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Shooting was 'revenge' for Afghanistan war

The Local · 4 Mar 2011, 12:50

Published: 04 Mar 2011 12:08 GMT+01:00
Updated: 04 Mar 2011 12:50 GMT+01:00

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The 21-year-old Kosovar Arid Uka carried out the attack on Wednesday "because he wanted to take revenge for the US intervention in Afghanistan," federal prosecutor Rainer Griesbaum told reporters.

The suspect has said that the day before the attack he watched a video on the internet purporting to show US atrocities in Afghanistan, Griesbaum said.

The shooter "saw a video on the internet portal YouTube the day before the act," Griesbaum said. "In this video, American soldiers apparently raided a Muslim house and raped the daughter of the family," he added.

"He could not get the pictures out of his head and wanted with his actions to prevent American soldiers going to Afghanistan and carrying out such acts," added the prosecutor.

Griesbaum also said there was no evidence to link Uka to any international extremist group like al-Qaida, German prosecutors said Friday.

"There is currently no evidence to suggest membership to an international terrorist organisation," he said.

Griesbaum said the gunman had 10 magazines with 14 bullets each plus two knives with him. He shot the first airman in the back of the head at point-blank range after asking him for a cigarette outside their bus and asking if he was being deployed to Afghanistan, the prosecutor said.

Uka then boarded the bus, cried "Allahu Akhbar" ("God is Great") and shot the driver in the head, killing him. He then shot two others before putting the gun to the head of another serviceman and pulling the trigger twice, Griesbaum said. But the gun jammed.

Uka then fled into the terminal building, but the serviceman whom he had just tried to kill followed him and apprehended him with help of German police.

The attack, if confirmed as such, was the first Islamic extremist attack on German soil. It also left two airmen seriously injured, one of them fighting for his life in a Frankfurt hospital. The other was in intensive care.

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Late Thursday, the US Air Force identified the dead servicemen as Senior Airman Nicholas Alden, 25, of Williamston, South Carolina, and Airman First Class Zachary Cuddeback, 21, of Stanardsville, Virginia.

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Your comments about this article

12:57 March 4, 2011 by mehta_p
1. @muslim Human:

Will Uka get those virgins due to this act?

if not, why?

2. Seems Uka and many muslims are not really aware that, Talibanis (those muslims) do not allow girls to get educated and many more such things which are ridiculous.

Why can not you (muslims-humans) support rest of the world to fight against talibanis? and instead you keep blaming countries like US.

It might sound very hateful. But can't help, as those people still blindly believe their religious-principles which are not perfect and pure that hurts rest people and society.
13:01 March 4, 2011 by munchingmuschiinmünchen
Well, US/Nato Airmen killed 9 children Tuesday in Kunar, Afghanistan.
13:18 March 4, 2011 by minga
People quickly forget on who saved the Kosovo Muslims from ethnic cleansing.
13:18 March 4, 2011 by derExDeutsche
"There is currently no evidence to suggest membership to an international terrorist organisation,"

Sure there is, and his Imam is the Media. I watch Democracy Now! and Al Jazeera, long with other 'progressive' broadcast, almost daily. those that I mentioned, are 'moderate' Arab voices;)

It is obvious that the 'Jihad' media loves to fuel the frustrations/anger of the Arab world. Evident in how each story is told from the Arab World Perspective of, 'we have done nothing wrong, we never do anything wrong, we are the Eternal victims of the West and Israel'

Exposed to a constant Euro stream of 9/11Truthers, Lefty media, the Arab state owned propaganda media, the Internet, German educators; who wouldn't be radicalized? let alone ask, if he could be Radicalized in Germany?

When I speak to young Germans about politics in Germany, MANY are extremely Radicalized. When I think back at all my years of the BS Propaganda I studied in the German Public School system, its easy to see; I was also Radicalized. Not radicalized to Islam, but certainly to harbor hate in my heart. Back then and now it is still mostly Americans they hated, but Turks were certainly not far behind.

Hate calls Germany home. For Hate, 'Radicalization' and an affinity to International Jihad ideologies seems a small step.

That's why more Jihad-is come from Germany than any other European country.
13:43 March 4, 2011 by idiot
> When I speak to young Germans about politics in Germany, MANY are extremely Radicalized.

Aus welchem Loch kommst du denn?
13:45 March 4, 2011 by Krim
To mehta_p

Do not have a short memory.

Just remember that many Muslims were collected from different countries using Saudi money and American expertise to fight the Russians.

Al Kaida is US made in Afghanistan. At that time they were trained to blow themselves against the Russians and used to be called freedom fighters.

Majority of Muslims are just watching how the US and their own made monsters are fighting.
14:20 March 4, 2011 by derExDeutsche

außerhalb von München.
14:39 March 4, 2011 by idiot
quote derExDeutsche:

> außerhalb von München.

Mein Beileid
15:31 March 4, 2011 by psykos
That guy deserves at least life sentence and Muslim parents shud really do something to keep their childeren away from radical people.

n for those who think that West is so innocent and put blame on Islam, shud atleast google which country is suffering most becaz of these radical Muslims? which army has greatest number of casualities in this war? The answer will b Pakistan. n Pakistanis didnt train them, It was US n west which supported an Army Dictator, trained militants, put their weapons in their hands n used them against USSR.
17:42 March 4, 2011 by Al uk
The enemy within. A huge problem for Europe.
18:15 March 4, 2011 by Jollyjack
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:13 March 4, 2011 by Expat IV
Guess its time to confess--you Brits and Europeans have finally figured it all out.

We Americans have been responsible for everything negative that has happened to mankind since the beginning of time. Adam and Eve were CIA. FBI operatives ordered the crucifixion of Christ. We arranged for the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The Pope who ordered the Crusades was a agent of the US government. Our secret biological tricks created the bubonic plague. Napoleon, HItler, Franco and Mussolini were funded by the US. Concentration Camps were our idea too after we bombed Pearl Harbor. Really thought we had managed to keep the secret that we bombed the World Trade Center. Damn, we thought we had you guys fooled.
19:28 March 4, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ Expat IV

Thanks for the laugh;).

Anybody looking for reasons as to why this shooting took place, needs look no further than the comment section of this blog.

Listen to them, they will tell you;

1. America is the greatest Satan the world has ever known, and any action taken against that Satan is easily justified.

2. Communism, Islam, Anarchy and the disintegration of western society is offered as the only 'hope'. Ja, wir konnen! Yes, we can!
19:28 March 4, 2011 by mizresa
I say fine. I am tired of my friends and family going far away to fight for people I don't know and never will who shoot at him or try to blow him up and hate him.

I think it is time the US pulls out all of our troops, supplies, monies, support and trade from EVERY nation and lets them fend for themselves.

19:34 March 4, 2011 by LiberalGuy

I completely agree. it's quite silly for the USA to maintain the number of foreign bases it does. If half those troops were returned home, ti would be a huge boost to the US economy (in the support staff that would be employed in the USA instead of overseas, plus the extra money in the local economies) in a time when it needs it. Plus a heck of alot cheaper against your budget deficet
20:05 March 4, 2011 by Blowback
Chalmers Johnson on why the U.S. is hated around the world. What a come down since the international support post 9-11 (which was an inside job)

Face it, the U.S. is an imperialist country.(I'm a patriot and former Army Officer)

(Speaking about Chalmer Johnson's books)

But at the same time he experienced a political awakening after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, noting that instead of demobilizing its armed forces, the US accelerated its reliance on military solutions to problems both economic and political.

The result of this militarism (as distinct from actual domestic defense) is more terrorism against the US and its allies, the loss of core democratic values at home, and an eventual disaster for the American economy.

Of four books he wrote on this topic, the first three are referred to as The Blowback Trilogy:

* Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

Chalmers Johnson summarized the intent of Blowback in the final chapter of Nemesis.

"In Blowback, I set out to explain why we are hated around the world. The concept "blowback" does not just mean retaliation for things our government has done to and in foreign countries. It refers to retaliation for the numerous illegal operations we have carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the American public. This means that when the retaliation comes -- as it did so spectacularly on September 11, 2001 -- the American public is unable to put the events in context. So they tend to support acts intended to lash out against the perpetrators, thereby most commonly preparing the ground for yet another cycle of blowback. In the first book in this trilogy, I tried to provide some of the historical background for understanding the dilemmas we as a nation confront today, although I focused more on Asia -- the area of my academic training -- than on the Middle East." .."
20:24 March 4, 2011 by zeddriver
As an American. I have grown tired of my government always going by the motto "the enemy of my enemy is now my friend" it never works out. And just gets a lot of people pissed off.

I'm also equally tired of the mantra "Islam is totally innocent and peaceful"

Most westerners believe that the attacks against western citizens will not stop even if we do get out of the Mideast. And I believe that. At first it was about their countries. But I think it has grown into a religious/political crusade.

If the Muslims were only concerned about their own autonomy. They would be trying really hard to talk to western citizens and educate them about the Mideast. But instead they kill a few westerners every once in a while because of their anger. This will only serve to spread and deepen hatred of Muslims in the west.

So what is the end game here? An endless I hate you, So you hate me game.

To the haters of the west. What are your ideas to solve this issue?
20:24 March 4, 2011 by wxman
Perhaps this numbnuts will recall that Afghanistan is revenge for the 3,000 dead on 9/11. That's why the US is there. If you don't want US troops roaming around your country, don't harbor terrorists. Simple, really. Also, this lowlife is proof the US should have supported the Serbs. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.
21:31 March 4, 2011 by Expat IV
Beat me, kick me,hurt me, call me Edna, but give my baby a name!

I've already confessed. Ben Laden, Chavez, Mugabe, Putin are all Americans! We did it all because,unlike Europe, we have no deposits of oil or gas in the US! We have no choice but to rely on MIddle Eastern oil even if we have to kill Saddam Hussein and kiss sheiks' asses to get it. Give us a break--we're just trying to hold on to our Great Satan title. Yes! I confess! The American answer to everything is "Shoot 'em all--let God sort it out".
23:29 March 4, 2011 by fryintl
You know, if you look at the FRY (Former Republic of Yugoslavia) you see that soemthings can only be accomplished in biblical terms. The Croats, the Bosnian Muslims and the Serbs have had hundreds of years of killing, and it just brings forth hatred and wishes of revenge when one side or the other gets the power to meat out justice- at the point of a gun now, it was a sword or cannon before.

In the Bible, God demanded that the Isrealites kill every man woman, child, goat, dog everything and often not to take one thing from the village. This way there is no one left to grieve and wish for vengence. Is this cruel, extreme, and wrong?

Today, one would use Morals to tell you yes, A child cannot be blamed for their fathers sins. I say then you must remove the child from teh festering cesspool of hatred and education and send them to a new place where you can educate them in ways of peace and love. Remove the teaching of Jihad, remember the alamo, Tora tora tora, and give them a chance to learn without the pressures of the past, amongst those few survivors that went through it aned need the next generation to do revenge.

Think about the tootsies and Hutus. How long befor ehte few that survived, or the many, will come back with a strong group of young men and get even with those that used machetes against their families, raped their women, and killed so cruely their children.

I weep for the endless violence, but will not tolerate it against my family or friends or country. So now what? Where does that leave us?
02:19 March 5, 2011 by padu
How interesting almost all our mainstream media just reported much much more of these 2 killed American soldiers than 9 kids killed in Afghan almost at the same time.

What a fckin world!
02:42 March 5, 2011 by Christine1
Then let the craziness stop..., but then again, conflict can not even stop on this log, can it?
03:29 March 5, 2011 by toshisan
crazy god fearing people are a recipe for disaster.
08:36 March 5, 2011 by Ahmad Yahya Hasan Salman
Dear, my friends. this is very important now to define what is terrorism and who is terrorist. By the news of the Local.de its now clear that German publish transparent news. Its a good sign. The maximum places the Muslims young give up their life for killing western people. As I am now living in Europe I am also their target. We need to stop this. First I suggest to find out why those young guys messed up their life!! We have lot of funs, we enjoy life, like others, so why dont they not??

Secondly, the European people should change their mind. I often heard from other people who liked see me as am from Muslims , so terrorist. I dont know what about germany, but people must have change their looking style with muslim guys. Why a muslim guy should hate a european?? I love european people, and my european friends love me. Why other people hate eoropean?? You cannot blame always muslim guys.

I suggest you, to make a good society, try to love everyone, you will see, you will not see any muslim terrorist in future.

** Bu Quran, killing any innocent people is completely forbidden. And a muslim, who is not a part of government armed forces have no right to kill anyone. Islam only allow kill soldier is war time, and only them who attack you. Otherwise every types of killing is forbidden in Islam. **
09:36 March 5, 2011 by Expat IV
I have taken my meds this morning so I will be able to speak from a point of relative sanity.

Thank you, Ahmad, for being the voice in the wilderness. Having lived as a Christian in a Muslim country for 8 years, I agree completely with you. I wish the several hundred million Muslims who are appalled that a tiny minority of extremists have destroyed name of Islam worldwide would speak in one voice to say, "This is not Islam!"
10:56 March 5, 2011 by zeddriver
Ahmad, Expat IV. While you both are correct. The basic point I was making. Is that the silent majority of peace loving Muslims is just that. Silent!

When we had the radical preacher that wanted to burn the Koran in public. The American people and media, Stood up in unision and said NO this is not right. When an American soldier commits a crime we put them before a judge. And the American people support sending rogue soldiers to jail.

That is why I asked the "haters" the question of what to do. But I think we all know the answer. I just want to hear it from them.

Just like a rogue soldier in a war that commits a crime. The lone Muslim radical can do far more harm to their cause than good.
11:07 March 5, 2011 by Stephen Goodson
If the Americans had left with the Russians in 1990 and Germany had no allowed the immigration of unassimilable aliens, this trgedy would not have happened.
11:51 March 5, 2011 by Expat IV
Zed has hit the point. Those of us who do not speak out against extremism and attempt to educate others about the true tenets of our individual religions--Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism--what ever our creed--give support to negative, radical perceptions of our beliefs. Muslims have been silent for far too long.

Yep, Stephen, the Americans are once again solely responsible for all the world's

12:30 March 5, 2011 by Johnny Cash
As one of the few decent American politicians Ron Paul said in the Republican presidential debates of Americas last elections, " they are over here because we are over there" Lots of evidence for that. And what a target that bus was. It wouldn't take a terrorist long to figure out which bus would have the americans in it in a line up of Frankfurt airport buses. But notice the guy wasn't looking to attack German citizens. He was at least attacking the perpetrators in the Afghan war .But as George Carlin said, "Its all just great entertainment".
12:39 March 5, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Oh Look its Johnny Cash,

another Ron Paul Libertarian!

I guess that means that you will have NO PROBLEM with Free Market Enterprise drilling and supplying the USA and the world with natural gas and oil from Alaska or the Gulf of Mexico, right?

No, no. Ok, well, Lets face it, you're just another Obama Idiot.

But thanks for clarifying The Murderes objective and thoughts, very enlightening! You really must have a like mind.
12:54 March 5, 2011 by Johnny Cash
I just read numbnuts wxman blog.Obviously this individual must have fallen out of their cot at a young age and hit his head very hard on the floor and has been more susceptible to his governments propaganda. Type, "drugs and CIA and albanians in kosovo" into a search engine and learn who was invoved and why.Because of this medium you have no longer any excuse for your ignorance except laziness.
13:01 March 5, 2011 by derExDeutsche
and we also know that it Johnny Cash took more than 20 minutes to compose those 4 sentences.
17:51 March 5, 2011 by wxman
Looks like you're the numbnuts, Johnny Cash (funny you should pick a screen name of a useless druggie). I'm retired US military who served in Kosovo in the 90s in the area around Pristina. We had no problems with the Serbs, the Muzzies were the problem. Have you ever heard of a Serb deliberately targeting a US soldier like this assclown did? They ALL hate infidels, period. Even you.
20:19 March 6, 2011 by stablemate
the first terrorism on german soil.....join the club
08:04 March 7, 2011 by LiberalGuy
I already thought we were in the club. Or did the 72 Munich Olympics not happen....
11:20 March 7, 2011 by Frenemy
Or the Berlin nightclub bombing in 1986 that resulted in air strikes against Libya?!
01:14 March 8, 2011 by Johnny Cash
Just got back to look at the blog. Boy what a redneck numbnuts is.By the way your last commander in chief was a druggy. I guess you don't drink alcohol and smoke tobacco either.Next you will be quoting the bible to us. Your wonderful humanitarian Serb civilians were bombed by the US so I think a few of them would be a little upset with your team and your team were also dealing with the Albanian mafia against the Serbs.Maybe you should stop watching the back catalogue of rambo movies Mr I was in the military. derExDeutsch doesn't seem to know what liberty means. Here is a definition from dictionary.com "freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control." Yes I am for that. What are you for facism? I did take 20 odd minutes to get back on the last blog as I was having a wonderful German naturtrube keller beer while looking at the search engine results" for drugs and CIA and albanians in kosovo" which are quite enlightening if you care to look at the results yourself. Then you might not be so keen on the current and past administrations in the US. Ron Paul is a fresh wind in the American political scene with his insistence on returning to the constitution, sound money and getting the US military out of other peoples countries. That doesn't sound so radical to me. Sounds more like common sense.I don't know where you get the idea Ron Paul is for drilling in Alaska etc. I just typed Ron paul and energy into the youtube web search engine and got a lot more information from the senator on that subject but nothing about Alaska etc. There is another vid called Ron Paul Energy Exploration is None of the Government's Business. In which he maintains that this should be left to the free market while putting legislation in place against polluters. The Government running everything is pretty much communism or socialism, is that what you stand for?
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