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Germany has worst gender equality in top jobs

The Local · 27 Nov 2010, 12:40

Published: 27 Nov 2010 12:40 GMT+01:00

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According to a study carried out by consultancy firm McKinsey, Germany and India have the lowest percentage of women in top business posts, putting the two countries joint last in a table of the world's 11 most industrialized countries.

Only two percent of CEOs in Germany are women, the study found, with Barbara Kux of Siemens and Regine Stachelhaus of the energy company E.ON being among the few.

Sweden comes at the top of McKinsey's list, with a female contingent of 17 percent, followed by Britain and the US, who both have 14 percent.

But Germany fares better when it comes to boards of directors, with 13 percent of German board members being women, though this is still a long way behind Norway with 32 percent and Sweden with 27 percent.

India is at the bottom of this table too, with 5 percent.

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Your comments about this article

13:13 November 27, 2010 by DinhoPilot
India must be proud of themselves they are at the same level as Germany.

Maybe the secret of good management is "not" having too many women in top positions?
18:07 November 27, 2010 by Johnne

No, I think what it just tells us is level of gender discrimination in those societies.
20:00 November 27, 2010 by jlmcnamara
So in other words they tied for 10th.
21:45 November 27, 2010 by Tuti
This Survey is only 50% correct-

Germans pay 23% less money to a female which is not the case in India. Secondly German industry hire only EU/Swiss/US managers. Not to forget that there are more than 8 million foreigners some of them better educated then the Germans. We will see German lady as Taj hotel manager or Indian lady as Pepsi ceo. Secondly German industry expect all to understand German language and German work culture. In India there are more than 25000 Indians learn German and work from India. Where as there are thousands of Germans working in India who nerver adopt Indian work culture or understand Indian local language. German industry should understand that if German car company like BMW get 80% sales from abroad then German industry brain should understand that no culture can survive if it attempt´s to be exclusive. Siemens ceo Petr Löscher is only manager who understand "globalisation of mind" which will miss in export nation Germany.
00:36 November 28, 2010 by Madiba_aficionado
Good start to address such descrimination issues for the start, at least for women. But the other important issue is the nummber of foreigners in professional position. How does Germany compare to UK, Canada or Sweden in the number of doctors, engineers, economists etc.. I have never seen a doctor from an ethnic minority during my five yeras of stay in Germany.
05:25 November 28, 2010 by ojokojo
@ Madiba_aficionado

you are really funny, you said you have never seen a doctor from an ethnic minority during your five years of stay in Germany. Well, what else racial discrimination at its peak, but you know what, I wonder how Germany would cope in the next 5 to 10yrs. Through out my stay in Germany the practicing doctors i met in the hospitals were between the age 60 to 65, am just wondering what would happen when all these people retire.

Germans dont even study medicine anymore, foreigners come and study medicine in German language for 6 solid years in Germany without paying any tuition. At the end of the day, Germans see them as not qualified even when they graduate as top in their classes , these guys finally end up in Canada, USA and Austrialia where they are respected as German trained doctors.

I am a living example so i speak with facts, I really pity them racial discrimination has completely made them to be blind to serious issues.
07:49 November 28, 2010 by paulspookys
Racial discrimination is in its most horrific form existent in Germany. You will not find doctors, or scientists or higher grade professionals who are non-whites in Germany. People from other races are welcome in Germany for building up their educational background or professional training, but not for settling down here to work. I fully agree with "ojokojo's" view. My personal experience is very similar to the case sighted in the comment of ojo...I am also planning to move out..after 10 long years..
11:06 November 28, 2010 by mixxim
But German women rule their men, surely if they want equality in the workplace they must give correlating equality in the home?
13:09 November 28, 2010 by catjones
If German women or any country's women wanted equality they would demand it, but they don't. Let's face it, German women for the most part buy into and solidify the stereotypes. Don't feel sorry for them. The majority prefer the status quo.
15:56 November 28, 2010 by adipk
Literally i feel pity on Man in Germany. Courts has given rights to women beyond the limits.
18:16 November 28, 2010 by DinhoPilot
Funny is that just a couple of days ago there was an article in here about a female german minister slamming the Islamic "macho" culture. This just show how we as human are all hypocrit. LOL!


Actually I've seen a minority doctor. Just go to a Turkish neighborhood clinic and you will find.

@ojokojo & @paulspookys

You views about this are correct. People in here put such an effort in working their asses off they don't reliaze what they are working for. Women discrimination means more women will rather follow a career than to have kids. Immigrants discrimination means more and more people will be depending on welfare.

Its ironic, and if you think well about it german people work to for those they don't want to give jobs; immigrants, women, disable, etc... This is the reason their taxes will keep going up and up although the economy is fine.
18:36 November 28, 2010 by cheeba
When you use words like "best" or "worst" you are obviously coming to the table with an already formed opinion about the subject matter.

I would be interested to hear what people think the effect this has on business competiveness, the German economy is out performing everyone else in the world.

Men are generally more competitive, women more nurturing.

Is this one of the reasons for the exellent state of German industry? that CEO's in Germany have sharper elbows and care less for fair play because they are all men? And is that why Germany does so well in the international competition to produce and export?
20:00 November 28, 2010 by Gretl
cheeb - per your "Is this one of the reasons for the exellent state of German industry? that CEO's in Germany have sharper elbows and care less for fair play because they are all men?"

Certainly in Bayern, there's a good old boy network, complete with the corruption that goes along with it. As a US business woman, I have seen the sexism up front. Of course, it is no worse than the southern US. Employing contractors at my house, they won't even talk to me, but wait to talk to the 'man of the house'.
21:16 November 28, 2010 by HIGNFY
Most German companies have failed to notice certain market trends and therefore missed out on some super contracts which have gone to other countries. I'll say it how it is.... I am a buyer, and I would rather buy from a pretty woman (nationality irrespective) than an self important, stuffed up arrogant man.
22:18 November 28, 2010 by cheeba
yes, Hignify, I understand that, however it seems the stuffy German business men know an easy way to procure very pretty young women for their customers, yet another thing a female boss would be very uncomfortable doing.
12:47 November 29, 2010 by Perspective
I am a mid 40s- german female and cannot accept most of the above comments.

@Tuti: Companies like BMW with worldwide subsidiaries surely adapt to their countries habits. Inside Germany you would expect workers to act according to the German word habits.

@ madiba: There are many young and skilled doctors in all branches. Take a look around.

@ojokojo: @paulspookys: Racial discrimination at its peak? You obviously are not familiar with reality here. Germany is a very tolerant country and proud of it. Where do you live? I have been treated many times in my life by medics other than 100% german.

@mixxim: @catjones @adipk: German women rule their men? Where does this wisdom come from? Where do you live? German men are some of the best in the world and excellent to live with in fair relationships.

@cheeba: Women are more nurturing? Success is female. Take a look on how women manage every day life with various challanges resulting from work life and motherhood. In general pressure has increased immense here on both men and women, and due to our mentality and skills we manage to deal with it in an excellent manner. Would like to see how you guys would cope with it in the same situation.

I cannot accept the bashing of my countries situation and suggest that only qualified persons comment on this - those who have living experience here.
13:03 November 29, 2010 by mehta_p
lol at 'The Local' for publishing such article where INDIA has considered for discrimination

how come you can publish such news? and

how come one do such kindda survey?

you want just to show India at bottom level in a wrong way?

or want to compare Indian-women with German??

Why can not you check the ratio in field of Computer, Electronics and medicines?

MANY Indian girls and women are doing MUCH better than MANY German mädels and frauen at higher level in companies.

esp. - Software, many are even better than Germen-Men.

Many German girls are doing Ausbildung which doesn't make them tommorrows Managers. Many Indian-Girls are in field of Engineering and Management study that shows bright future for us, Indians.

Here 13-14 yr girl DO start smoking and soon drinking as well which is far away from Indian culture. Thank God.

Many Indian girls and women do speak MUCH better English than many MEN German-Managers and employees.

And when I talk abt visa-offices here, those bunch off stupid nuts hardly understand and speak english and do sit their for foreigners. Every foreigner doesn't come here for German-Nationality so don't feel need for speaking and learning german when one has to stay here for work only.

Beside education for girls in India they are also good in extra curriculum activities like singing, dancing, painting etc. (Study + extra curriculum activities)

Many boys and girls here can't pass even realschule exams and have to left the school.

In addition to this many passports have been issued for immigrants who can hardly speak good German language. How come their next generation do a good education and will be managers here in Germany????

Get well soon the-local....... and do care about your future.
19:11 November 29, 2010 by voidplay

I find your post tasteless, after WWII Germany was flattened yet they came back to life and became economically dominant. There are many factors like presence of corporations, being part of the western world but among these were the high standards of education and the ability to accept criticism.

Education is "Education" in Germany not "window dressing material" and degree factories like in India and worst of all our politicians can not take criticism. I hope you are not the education minister, having wet dreams over having thwarted criticism.

I did all my education up till bachelors in India and I think the whole system is a joke and nobody cares that it is. Elitism and Gender discrimination does exist. But I would not be bothered so much about Gender discrimination when the first target needs to be elitism.
03:26 November 30, 2010 by DOZ
High Tech Manufacturing is still a man's game in all countries. And no, BMW's are bought because they are a Superiorly Engineered Product and not because of which Sex promotes them. In fact High-End North American Automakers have failed to accept this and are loosing Market share in High-End Product because they are focused on sexist myths.
09:17 November 30, 2010 by Johnne

while I agree with most of your comments, I would like to add that yes, discrimination on immigrants is really high in Germany. The good thing is if you are strong, you can live your dreams in this country. I´m of an ethnic monirity and I can to say it loud anywhere that Germany is a land of oportunities for everyone, you just have to be bold and mentally strong enough to grab it as an immigrant. I speak as a black enterpreneur from the very conservative Bavaria :-)
09:41 November 30, 2010 by Perspective
@ Johnne

Thank you Johnne. The immigration question is indeed a major problem and must be discussed carefully.

Germany does not welcome immigrants with open arms, that is right. But we neither discriminate anyone from the start. Is it too much to expect acceptance of our culture and traditions? Many mostly unqualified and uneducated immigrants refuse to learn our language and are happy about welfare support. This life standard often is much higher than in their native countries, so why bother about integration? It sucks as a german working person to see how these people stay at home all day, get their lifes paid and ask our acceptance for implementing their culture, religion and other believes while we work our ass off and get no benefits at all. Is that so wrong?

On the other hand there are very many examples of immigrants who move completely well in both culutures, the german and their native one. It is possible, and will always be accepted but also be expected.
12:18 November 30, 2010 by mehta_p

every coin has two sides.

so when the-local is discriminating India on the basis of proportions of female at management positions is a joke for me and more funny is your comment.

Have you got your bachelor's degree from any third grade university?

Have you not seen or experienced that many girls in India do prefer engineering and medical studies?

don't you know about 33% quota for girls/female in govt sector?

when you said you were in India till your bachelors, I wonder if you never heard about universities and colleges like IIM, IIT, BITS Pilani, MIT Pune, COEP Pune, IIS and more to name.

These universities are full of students from both the genders and not just boys.

I was also till bachelor in India. I did Engineering. We had semester pattern. In both the semesters we had extra curriculum activities like sport-event and gatherings where boys and girls were taking part together.

Respect for those Germans who helped and helping Germany to do better and better despite much losses in WWII.

More respect to those Indian-girls and Women who are capable to do higher studies + job + cooking + extra activities. And I find such kindda INDIAN girls and women are much more in PROPORTION than German girls and women.

Jai Ho...
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