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Youth fire brigade volunteers spark Nazi salute scandal

The Local · 30 Dec 2010, 12:21

Published: 30 Dec 2010 12:21 GMT+01:00

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The youths in the city of Gladbeck have twice been snapped giving the salute, consisting of an outstretched right arm, in front of cameras, daily Bild reported.

One incident happened during a fire brigade camp in the Recklinghausen district and the other during a group holiday in Austria.

Fire Department chief Josef Dehling told Bild: “It is an absolute shock. These explicit photos shook me. The pictures are a catastrophe for us. Such ideas don’t belong here – not now, now ever.”

The pictures were taken in 2008 but have just now come to light. One was a picture of at least seven youths lined up on a balcony giving the salute during a week-long holiday in the Austrian town of Wagrain, near Salzburg.

“An older youth pushed the others into giving the pose,” Dehling said.

The 19-year-old has since left the fire service.

A second picture, from the camp in Coesfelder, Recklinghausen, shows several older youths, two of whom were camp leaders, giving the salute.

“It will certainly have severe consequences,” Dehling said. “Nothing is being swept under the carpet here. We immediately went on the offensive, asked the youths and their parents come in here and had a talk with them.”

Dehling insisted there was not an ingrained Nazi problem in the region’s fire service.

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“But it would not be enough just to shrug it all off as a bad joke. We won’t put up with right-wing extremist ideas and we will now explain this to the youths in conversations and lectures.”

Police and state authorities were also involved in educating the youths, he said.

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Your comments about this article

12:45 December 30, 2010 by freechoice
by the way is Allo Allo banned in Germany?
13:16 December 30, 2010 by storymann
It was sehr geil... not sieg heil.
14:03 December 30, 2010 by ECSNatale
Maybe they were inspired by the picture of Prince Harry in his Brown Shirt uniform. While I would never defend true right wing, nazi behavior, I wonder if this was an "instance" or a pattern of behaviour. There is a difference you know.
14:05 December 30, 2010 by tallady
ECSNatale,,could be,,but better to defer this to Logic Guy
14:56 December 30, 2010 by Fruitkok
My German friends on Erasmus-exchange do it all the time for fun. They say it's how they deal with the past. For me it's ok, as long as they know what their grandparents did.

Btw, wo ist mein Fahrrad?
16:03 December 30, 2010 by DOZ
It is the worlds compusive attempt to wipe out the Nazi Era that will in fact bring it back. The left is loosing around the world, like in 30's and whenever the right's popularity rises, so will the Nazi mentality. Germany, Canada and the USA will bring the Nazi's back to power with their Right Movement. The world must watch Steven Harper and his Neo-Conservatives and the USA Teaparty Movement closely as they have set in motion the first steps to bringing the Nazi Ideology back. Remember that Hitler was welcomed in the USA at first. Unfortunatly man-kind has never learned to keep it's ideologies from going extreme. History always repeats itself.
19:21 December 30, 2010 by tomjack
Maybe its a stand against the burka
22:12 December 30, 2010 by wxman
DOZ, please outline examples of Nazi behavior exibited by the groups you mentioned. It would give your statement the credibility it sorely lacks.
23:04 December 30, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, I will comment on this article while I'm here on this site.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having positive feelings about who you are, your group, culture and nation.

Actually, if every person in this world were to truly admire and respect these things, then all of humanity's problems would literally vanish. However, to return to an "image" that is so connected to a very, negative past is not the way to go.

Usually there is a better way.
23:12 December 30, 2010 by celticbrooder
...guess my father didn't kill enough of your fathers... (you want shock effect? I can supply shock effect ;-)
03:13 December 31, 2010 by fryintl
DOZ: it is great to have ignorance speak up. For instance, the Tea Party has no NAZI or extremist base. Unless wanting the American Government to do what the constitution says it can, and refrain from usurping powers that are not authorized , then, they are extremist (in a good way). Your talk/speak of right wing is littered with what I believe is the typical left wing script fed to you by liberal/socialist teaching going on in Germany these days.

You probably think that it is great to have so much welfare, free money from your government, tons of social programs that are drowning one of the richest and coolest countries in Europe (Spain and UK are in that grouping by the way, ok, so Add in Italy, Portugal, Holland...ok, so every country has really cool things...LMFAO)

Stop drinking the socialist Kool-aid and start looking around. Get your own ideas and always verify what your teachers teach you.

As for a bunch of kids raising their hands in the NAZI salute, stuff happens. It doesn't make them bad, or even misguided. It may be just a stupid kid's joke that they really don't understand. How much about WW-II did the history books in Germany have over the last 4 decades? Seems to me that the entire 30's and 40's were wiped out of the social memory and as such, no one can really grasp what happened, why, and how it came to an end. If they taught everything about the war, the good (autobahn's, germany recovering from the Versaille treaty) and the Bad- Political and racial cleansing, everyone there would know about why they shouldn't joke about soemthing, or at least why it is in bad taste in most people's eyes.

I read above that one should have pride in who they are, where they are from. It seems from a world perspective, that Germany is one of the only countries in the world not permitted to feel a national pride. For fear, I guess, that if the pride grew, there is fear that the imperialistic conquering they once did will start again. There are much better ways to show pride that have nothing to do with NAZI's.

The German ingenuity, the advanced institutes of teaching, the ability of every German to have a solid education (don't come to California unless you wish to see the most ignorant youth you have seen in your life), the ALPS, the skiing, great cars, some of the best food the world has seen (who can make a gravy better? ) The best Tanks and planes the World up until 1946 had ever seen, soem of the best guns (MP 41/42-Uzi based onthem). (Sorry I love guns and military arms).

German Youth, wrap yourself in the Flag, live honorably, produce greatness in the name of your country and forget about the NAZIs. The world may not let you forget, but do not take that too much to heart if you have nothing to do with them. Every civilization has had its time of killing-or every great civilization has.

who the F__k is Alice.....Hey if you have Guildo Horn, what more can you ask for, Are you a liar or a ticket buyer?
11:06 December 31, 2010 by Englishted
03:13 December 31, 2010 by fryintl

(Sorry I love guns and military arms).

Just says it all better than the rest of your rubbish.
13:35 December 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The poster known as "fryintl" has posted on another thread that Joseph McCarthy was an American hero. That automatically disqualifies him as a person whose opinion about anything matters. He states here that the US "Tea Party has no NAZI or extremist base." That is easily refuted by simple Google searches for those who weren't paying attention to American news since the spring of 2010. He goes on to rhapsodize about the "good" aspects of World War II from the German (read: Nazi) perspective. However, in the holiday spirit of generosity, I would suggest that others simply ignore Mr. fryintl rather than call him out as the subliterate American revisionist crypto-nazi that he is.
14:27 December 31, 2010 by tallady
Ok,, I agree with that....prufrock2010... but as to Logic Guy,,what things are we to truly admire and respect to make all our problems go away? Our individuality ?
14:45 December 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Well, with respect to Logic Guy, if every person in the world would just have a lobotomy that would eliminate all emotion, and replace the frontal lobe with a microprocessor computer chip by Intel ("Intel Inside"), then all our problems would just go away because everyone would be a conservative automaton.

Failing that, I think that anyone who believes that anything can make all of our problems go away is...shall we say...delusional beyond the ken of medical science.

I will attempt to do my part. As I previously stated, my New Year's resolution is to modify my dubious contributions to this forum by writing only misspelled monosyllables in order to comport with the community standards on these threads. The new Prufrock will debut tomorrow. Oh, and I think he'll re-emerge as a right-wing nutjob in order to gain wider acceptance. We all feel a need to fit in, even in a cyber loony bin like this. Happy New Year!
15:10 December 31, 2010 by tallady
Prufrock,,I will believe that when i read it....Happy new year to you..are you remaining in country?
15:35 December 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
No, we're enjoying some time in Paris.
15:42 December 31, 2010 by tallady
Nice,,have a festive time ,I will be looking for you in the New Year>>
18:21 December 31, 2010 by beetlewood
But DOZ, "Nazi" means National Socialist. Hitler was a socialist, not a monarchist. His party's full name was the "National Socialist German Worker's Party."
20:29 December 31, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, I've been visiting this site and commenting on articles for several months now. And unlike Prufrock 2010, I have always been polite and respecful. Why can't he do the same?

Perhaps he should make being more civil apart of his "New Image?"

Actually, Buddhists have been following Non-emotionalism for thousands of years. And do you EVER hear of them causing problems for the world?

High self-esteem, discipline and Real Intelligence are all tenets of Non-emotionalism. These priceless characteristics would provide an individual with the power that's necesary to "Do as you should."
21:45 December 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ Logic Guy

First, I try to be polite and respectful. I just don't suffer fools gladly.

Second, your misunderstanding of Buddhism is as vast as your "logic" is nonexistent. Buddhists believe in detachment -- from concepts, dogma, ego, material acquisitions, etc. My wife has been a practicing Buddhist for 20 years. She's an emotional being. There is a profound difference between detachment and non-emotionalism. As a self-proclaimed christian and comparative religion scholar, you should know that.

There are only 2 1/2 hours to go until 2011. I think I'll reincarnate as a bible-thumping, right wing, war-mongering, illiterate moron just to level the playing field.
22:21 December 31, 2010 by LancashireLad
As far as I reckon, those kids were just out for fun by "controversy" - just as many youths do. They grow out of it. Yet again the press is trying to be sensationalist about this. One poster wrote that German youth should also be proud of who and what they are. I agree but will add one caveat ... they should be proud of what Germany is *now*. The very vast majority of German youth today has nothing whatsoever to do with the Nazis or their ideology and we cannot keep bashing the Germans on the head about it.

To all here, those I've agreed with, those I've clashed with, basically to all of you, I wish you a happy and healthy 2011 and in just under 2 hours I'm off outside to share a bottle of bubbly with the neighbours (I'm not on Hartz IV so I'm allowed it ;-) )

All the best, folks.
02:12 January 1, 2011 by xx.weirich.xx
I do the salute sometimes with my friends :o as a joke, but still...

I guess it's all good here in America
11:08 January 1, 2011 by storymann
LancashireLad,,I think the younger Germans do not feel that connected to the nazis past,and I find them generally proud of their country and more willing to wave and display the flag,then the over 30 group..I think the strong response to these youths by the "older" authorities makes these actions more appealing.
14:27 January 1, 2011 by Prufrock2010
who cares what are the politiks of thees voluntier firemen anyways. If youre house on fire you dont ask the fireman if hes a nazi. you just want him to put out the fire. besides their not even getting paid for risking there lives to save your house. its the liberal media that have made this into a big deal. political correctness have definately gone to far IMHO.
20:22 January 1, 2011 by xx.weirich.xx
20:31 January 1, 2011 by wenddiver
Probably a good things that NAZIs put out fires, od knows they started more than a few. I would send them up to the Spreewald to help recover German war dead. An afternoon of recovering human remains should do the trick.

@Profrock-Name one Tea Party associate who has ever been a member of the NAZI party???? I would think the limited government accountable to the law mantra of the Tea Party would find very limited appeal to a group of people who believe in a all powerfull government led by a single strong man who is restrained by no laws. If thy are NAZIs, so was Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and the most right wing of all George Washington.
00:55 January 2, 2011 by Prufrock2010
@ wenddiver

Dont challege me. I have seen the lite. Im one of you now.

But your mite try your friend google if you really want a answer. Start with Arizona (thats a US state) and then go to Hatewatch from the SPLC, and you can answer your own question. I have to agree that Jefferson, Paine, Franklin and Washngton were all nazis. Good point.
16:50 January 2, 2011 by PhotosByStephan
@ DOZ -- Tea Partiers? Really?

I can hear Martin Niemöller now:

They came first for the wasteful government spenders,

and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a wasteful government spender.

Personally, I think they were doing a community theatre presentation of Springtime for Hitler.
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