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Turkish hackers attack CDU websites

The Local · 19 Oct 2010, 16:32

Published: 19 Oct 2010 16:32 GMT+02:00

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Police and domestic intelligence agencies are now investigating in both the city-state of Hamburg and the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania after CDU officials said their party sites were paralysed overnight when hackers replaced their homepages with a black background featuring a Turkish crest and critical comments.

Hackers “GHoST61” and “Emre Y” had left their mark claiming responsibility for sabotaging the site, with the comment, “Hi Hamburg: We are from Turkey.”

In Hamburg the CDU took its website offline by mid-morning on Tuesday, spokesperson Anna Christina Hinze said.

The Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian arm of the CDU had a similar experience, discovering that their website had been replaced with an Ottoman Empire crest and some pointed questions about the party’s immigration policies. Their site was repaired by afternoon.

The hackers left a message asking: “Where is the money for integration? Where is the money for mosques?” and “Where is the tolerance? Where is the freedom of religion?“

The cyber-attacks appear to have been sparked by anti-immigrant statements from conservatives such as Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer, who said last week that Germany should halt immigration from Turkey and Arabic countries. Over the weekend he also said that multiculturalism was dead in Germany. Chancellor Merkel agreed the concept had “completely failed” and demanded immigrants accept "Christian values" when they come to Germany.

At the end of the hacker missive they wrote, “Mrs. Merkel, we await you in Hamburg,” – a possible reference to Merkel’s plans to visit integration projects in the city in early November.

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The chancellor’s parliamentary district is in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

In early 2008, hackers made a similar attack on the state of Schleswig-Holstein’s CDU website, putting Turkish flags and slogans on several local party chapter pages. The IP address was traced to Ankara, Turkey.


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Your comments about this article

18:40 October 19, 2010 by marimay
Haha. Can't say they didn't ask for it.
18:58 October 19, 2010 by Eastman
Turkish hackers? Please, someone tell me it's ain't so?
21:46 October 19, 2010 by bramblebush
Horst Seehofer ist right! They will replace Oktoberfest with Ramadan....
21:59 October 19, 2010 by radagast
somehow i find the news ridiculus :(
03:43 October 20, 2010 by janreg58
This is what happens when you LET another race, culture, whatever you want to call it, take over your country, state,or where ever your from! Ya, Ramadanfest...NOT!!
08:39 October 20, 2010 by auniquecorn
So, can we say the Turks are integrating?
09:35 October 20, 2010 by freechoice
These are the skilled people Germany really needs...LOL!
10:26 October 20, 2010 by Aschaffenburgboy
Are you people not ashamed of your discrimination and prejudice? Should we judge an entire nation or group of people from the actions of a few?

Ok then let's do it across the board.

England & U.S.A. - Have battered the world for decades if not centuries imposing their will on the rest of the world. And still do, just look at Iraq, you went in there and screw that place up so bad, you set it back 20 years. All for the sake of British Petrol and Exxon. You enslaved people and built your empires on their blood, sweat, and tears, then after you have acquired your riches you want the slaves (and their offspring) that are now free, and have contributed more to your success than the slave runners, to go back home.

Germany is the same, after the country was in shambles after the war, they invented this guess worker program, they rebuilt their nation on cheap labor from immigrants, mostly turks, and now that the country is running smooth, they want the immigrants to go back home, we don't need them anymore.

The truth though, is a hard pill to swallow, especially for the U.S.A. & Germany, you economy would remain stagnant, you simply would not be able to grow without an immigrant workforce.

You see stupid children, you have to take the good with the bad, just like in your own cultures, you have great model citizens, and then you have the ones that are in jail, you have the PHD holders, then you have the factory workers, you have the racist bigots, and then you have the tolerant bunch, you have people that cannot wait to dive into another culture, and then you have the ones that refuse to. IT IS THE SAME FOR EVERY CULTURE.

How many Americans or Brits live here in Germany for years, and still don't speak one bit of German? I know many. How Many Germans live in Spain for many years and can never get pass "Una cerveza por favor", I know many.

Oh how small is your brain when you cannot comprehend that is not multiculturalism that is dead, but instead culture preservation. You don't believe it? Then turn on the TV, listen to the radio, read a magazine. But you know this already, this is why you are scared... you don't want Mcdonalds or a Döner shop on your town, you want kraut and potatoes only. Bunch of ignorants... you make me sick.
11:25 October 20, 2010 by marimay
Aschaffenburgboy, thank you!
13:29 October 20, 2010 by bestman
Aschaffenburgboy I can only say your ignorance and disingenuousness are making the rest of us sick. Western civilization championed by the US and England have fostered the proposition of human rights and free speech for 400 years, a concept that safeguards YOUR right to post any garbage you please here. And don't give us that guff about screwing up the middle east, it has been screwed up for thousands of years. At least the Americans are giving it a try.

Its true there are some Americans and British that I've met who aren't fluent yet in german. On the other hand not many of them have been in training camps with terrorists or blown up the stuff like the world trade center. I think germans give them a by for helping rid the country of the Nazis. A close relative of mine died helping.

And by the way the word is ignoramuses, of which you seem to be one if you believe the stuff you posted above.
13:44 October 20, 2010 by Eastman
So if you were hire to work for a company, you think you are entitle to the ownership of that company? The Turks were there as guest workers, do you understand the meaning of the guest workers? They were there to work for their salaries, it was fair and square, Germany does not owe them anything. If I go to work in Turky, do you think I can claim that Turky is mine and demand that the Turkish must treat like their citizens? You are there because of the goodness of the Germans, so please show some respect! If the situation is reverse, if 3 or 4 millions Germans living in Turky, I don't think they're be treated that nice!!! Only the Germans can claim the god given right to their land, just like the Turks can claim that right to their land in Turky. The rest, you must follow the ways of the natives or you free to leave, period! The Western Countries have allowed a lot of people to take advantage of their democracy, but be careful, in this world nothing lasts!

If you want to be treated like a German then be a German, who stoping you?
14:17 October 20, 2010 by Aschaffenburgboy
@bestman: You sound like a typical republican redneck. Ignorance = you thinking that "Americans are giving it a try" yes, a try for more oil. Guess what, your big words (which some are only found in the redneck dictionary) don't make up for your lack of understanding. American does not move one finger if is not to serve its own interest. They are giving it a try you say.... And your statement of how Americans get a "by" for helping them get rid of the nazis, this reeks of prejudice... so us Americans are special for helping kill the nazis and the turks that did the cheap labor can just go suck on a stick.

And you are wrong about us Americans not being taking part in training camps, I myself was in one, Fort benning Georgia, home of the U.S. Army Infantry. And what did we do in Iraq? Why did we go there? If not only to cause terror and get oil. Why is the country in turmoil? Because we went there with candy instead of bullets? But I understand your status... ignorance is a bliss.

@Eastman: Tell me something if the laws were made for them to just go back home, then why the hell are there so many of them legally here? Maybe because like in the United States, you know that if you lose your immigrants you lose a big chunk of your economy. And as for the rest of your psycho-bolony... I won't event entertain a discussion of stupidity like this:

"They were there to work for their salaries, it was fair and square, Germany does not owe them anything. If I go to work in Turky, do you think I can claim that Turky is mine and demand that the Turkish must treat like their citizens?"

Read that a few time till you see how stupid and backwards it sounds.
14:35 October 20, 2010 by bestman
"your big words (which some are only found in the redneck dictionary) "

If language is connected with intellect Aschaffenburgboy then your level is self evident. And if you equate the US army's efforts to bring order to Iraq and Afghanistan with islamic terrorism you are delirious. Your "stupid and backwards" comment above describes your posts here perfectly, unfortunately. Perhaps you might think a bit more before you say anything further.
14:38 October 20, 2010 by Aschaffenburgboy
They were there to work for their salaries, it was fair and square, Germany does not owe them anything. If I go to work in Turky, do you think I can claim that Turky is mine and demand that the Turkish must treat like their citizens? OOPs too late!
14:51 October 20, 2010 by Eastman
Yeah, without the Turkish in Germany, The German society will collapse, right? I mean where are the Germans going to buy Fruits? What are they going to do with their surplus money? Who going to produce babies for Germany future? Who going collect the welfare? I mean come on, these hard working Turkish how can we live without them?
15:17 October 20, 2010 by giltedged
"Where is the money for integration? Where is the money for mosques?¦quot; and ¦quot;Where is the tolerance? Where is the freedom of religion?¦quot;

Who the hell wants to spend money on integration? To send them back home, probably. but spending good money so that mass of alien semi-literates would integrate, is a waste of money.

In this connection Arabs and Pakistanis are worse than Turks, many of whom do not give a toss about Islam.

The point is Germans do not want Muslims. They do not want mosques. The mass of Muslims in Germany are a mass of under-educated people who know nothing much about Germany , anyway. apart from what to demand from the social welfare system. If they were to take the short journey to where they came from, Germany would be a far better country for the Germans.

There shouldn't be "a shortfall in the work-force". Employers who say this are the equivalent of banksters, who are ruining their country for private gain. If they really need foreign workers, they should get them from the EU or other countries in Eastern Europe. And if they still say there is a shortfall, they should either use their noddy or lump it.

Multikulti is not dead. It just kills.
17:06 October 20, 2010 by tallady
Aschaffenburgboy you should have ended your remark with the following : "Are you people not ashamed of your discrimination and prejudice? Should we judge an entire nation or group of people from the actions of a few"?

Everything else is POSTULATING Jibberish....
20:15 October 20, 2010 by marimay

It is quite evident that this site is infested with uneducated Americans who have had very selective pro-christian history classes. Sadly, I have to say that goes for the Germans as well. Arguing with them is like arguing with a wall.
10:12 October 21, 2010 by raandy
marimay...the only thing that is evident is that you should take a front row seat..
11:06 October 21, 2010 by Deutschguy
"And if you equate the US army's efforts to bring order to Iraq and Afghanistan with islamic terrorism you are delirious."

This statement is full of contradictions and misinformation. We did not go into Iraq or Afghanistan to "bring order". We perpetuated and increased terrorism and terrorist recruitment around the globe by going in.

Yes, the Taliban had to be broken and al-Qaeda routed in Afghanistan. There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq, until after we invaded and occupied. Saddam and bin Laden hated each other, just in case that's news to you.

We strengthened Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah when we invaded and occupied Iraq. And, the change of focus to Iraq from Afghanistan only created more US military deaths and at least a trillion dollars additional costs that were totally unnecessary.
14:49 October 21, 2010 by storymann
@marimay "site is infested with uneducated americans.." and you thanked aschaffenburgboy,,thanked him for what? his abuse of the English Language or his historical facts? or his witty knowledge of current events.??
22:49 October 21, 2010 by Nathan_stuck
This isn't racism at all, it's the fact that western Europe has run out of patience. "Where is the money to integrate?" Wow, clearly that hacker is from Turkey, because Germany has given money to build mosques, give free German classes, free public schooling, welfare, health care, etc. So have Denmark, Sweden, Holland, England, France, Norway, Belgium...

All of Europe is fed up. They pleaded with everyone to be open-minded and to help the Muslims integrate. And then Theo Van Gogh gets shot (for making a video about women in Islam), death threats go to everyone that says anything (and we give up free speech for fear of upsetting Muslims), anti-immigration politicians are assinated for speaking up,. The DUTCH for crying out loud are sick of it and elected a new prime minister based on anti-immigration policies. THE DUTCH!!!! European countries have had to change immigration laws to stop arranged marriages (i.e. they had to raise the spousal allowment from 0 to 24 to stop bringing 16 year old family friends or distant relatives over to marry a citizen).

We tried, we really tried to make this thing work, but the Muslims haven't tried AT ALL. And yes, there are shining examples of what immigration should be all about, but they are the exception and not the rule. Multikulti is dead...
07:20 October 22, 2010 by Maurice45
NewsID: 30607

URL: http://www.thelocal.de/30607/#comments


Comment: bestman, who washed your brain? "Western civilization championed by the US and England have fostered the proposition of human rights and free speech for 400 years." When the constitution was written the US was a slave-holding society. Not much "freedom of speech" for the blacks then. Between 4 and 6 million Native Americans vanished. Not much "freedom of speech" for the rightful owners of the land when they were driven down the "trails of tears" . . . before they were the victims of genocide on big scale . . . women and children and all. Not much "free speech" for the hundreds of millions of Indians in India when they were not even ¦quot;third class citizens¦quot;, but had no citizen rights at all . . . in their own homeland. British prime minister Winston Churchill deliberately let millions of Indians in Bangladesh starve to death during the Bengal famine, as a new published book in India now reveals, while British colonial rulers in India stockpiled food for soldiers and war workers (read: Madhusree Mukerjee, "Churchill's Secret War"). Not much "freedom of speech" for the victims of British colonialism, I would day. Lol. Go back and study some real history because "your ignorance and disingenuousness are making the rest of us sick". -- a major source of rice imports -- and
12:47 October 22, 2010 by mehta_p

wth you have written in your first post here.

You must be knowing that no one is perfect, so not a single country. You may write here against US, Uk, Germany, still you can freely move around. Just dare to write anything true but against any islamic country after being there. I challenge you won't be able to move around freely.

whtever US, UK have done in past or doing now is openly. If you have guts challenge it. What many islamic people are doing is just spreading shiiits. Most of the muslims are scattered almost every country and having bunch of children. For proof you can watch youtube video: Muslim Demography.

Not all muslims are dum but when you are in Germany, it would be better to be like germans here and when your second-third generation comes here, why can't it be still far behind many germans?

I wonder why muslims are not getting integrated here, but seeking better status like permanent residency, german-passports??

And why Islamic countries don't respect people from other religions in their countries??

Why should there be unidirectional flow of tolerance??

First to accept muslims and then muslims seek rigths. Why?

Just why they don't follow educational system, laws from the nation where they find home?

Why first priority to religion and not to nation??
16:29 October 22, 2010 by Eastman
Because go to school is hard, you might have to think. and if you know how to read or write, you might have to go to work.
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