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Majority supports military action in Libya

The Local · 20 Mar 2011, 10:53

Published: 20 Mar 2011 10:53 GMT+01:00

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The survey, in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, found that 62 percent of those asked supported the action in general, while 31 percent were against the international military intervention.

But on the question of whether Germany itself should be involved, 65 percent agreed with the government's position that Germany stay out, while 29 percent thought the country should participate.

The survey, carried out by the Emnid polling group, asked a representative sample of 501 people.

Parliamentary President Norbert Lammert, a member of Merkel's Christian Democratic Party (CDU), on Sunday defended Germany's decision to stay on the sidelines, although he added he could understand the criticism of Germany's position.

In an interview with Deutschlandfunk public radio, he said that Germany already participates in several international military missions, adding that few other countries are engaged on a similar level in so many different parts of the world.

He said people must accept the fact that Germany only has limited capabilities.

Also on Sunday, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle reiterated that the German military would not be sent to Libya, adding that any impression that the decision had isolated the country within the European Union was "completely false."

Westerwelle said Germany would give €5 million in humanitarian aid to help Libyans, especially refugees at the nation's borders.

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Your comments about this article

11:19 March 20, 2011 by tallady
It is understandable that Germany has limited military capabilities but the vote to abstain from a no- fly zone over Libya was not. Germany could have supported it's allies with out participating and joining the ranks of China and Russia.

Lammert's comment that he couldn't understand the criticism was in itself a revelation that he does't understand what allies are. Why not state the truth ,we will go our own way ,we always have and always will ,when we need you we will let you know and expect you ( the allies) to to be there for us.
11:30 March 20, 2011 by Landmine
As usual, Germans always feel strongly about something but seldom do anything and prefer to standby and do nothing. You see and hear the same thing every day....

As for Lammert's limited capabilities comment, why not pull out from some of the other missions if you don't have enough resources and join the one that is for a greater cause....
14:16 March 20, 2011 by jbaker
Libya is a threat to No One but themselves. They need to solve their own Civil War. There is Plenty of Easily Accessible Oil All Around this Planet(No Need to Worry). The only reason Germany,U.K,France and USA are bombing is to control others. The same as they did in Iraq,Pakistan and Afghanistan. The So Called Leaders just want Control Of the People and the Resources on this Earth. Like the Bully that wants your Lunch Money, but they want Total Control of Your Life. Don't Empower this New World Order Sham!
14:25 March 20, 2011 by Englishted
jbaker please keep taking the tablets ,you know it is for your own good.

Guido Westerwelle "completely false." in his own words.
14:58 March 20, 2011 by jbaker
I quit taking the Tablets Years ago. The problem is Most of the World is Taking the Tablets and they Do Not Know It. Time to Wake Up before you won't be Allowed to Wake Up. The Politicians are Full of Themselves.
17:14 March 20, 2011 by wenddiver
Majority support Militay Action in Libiya.

Yeh, just not with their kids and money!
17:56 March 20, 2011 by polecat
Last time when the German military was involved in a tactical bomb attack in Afghanistan civilians were also casualties. The resultant hue and cry by the allies caused the defense minister to "fall on his sword" and resign. Not to get involved in Lybia is a wise decision.
18:35 March 20, 2011 by tallady
polecat,,probably true,but don't forget to include ..Why buy the cow when the milk is free....
19:00 March 20, 2011 by Bishnu
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
22:09 March 20, 2011 by Landmine
jbaker, those tablets hurt you more than you know....
22:49 March 20, 2011 by Wim van Couveren
This so-called ¦#39;international coalition¦#39; is led by loser Sarkozy - who is under domestic pressure in France and closely followed by the other losers Cameron of the UK and Harper of Canada.

They are the 'stupid-club' and they are embarking on a dangerous mis-adventure.

This ¦#39;stupid-club¦#39; ­ or the 'George W Bush school of international reconciliation through torture and bombing' ­ in fact means ¦#39;shoot first think after¦#39; and ¦#39;might is right¦#39;, and wants to score some cheap political points with ¦#39;the big boy on the block¦#39; ....the US.

Khadafy is a problem for Libyan people to deal with. He is a complete jerk that is certain - but has kept himself within his own borders. The idea of 'regime change' because the west does not like someone is a dangerous one - as we saw 100,000 dead civilians later in Iraq.

The vote at the UN was not about ¦#39;being right¦#39; ­ but more about ¦#39;doing right¦#39; and the abstention was a sign of Germany's political and diplomatic maturity and not of some sort of opportunist weakness.

We should be proud that this German government took the correct decision to withhold its vote on this. History will prove them right.
23:53 March 20, 2011 by ichbingespannt
Germans have more pressing issues to deal with like Turkish German integration than a dictator in North Africa. Shows a very selfish attitude. But then this is Germany.
00:10 March 21, 2011 by Landmine
Wim van Couveren, I am thinking you joined the stupid club, the coalition is not led by loser Sarkozy, they just made the first strike. Get you facts straight and lay off the stupid pills. Being proud of doing nothing is not something you should be proud of....
08:35 March 21, 2011 by auniquecorn
Allied Forces yesterday:" Gaddafi isn't a target." Allied Forces today:"Oops"
09:02 March 21, 2011 by Wim van Couveren
Thanks for your comments above 'Landmine'.

Your contribution has brought the debate to a higher level and your thoughts about the article above will prove to be a turning point in how people view the western aggression against the country of Libya.

You have obviously done a lot of investigation to come to the very wise conclusions which have published above.

Thanks a lot for your great insight - it really helped.
09:36 March 21, 2011 by Bishnu
I think Germany has made a wise decision by not involving in this war ! It is a good sign that Germany is getting its position higher in the world with such a wise decision.
13:04 March 21, 2011 by ngwanem
@landmine & co.:

"Being proud of doing nothing is not something you should be proud of.... "

... who appointed you to police others? imagine if there were protests in europe(e.g the 2008 youth riots in france) and the arab world decided to intervene militarily, in order to bring order would you have stood aside and said yeah they should do something?! i sometimes wonder why you fall for this sham. look around in the world, there are many dictators who are being courted by your western regimes.... why is libya the favorite target now when the dictatorial regimes of saudi arabia, yemen and bahrain are actually cooperating to suppress their democratic protests? why not send send some troops there to save the inncocent lives of the protesters?

if we are so justice-conscious, then please let us overthrow all the dictators in the world, to make it a happy place. if we can't envision that, then please let us shut up and mind our own business!

bahh! bahhh! some comments on this forum are unbelievable! people don't just use their brains anymore and prefer to be spoon-fed opinions! everything is seen as black or as white and posing questions has become a big challenge!

as a recommendation, everyone on this forum should pick a copy of george orwell's 1984 and read it through with transparent glasses(if in case he/she has not already done so).
15:05 March 21, 2011 by Beachrider
Libya is already a victim of its own success. Not political or human rights success, but economic success (oil can do that). A dictator like this can only hold power if he is sufficiently funded.

Europe funds him. The world 'sees' the connection.

The USA has a much less-extreme situation with Chavez in Venezuela.

I was stupefied that the UN, the Arab League and several others all found that external intervention is needs. The new Egyptian government also backs an intervention. I HATE IT when the simply assign it to 'others'. So long as the intervention quickly changes to a 20-nations-cooperating effort, then it could succeed. This cannot be made into another Iraq with a decade of military commitments.
15:14 March 21, 2011 by johnny108
How about this:

Germany can want something to change in Libya.

Germany can NOT want to be responsible for that change.

Germany can be quiet when America fixes the problem for the World..............
21:38 March 21, 2011 by Landmine
@ Wim van Couveren - U are quite welcome!


Who appointed twenty nations to join this coalition? Hmmm? Shall we say morals? You think it's OK some nut job who rules by fear and is slaughtering his own people using modern weapons against those who oppose him with sticks is OK? Is that what you are saying?

Why do we fall for this every time you ask? Because the wealthier nations have a responsibility to help -sometimes like they are now, with force after all other efforts are exhausted. Its not that we fall for it, it's that it is the right thing to do.

With your line of thinking, where do you imagine Hitler and his ideology would be today if no one did anything?

If you have not noticed recently, a lot of these dictators are getting overthrown. And by that I don't just mean in the last few months, this goes back all the way to the 1900's starting with WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afgahnistan, Egypt and guess who is next now?

Lastly, I read George Orwell's 1984 book, not once but close to 5 times over the years. You should note that the book is fiction, not non-fiction like what is happening today.
22:38 March 21, 2011 by ngwanem

morals? great! some of those on the coalition are having back burner issues at home... if by the way you haven't read this, maybe take a look at one of the cooperating 20 nations.


the right thing to do? c'mon you guys are not perfect... if other nations were invading you to "do the right thing", then you would have been in the same situation as iraq and afghanistan... and who evens defines what is right? and as i said and i would repeat: the other countries, who happen to be buddies with the west now, yet having serious human right issues, why have you not done the right thing by now?... oh i get it they are wealthy as you and thus relieve you from the responsibility

oooh now this is getting serious... now comparing Hitler and Gaddafi? if i may ask are you american? no offense but most americans if asked to vote the worst villain of all time, hitler would creep to the top of the list... well he was really bad but not every bad guy is hitler. some are worse and some better. in any case, you don't compare a pear with an orange. hitler (likewise stalin) committed genocide and other countries. Gaddafi attacked his own people but he did not invade your countries. yeah Gaddafi is evil and i would also like him to go too but that is different to letting external troops remove him by force or taking sides in a civil war. in most conflicts, the UN intervened to create buffer zones while initiating dialogues between warring factions. why is it different in this case now? don't quote the Gulf War in the 90's because it was Iraq attacking a sovereign nation Kuwait. the libyan case is an internal crisis and it should be treated like that.. and what was the west doing when they sold him lots of weapon, knowing about the instability of Gaddafi - let me guess: laying a bait for him?

yesss! some dictators are being overthrown, mostly by their own folk, without external help. for those with external help well you may quote saddam and milosevic as results of external intervention, but you can see the respective countries of these 2 cases have not still gained stability since then... just the consequences when foreigners stupidly believe they understand the local situation more than the natives themselves... i am still waiting to see if other dictators on the buddies list would be thrown out as well.... i guess not.. your governments would easily help those governments crush their opposition than loose their golden geese (at least sarkozy tried that in tunisia but goody goody is he now, as a moral force to strike down Gaddafi!).

.. yeah even works of fiction can be a comparative study on the society, george was not hallucinating and if it was so fictitious why would some words creep in daily language such as Orwellian and newspeak? war is peace - isn't it?
23:56 March 21, 2011 by Landmine

Dude, you are so far gone, it's not even with the few kilobytes it takes to reply to you. So go ahead and believe what you want. After all it is your right. Just know some people coughed up their lives for you to have that a$$ backwards view of yours. In the end, you will find few friends with a view like that.

Since you seem to like fiction, I'll just close this with a line for you to ponder from a fictional book/movie you may have seen...

"Stupid is as stupid does"...
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