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Reports warn of attack on Reichstag

The Local · 20 Nov 2010, 10:24

Published: 20 Nov 2010 10:24 GMT+01:00

Der Spiegel reported on Saturday morning that German security authorities had received information from an extremist who has been phoning the federal criminal police (BKA) over the last few days.

He supposedly wants to defect, and is therefore offering information about his jihadist colleagues’ plans. It was his information which prompted Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière to publicly warn of a possible impending attack.

The caller, who is not in Germany, although Der Spiegel did not say where he is, said a terrorist commando of six people has already been formed, and that two of the men concerned went to Berlin at least six weeks ago.

Four more terrorists including a German, a Turk, and a North African, are allegedly waiting to come to Germany for the attack, which is planned for February or March.

The Interior Ministry received a second warning two weeks ago from the FBI, talking of a pact between the Indian Shiite group Saif and al-Qaida, which involved Saif sending two men to Germany to carry out an attack.

They are said to be expected to enter the United Arab Emirates on November 22, be furnished with new identity papers there and then come to Germany, travelling on visas for the Schengen area which they allegedly already have.

One of the men behind this plan to attack Germany is said to be Dawood Ibrahim, a man considered by the UN to be a supporter of terrorism, and one of those behind the 2008 attacks in Mumbai.

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Der Spiegel said that this information was being taken very seriously by the FBI and the BKA, but that the CIA and German intelligence, the BND, as well as the German Office to Protect the Constitution, were more sceptical about it.

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10:52 November 20, 2010 by FreiburgandCambridge
A few years ago I was waiting in the long queue outside the Reichstag to visit the building when a man appeared with a video camera filming us all lining up. I wouldn't have noticed him but he was dressed in Afghan type tribal clothes with head dress and was obviously western with a long beard etc.

I was unsure of his motives for filming the queue outside the Reichstag and I wondered if any security had clocked him.
11:25 November 20, 2010 by ovalle3.14
A guy who wants to defect but no one knows where he is, tipped off security services? Give me a break for God's sake... Terrorism is the new religion.
13:21 November 20, 2010 by iseedaftpeople
the irony is that at the moment, anybody forcefully entering the Bundestag, taking hostages and opening fire on MPs would probably get a round of applause from the German people. I can't remember people here ever being as dissatisfied with their government as they are right now.

But seriously, it's more than mildly odd that such detailed attack plans were not only leaked to authorities, but even forwarded to the press by those authorities. Like the saying goes, if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. It's the stuff of action movies, but not something that I think is likely to happen in reality.
16:20 November 20, 2010 by nparry
These threats and games will continue until the West shows some SPINE against the two major sponsors and patrons of international terrorism - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Pakistan breeds them, while Saudi Arabia feeds them and clothes them. You can spend an eternity in fear, while these two rogue nations go unchecked. Show some spine, some backbone in standing up to these useless states.
16:40 November 20, 2010 by XFYRCHIEF
I hope they blocked out the image of the Reichstag on Steet View to thwart these terrorists!
16:46 November 20, 2010 by Eagle1
Don't worry, Germany. Sit on your hands and don't fight terrorism. You'll be just fine. These loons will leave you alone. It's all good. Don't get nerv (BOOOOM).
17:50 November 20, 2010 by adipk
I pray that no such incident could take place and security agencies will do their best. But i am fear that German want to withdraw from Afghanistan and some super powers dont like this. So may be they could create some trouble in order to force Germany in to that business.

GOD Bless humanity
18:29 November 20, 2010 by Aschaffenburgboy
I think politicians just wants us to forget about the increase in the health insurance and the crappy economy. No better way to deflect attention than to put it somewhere else. Look at the bomb incident in Namibia a few days ago. First the government came out praising the security forces, then when it was about to be uncover on the media, they came out and said it was a test. I think Germany is getting ready to mastermind their 911. What better way to change the population's mind about "fighting terrorism" then to put them through a terror act?
18:42 November 20, 2010 by iseedaftpeople

The issue here is not whether or not Germany is at risk of suffering a terrorist attack within its borders. Arguably, that risk exists, ever since the German military became involved in the pointless Afghan war.

The fall from grace of successive German governments, much like those in the US, has been exploiting and milking a perennial perceived and purported threat of terrorism to push through round after round of clampdowns on civil liberties. We all don't want terrorist attacks happening here, but more than that, the people need to stand up against their political leaders who take freedoms away from them under the pretense of "fighting terrorism".

And look at it this way - thousands of people in this country die every year from alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse, and just as many people die in traffic and other accidents. How many people have died in terrorist attacks on German soil? None. Not one.

It's all about blowing threats out of proportion, playing the fear card, and robbing the people of their freedoms.
18:55 November 20, 2010 by wxman
Makes perfect sense to me that al-Qaida would do this. Afterall, it worked for the "other" Nazis!
03:33 November 21, 2010 by rgmx4u
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Sturmangriff auf das Herz der Demokratie.

Extraordinary hysterical hyperbole !
03:38 November 21, 2010 by Bishopbayern
Europe must never let its guard down against those who seek to destroy the freedoms we have. However they underestimate the resolve of the people of europe to be free and a christian based society, Nothing they can do will ever change that.
05:14 November 21, 2010 by Nemo2010
nparry... India and Pakistan? Nein! Nicht India und Pakistan. The head of the terrorist snake is Iran, schlicht und einfach.
06:10 November 21, 2010 by JoJo07
Please people. Nowadays you have to take any threats very serious!!!!

Heads up for Germany getting their police out there and checking everybody especially in train stations. At least they are smart enough to try and prevent anything like that unlike some other countries.

If they didnt take it serious and that really happened everyone would say, oh why didnt they take it serious??? The threats were there!

Germany rocks!!!
06:11 November 21, 2010 by Machumint
The 'Reichstag threat' is a distraction from the awkward 'dummy bomb' discovery in Namibia. The test bomb was manufactured in US 3-4 years ago, but nobody has claimed it. Namibia has been a puppet state of the CIA since 1990. UN Commssioner Bernt Carlsson had pledged to go after certain entities stealing Namibia's resources - the diamond mining firm De Beers; the apartheid regime of South Africa; Rio Tinto Group, owners of the Rössing uranium mine, et al, but he conveniently died on Flight 103 over Lockerbie in 1988. The CIA installed Nujoma in 1990, and his hand-picked successor rules today. The country remains a CIA puppet, and - coincidentally? -that's where 'someone' was testing a bomb delivery bound for Munich this week.
07:37 November 21, 2010 by Pas
Oooh, a first post conspiracy theory.

I got the kids to join the dots and they got a train. Is that the answer?
08:48 November 21, 2010 by MonkeyMania
Google Street View will no doubt aid the attackers.
14:12 November 21, 2010 by XFYRCHIEF
@Machumint - why would the CIA want to have Namibia as a "puppet state?" And then, why were all of the people you cited non-Americans? I think you have been reading too much of Tom Clancy's stuff.

If the CIA planted the "dummy bomb", as DanHessen said, what was the motivation? If someone wanted to create a heightened sense of panic in Germany, who would stand to gain? Perhaps someone in Germany? As for those who say they did it to deflect criticism of the TSA's body scanners - it was in a suitcase, not someones underpants!
14:21 November 21, 2010 by XFYRCHIEF
Should they have not blurred out the faces of the men erecting the barricades, and also the image of the Reichstag? A lot of useful information for the terrorists in that photo.
15:32 November 21, 2010 by Machumint
@Pas, I find little joy in slogging "conspiracy theories." Believe me. But I'd rather see a discussion of the real matter at hand than a "pretend" discussion about Islamist boogeymen. The "war against terror" launched by 9/11, a false flag attack coordinated through another CIA puppet, Pakistan ISI, is really a war for middle east oil. Everyone knows this. Why pretend otherwise?

@XFYRCHIEF and Dan Hessen, CIA installed a puppet regime in Namibia to protect corporate interests. CIA today serves more as a Praetorian Guard to international globalist elites than strictly as an intelligence arm of the US govt. Ironically, only readers of Tom Clancy would cling to the idea of CIA beholden to the protection of US citizens. That's propaganda.

Why would the CIA busy itself with a false flag attack in Germany? See above, but ask yourself why would Deutsche Bank, an alleged launderer of CIA money, be involved in the highly suspect insider trades of airline and insurance stock that occurred in the several business days before 9/11? Again, connect the dots.

I'm not saying the CIA planted the dummy bomb, but sending it from Namibia, a country where any subsequent investigation would be managed with ease through a sympathetic government, would be much easier than risking awkward revelations elsewhere.

A false flag attack in Germany would be used as a pretext to boost security at a moment when EU economic crisis threatens to destabilize the region, and as a pretext to rebuild German military presence when a showdown between US/allies and Iran/China seems imminent. It's not a "war against terror", it's about middle east oil reserves.
16:16 November 21, 2010 by Nina Williams
Ok, I don't think I'm slow but I just don't get it. Namibia is currently being ruled by a CIA puppet government...ok I can accept that...I don't see any economic or political gain for the US but I can still accept it. But then they plant a fake bomb in Namibia to get at the Middle East oil reserves?? And what has this to do with attacking Germany? Isn't Germany more interested in Russian oil?
10:58 November 23, 2010 by Talonx
@ dcgi

That was Douglass Adam's definition of Earth.
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