Cross-eyed opossum wins legions of fans

Cross-eyed opossum wins legions of fans
Photo: DPA
A cross-eyed opossum at Leipzig Zoo named Heidi has won worldwide adoration, with nearly 50,000 fans on her Facebook page.

Heidi racked up 5,000 new fans on Thursday alone. The Facebook page, called “Heidi, the cross-eyed Opossum,” features a photo of the squint-gazed marsupial and countless gushing comments revolving around her adorableness.

Heidi was born in North Carolina in May 2008 and was recently moved to Leipzig after a brief stay in Denmark. She suffers either from a simple abnormality of misaligned eyeballs or fatty deposits behind her eyes.

The attention she has received in recent days is reminiscent of that showered upon Knut the polar bear when, as a cute cub, he wowed crowds at Berlin Zoo.


Click here for a Heidi photo gallery.

“You could visit me from July 1, 2011, at the zoo in Leipzig!” Heidi’s Facebook page states. “Until then I’m going to stay a while in my opossum hibernation.”

In fact, opossums don’t hibernate, but her new display at the zoo won’t be open to the public until then.

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