "to bring our contribution, if needed, in a clearly defined manner, to the broad international effort to protect the people of Libya from the violence of the Qaddafi regime."

Germany, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, abstained in a vote on Thursday to permit "all necessary measures" to establish a no-fly zone, protect civilian areas and impose a ceasefire on Muammar Qaddafi's military.

But Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet decided Wednesday that Germany will send up to 300 crew members to operate surveillance planes in Afghanistan in a bid to free up NATO resources enforcing the no-fly zone in Libya.

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"The federal government will make available up to 300 army troops for the AWACS surveillance flights over Afghanistan within the framework of NATO's ISAF mission," the defence ministry said in a statement.

Germany is the third-largest provider of troops to the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in a mission that polls show is deeply unpopular at home.

Speaking before the cabinet meeting, Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere said: "This is a real easing of the burden on NATO. It is a political sign of our solidarity with the alliance, especially given the events in Libya."

NATO agreed to deploy the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) planes, which are fitted with long-range radar allowing them to detect other aircraft and prevent mid-air collisions, to Afghanistan in January.

The cabinet's decision has to be approved in parliament, probably on Friday.

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Your comments about this article

12:27 March 23, 2011 by auniquecorn
Is this supposed to be news?

really makes me sick at how useless Germany is after crying to get a seat in the security council.

I guess their only good at stuffing polar bears.
14:08 March 23, 2011 by derExDeutsche
It is morally impossible for Germany to join Europe in an OIL WAR against a sovereign Country.

Do you realize the hell Europe put the USA through because of 9/11 and the Iraq war? Do YOU remember all those demonstrations you attended? With 'Imperialist' 'Crusader' or 'OIL' written on them. YEah, you don't think the US was only "helping with the revolution"? you would look like a bunch of hypocrites. in the worst possible sense of the word.

Where are the WMD's?

if you want to help an oppressed people, there are many others to choose from, why not start there?
14:42 March 23, 2011 by AirForceGuy
I guess Germany just realized it is inferior to the other world powers and doesn't have to pull its own weight...
15:29 March 23, 2011 by derExDeutsche
"I guess Germany just realized it is inferior to the other world powers and doesn't have to pull its own weight... "

Pull its own weight by invading countries with unpopular leaders for their Oil reserves? No 9//11 necessary? just knut?
15:44 March 23, 2011 by auniquecorn
Dam ED, is it that time of the month? chill.

Where´s this oil war sh!t come from?

The ID10T is bombing and killing his own people, or is that what gets your rocks off.

and it really pisses you off when people put a stop to it.
15:46 March 23, 2011 by tallady
Germany being the 3rd largest weapons exporter is waiting for an end to the uprising so they can offer their good friend Gaddafi a weapons for oil swap.
15:58 March 23, 2011 by derExDeutsche
What, Saddam Hussein wasn't killing his own people? or is that what gets your rocks off.

15:59 March 23, 2011 by ajcberlin
I would flatly turn down any increase in German involvement in Afghanistan.The nato countries need to reevaluate Germany as a trusted member.

Germany as a permanent member of the council should remain closed.The only votes they would get are form China and Russia as they are much closer in mentality and voting history than all the others.
17:07 March 23, 2011 by tallady
This is better news: c/p

Ankara offers ships and submarine to help enforce arms embargo on Libya as talks over NATO's role in Libya continue. Turkey has offered four frigates, a submarine and a support ship to help NATO enforce a UN arms embargo on Libya, the military alliance ...
17:17 March 23, 2011 by mrblunt
But turkey still have no trust the missions of the said nations who lead this war:

Turkey warns against coalition 'hidden agenda' on Libya

17:43 March 23, 2011 by c12dat

Sir, an OIL WAR??? Really??? Show me where the US or any other countries that participated in OIF getting any of that WAR OIL loot? Last time I checked, prices of oil and gas hasn't gone down any. You seriously think that we would go to a war over OIL and not take any of it? Do you even know where the US purchase most of its oil? ... yeah, I used the word purchase ... Iraq produce less than 3 million gal of oil/day last year. Do you know what is the estimate oil consumption per day of the US? OIL WAR ... please give me a break.
17:53 March 23, 2011 by fryintl
Well, all, you got it wrong. Germany needs to hold back, the Germans are not into losing anymore people in war, and if they are held back by dumb ROE, it seems that it is best not to put soemone in Harm's way with no offensive capability.

Germany is a goo dmemeber of NATO, they provide bases and land for exercises, they are host to 10's of thousands of foreign troops on their soil, and they still are a fantastic partner in NATO. They do make decent money in this bad world economy but the US, on a bad day still dwarf's tehir earning power. We provide more money in Foreign Aid (in 2008, Germany gave 13 Bil and the US over 28Bil). So please get off of Germany's back about NATO, being a good PArtner, etc. I remember that they helped out a great deal during the cold war, forgetting about Mr Wolf and that debacle, they gave us soem super support in some things that none of you will read about for decades.

This isnt about being a coward, it is about keeping the current Government in power in Berlin and not giving up to the more liberal folks. There has to be a balance and the wrong move could throw everything into chaos. Is it not right to think about your own country's interests first? Wish my USA would.

So, wring your hands, but know that Germany is not acting out of line, is a good ally and they are as close to the US that any country can be, with maybe the exception of Isreal and the UK, and maybe AUstralia but certainly better and closer than France has been.

I am all for Turkey getting involved, and they did stop arms from going to Syria. They have a delicate balance and the world isnt so cut and dried as it used to be. You can't push a nation to cut its own throat.
18:08 March 23, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ c12dat

then why Libya? why only Libya? there are many armed struggles to choose from. but, no. just Libya... hmmmmm.

Is this going to be the only Humanitarian Mission then? Just this ONE then? Where the OIL is then? and Japan? No mission there?

Ok. We'll keep watching Knut in that case;) thanks.
18:12 March 23, 2011 by wenddiver
I don't think anybody thinks any more ships are necessary, both the US Navy and Great Britain's Royal Navy are on site and that has defined Naval Dominance for as long as I can remember. It would be like offering somebody from Saudi Arabia extra sand. Realistically, there has been zeroe threat to US Naval dominance, since Leyte Gulf in World War II. The US has more Naval power han the next 13 Navies combined and 11 of them are tied to the US in mutual defence treaties if a real war comes.

What we really need is permission from the President to "take out" Libiya and the countryside will look like the highway of death outside Kuwaite did. Capability to flatten the target is not the problem, getting the permission is.

It's like Afganistan we could fix it in a couple of hours with some tactical nukes, a nice reef, and a memorial if the President gave us permission.
19:11 March 23, 2011 by heathen
oh no!!! the mighty german navy won't help? guess we're in trouble now...

seriously, this story just shows what a pathetic joke the german military is as well as the german political leadership....they cant send the ss lubeck to within the line of death?
19:44 March 23, 2011 by mrblunt
So many problems in Europe bankcruptcy , bill out ,higher unemployment,cannot afford to give proper education to the youngs. Then still have a guts to go on war. I hope this war that they get in will not dry the pocket of this proud nations.
19:51 March 23, 2011 by nparry
Germany, what a bunch of wusses! Germany stands emasculated under Angela M. Show some balls or take some more Libyans in.
20:27 March 23, 2011 by polecat
As long as the UN keeps Germany on its official enemies list it has no right to expect that country to give it military aid.
02:21 March 24, 2011 by reallybigdog
The careless actions of the USA, England and France have set in motion the destabilization of yet ANOTHER.........Yemen and now as a direct result of the Libya attacks many of Yemen¦#39;s armed forces are now squaring off with security forces loyal to the president. Suddenly the country is in serious danger of erupting into full-scale civil war also. Now its time to watch how reckless foreign policy of USA, England and France once again back fires just like every other war lost in the last 50 plus years to nothing more than the waste of human life, valued resources, and mounting debt for little gain.

When the smoke clears, Tehran will likely stand to gain a valuable ally in Egypt; it looks to end up with a favorable outcome of support now in Libya because of these attacks; and Iran I am convinced that all of this is uniting the muslin world against the USA, England and now France. A surge in radicalism within Yemen-which would likely occur even in the event of a power vacuum-would represent a formidable quartet of strategic losses to American and Western interests, and gains, to one degree or another, for the Islamic Republic and the forces of Islamic extremism. Proof abounds within each of these theaters of Iran influencing and manipulating events to serve its own purposes.

Factor in Iran¦#39;s significant leverage in Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan, and you have to hand it to the mullahs: They are on the march and it wont be Germany, Russia or China in their scope.

Thanks for Nothing USA, England and France for pushing its way into a war that will engulf the whole region (already there)-and unfortunately perhaps the world.
03:07 March 24, 2011 by stablemate
sooo the germans put to ships in area.......better than nothing....
05:32 March 24, 2011 by wenddiver
@Reallybigdog- What do you suggest that the US nuke the whole area to prevent an Iranian takeover or let Qadafi kill them?
06:14 March 24, 2011 by c12dat

Sir, just so we are on the same sheet of music. I am against any intervention in any countries. If the locals want to have a war and kill each other .... go ahead.

Now back to this "OIL WAR" theory of yours. Let's for the sake of discussion say that this war was over oil. If that is the case, you ought to thank the countries involves for keeping the price of oil low so you and your country can flourish. I am assuming that you own a car, travel by air, heat your house with heating oil, and enjoy buying groceries that is brought to your local store by a diesel fuel powered truck.

If you somehow lives off the grid, walk everywhere and grow your own food, then I stand corrected and I will write to my senators to recall all of the empty oil tankers anchored off the coast of Libya.

On the other hand, if you use any sort of petroleum product or its byproduct, the you can turn yourself in to the local police for financially supporting the OIL WAR.

As for Japan .... I am not sure what you meant by that but the USS Reagan and its flotilla with around 10,000 sailors/soldiers are floating off the coast of Japan. The US have sent technical folks over to assist the Japanese.
14:26 March 24, 2011 by reallybigdog
"@Reallybigdog- What do you suggest that the US nuke the whole area to prevent an Iranian takeover or let Qaddafi kill them? "

Nukes wont do it unfortunately, it would have to be a ground assault(good luck with that) as a radical Islam could completely corner the regions oil distribution and completely choke off USA, and Europe.

So as I suspect this leads to complete war in the middle east and it will come home to America and Europe with a death toll that will far exceed anything Qaddafi or the Afghanistan war is capable of ever achieving! The end result is that it will be directly blamed on the US and its supporting allies.

Maybe i should connect the dots a little more. Why would Iran be so interested in getting some measure of control over Libya and Ethiopia? To me, the answer is intriguing.

All you need to do is get a good map of the Middle East, with the emphasis on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Then you can see why a radical Islam, is so interested in an alliance with or control over these two countries (as well as Egypt and Tunisia). They are on the two seas that comprise the most important trade route in the world!

Whoever heavily influences or controls Ethiopia will undoubtedly also control the small areas of Eritrea and Djibouti on the Red Sea coastline. These areas only recently became independent of Ethiopia.

Controlling the Suez Canal is not enough. Egypt tried that in 1956, when Britain, France and Israel (Now we see why and how long France and England have been there) kicked them out in one attack. But what if you have radical Islamic nations along this sea trade route with real air power-including missiles provided by Iran etc?

That could give Iran virtual control of the trade through those seas. Radical Islam could stop the flow of essential oil to the U.S. and Europe with far more foot troops that anyone could imagine! That's what is at stake and could warp this lunacy of an attack on Libya into a very large war for the US/Israel, England and France.

Scary times indeed..
08:43 March 25, 2011 by wenddiver

Nukes wont do it unfortunately, it would have to be a ground assault(good luck with that) as a radical Islam could completely corner the regions oil distribution and completely choke off USA, and Europe.

Duh! Nukes would really do it, trust me on this one and if you've read your World History you would know that in messing with the US War Machine, you are messing with the only Military that was willing not only use Nukes, but was willing to use them not just to stave off defeat, but to prevent a large casultie mass index invading Japan.

Trust me it will never get to anybody choking the US and it's Western Democratic Allies. It will get terminal long before that. Pakistan came within one decion to cooperate and Nuclear anialation after 911.
18:40 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog
Wenddiver..news flash

They also have nukes and many more options to deploy them. Protection is an illusion.
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