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Regensburg waiters unite in refusing service to neo-Nazis

The Local · 18 Aug 2010, 11:51

Published: 18 Aug 2010 11:51 GMT+02:00

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Effective immediately, 85 hospitality staff from establishments in the picturesque medieval city’s centre will no longer serve food or alcohol to right-wing extremists, the group told daily Donau Post on Tuesday.

“Nazis and other racists have no place in our establishments,” the group told the paper, adding that Regensburg is an enlightened city where people of different backgrounds live peacefully.

The initiative, called Keine Bedienung für Nazis, or “No service for Nazis,” began in support of a young barkeep attacked by a gang of neo-Nazis when he tried to protect a dark-skinned woman and her child from their insults a few weeks ago, according to the Mittelbayerische Zeitung.

At least six men with shaved heads brutally beat and kicked the man with their heavy boots before he was able to escape to a nearby street snack bar, where his attackers managed to kick through the door but did not get in, the paper said.

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The 85 servers who have signed on to the initiative are hopefully just the beginning of a wider movement, the group said, adding that they hope to see their stickers in the windows of every establishment in town someday.

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Your comments about this article

13:44 August 18, 2010 by NYsteve
HATS OFF to Keine Bedienung für Nazis!!!! Being American, but more importantly...a citizen of the modern world, I totally agree with their actions. Normally I would say that any organized group deserves the rights that others enjoy....but when it comes to groups that diseminate hate and segregation...all bets are off...they deserve NO rights...no matter what nationality you are..American, German, Arabic, etc. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, ideas, etc...but haven't we as a world population learned enough from past hate groups? I am one of the most liberal people I know of, just about anything goes...except when it comes to hate, fear, intimidation, etc.. If I had one of their stickers I would PROUDLY display it on my car here in the US. I hope you are successful! "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"
14:06 August 18, 2010 by Dougbal01
Sadly those who use violence never learn anything, regardless of race, region, ethnicity, what have you. Sadly, I would say that these people have no clue of the past and are just dark followers of an ideology without a grasp of what it was all about. There is no country that can exist by itself these days. They need to learn more from history and understand what and how bad it has been before.
14:36 August 18, 2010 by saucymugwump
Nazis are all pathetic losers. I have seen them on German trains. They sit in first class (and I am sure they pay for second class), they drink beer from bottles (I sat below them once and constantly heard the bottles being dropped and rolling around), and they smoke, even though German trains are smoke-free now.

I hope "Keine Bedienung für Nazis" spreads far and wide, especially to Eastern Germany.

14:39 August 18, 2010 by catjones
Does this only apply to neo-nazis? What about the original nazis?
14:42 August 18, 2010 by hkypuck
Right on! Hats off to the dude (the barkeep) and to those that jumped on this. Good stuff!

Why people choose to display how stupid they are by acting violently against innocent people is beyond me. Do yourself a favor, if you truly are moronic (racist, facist, etc), keep it to yourself. Not only will you not embarass yourself, you'll get food in a reasonable time frame in Regensberg.

(Personally I can think of lots of things your could do to a Nazi's Schnitzel back in the kitchen...but I'm a pretty junevile fella)
16:07 August 18, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
Germany is a democratic republic. As such, as have a duty to enforce to allow dissenting minorities to exist in peace, and allow them the freedom of political and moral expression. That being said, we have a duty to enforce these rights and privileges for all of Germany's residents.

So, in short, let the degenerate bastards march and shout and rally and everything that goes along with being the resident of an egalitarian government which exists for the good of the people. But, you can serve whom you choose; so good job on kicking those rats out of your bars. You do Germany proud.
16:24 August 18, 2010 by Beachrider
Modern societies are the responsibilities of the citizens. Governments cannot always generate consistent controls. There is a possibility that a waiter will incorrectly decide that someone is a Nazi/neo-Nazi, and that waiter will have to deal with that.

How did the original attackers NOT end up in Jail? Did no one else see these people and point them out to the Polizei? Unless the citizens unify with these waiters and get these thugs in the hands of the law, the problem won't get much better.

Good luck. We do see things like this in the USA. We always seem to need intrepid civil leadership to conquer it. For such bold civil leaders, remember that they must love their society to take such risks.
11:20 August 19, 2010 by trottercarriagehorse
in my experience right wing Germans tend to act more as an underground mafia, using harassment, violence and murder in their attempts to gain more influence and power in society. So treating them as a legal political party (NPD), seems to be an inadequate solutions, this is a issue for entire government agencies like the FBI or BND. but sadly nationalism of ugliest kind seems to be generally tolerated- as long its kept from hidden from tourists and out of the circles of official the german government. It what goes no in secret that remains the deal danger, so don't count on them being out in the open if it does not serve their interest.
15:28 August 19, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The restaurants should all display signs saying: "We Reserve the Right to Serve Refuse to Anyone."
17:36 August 20, 2010 by Bruno53
I, living in the USA, will like to visit your country and see Beethoven's house in Bonn, Wagner's festpielhaus in Bayreuth, and see Dresden rebuilt, also Berlin and Munich. But as long you have these problems with these "neonazis skinheads' rats, I refuse to go to your country and will ask others to be "mindful" or careful, like a friend of mine who did visit last year. Do something with these pigs. Or your country will lose again as you did decades ago.

P.S.: It is said Japan, and it was allied to Nazi Germany in WWII, never "showed remorse" for Nankin. Yet rarely I have heard of any attacks on foreigners from Japanese "nationalists, if any. A friend of mine, Filipina, worked in Osaka and told me she was safer there than in Manila. Do something with these bums. And I applaud the restaurant owners of Regensburg for their initiative. Hope it is extended to the rest of your country.
18:15 August 20, 2010 by NYsteve

Just remember...we have neo-nazis & ski-heads HERE also in the US....your comment is no reason to not visit a gorgeous and culturally rich country such as Germany....every country has their "troubles"...our "good ole USA" is probably at the top of the list of troubled countries....Germany, I can promise you, will NEVER repeat their past...

Prufrock2010 got it EXACTLY right.....hang that sign up asap!
18:49 August 20, 2010 by Richard Hurlbrink
May be Regensburg can get the Neo- Nazis to where a mandatory symbol of some sort on their lapel so they can be identified and excluded from resturants and other activities. Wait, that sounds familiar, I think that was tried before in Germany.
21:04 August 20, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, perhaps one day extreme groups will realize that in order to have a conservative country, they must approach things morally. The majority of a Western society will never support a concept they see as destructive.

Most people in Western nations actually want a conservative government. It's just that the appropriate form of conservatism has yet to be offered, until now. I truly believe that a Moral-Conservative style of government is what we've imagined since the beginning of time.
00:00 August 21, 2010 by Paul Mannstein
Actually the Antifa are worse than these skin heads. They actually set cars on fire and attack police stations in Hamburg and Berlin in case you didn't know.

Do Nazis (National Socialists) have human rights?

If you're answer is no you're no better than a Nazi

How about Communists (International Socialists)?

If you're answer is no you're no better than a Communist.

Incidentally. the Communists murdered over 100 million in the 20th century.

Makes the Nazis look like Boy Scouts.
04:50 August 21, 2010 by Damien Walder
Why would anyone in Bavaria (especially) see merit in tolerating Nazism?

Pretending or implying moral relativity for this situation is sophistry at best,

and banal stupidity at second best. Godwin's law's already in play, too.

So: why the hell should any German not want to stand up against brutes and criminals as any civilized person would? Are some of you saying that Germans should be exempt from learning from their own history, or even that Communism trumps any form of Fascism for bloodshed, ergo Nazism isn't so bad?

Perhaps you've been drinking too much cheap schnapps, dummy!
07:27 August 21, 2010 by Talonx
@ Damien Walder

Well said.

@ Bruno 53

Per capita, that is a ratio, there are more neo-nazis in the U.S., U.K., and Russia. Your warnings are misplaced. You'd be better off warning your friends about there surroundings. The fact that Americans are so unaware of the nationalists in their midst (even fanning the flames on fox news) is more proof of your point for the U.S. than for Germany. It's sad, but true.
09:12 August 21, 2010 by JAMessersmith

You've got to remember our own history. We like to play up WWII, but at the time our army, and cities, were totally segregated. Blacks couldn't live in the same neighborhoods as whites, marry white men or women, use the same drinking fountains, eat at the same restaurants, etc... During Jesse Owens famous win at the Hitler Olympics, Roosevelt wouldn't shake his hand either. It was actually Adi Dassler, the founder of the shoe company Adidas, a member of the Nazi party at the time, who gave Owens his first sponsorship (which was one of the first ever sponsorships of a black athlete... ironic, I know). In Jesse Owens own words:

"When I came back to my native country, after all the stories about Hitler, I couldn't ride in the front of the bus. I had to go to the back door. I couldn't live where I wanted. I wasn't invited to shake hands with Hitler, but I wasn't invited to the White House to shake hands with the President either".

My point is at that point in history, most all the western world was racist. And no matter how many stories you hear, we certainly didn't enter WWII on behalf of the Jews. In fact, we turned back thousands of Jewish refugees who were trying to flee the Holocaust at the time. We entered WWII to protect our own economic interests and shipping lanes (which was the same reason the British entered the war as well), rather than to protect anyone from genocide. Most didn't even believe it was happening at the time, and many of those who had heard the stories didn't really care one way or the other. The point wasn't driven home until our soldiers began liberating the camps.

And beyond that, you've also got to remember our own dark history of genocide in this country, not to mention African slavery. We systematically wiped out most of the Native American population of North America, and herded the survivors up into ghettos we call "reservations" as a euphemism. It just so happens, coincidentally of course, that Native American reservations are some of the poorest communities in the entire country. Go figure. And don't think it was a colonial thing either. "Indian Removal" was policy that lasted well into the 1900s, with men like Teddy Roosevelt even campaigning on it. Tens of millions of Native Americans were wiped out due to both disease and eradication, which some have estimated was triple or quadruple the number of everyone who died in the concentration camps. So we here in America have our own skeletons. It may have been more subtle than what the Nazis did, being that Indian Removal went on for generations, whereas the Holocaust took place over a few years, but the results were no less horrendous. So when it comes down to it, we have little room to talk.
12:14 August 21, 2010 by Prufrock2010
JAMessersmith --

Points all well taken.

Perhaps even more disturbing to those of us who weren't responsible for the sins of our ancestors is the fact that, while official policies have changed and institutional genocide and racial discrimination are no longer in place, the number of hate groups in America is proliferating at the highest rate in the country's history. Racism and ultranationalism in America are the transparent underpinnings of the Fox "News" / Tea Party political agenda, and it should be alarming to anyone of decency. Latino minorities have effectively replaced blacks as the new scapegoats, and American Muslims have been marginalized out of the national fabric. Hate, fear and xenophobia are driving the American political discourse, and the truly frightening thing is that a huge percentage of the population is buying it. The US is in deep trouble as its ugly past is reincarnating before our eyes.
13:48 August 21, 2010 by trottercarriagehorse
@bruno53 you said- "Just remember...we have neo-nazis & ski-heads HERE also in the US"

well ja but 65 five years ago we americans did not murder half of europe in the name of some master race, I am sorry fringe groups in the US and german nationalists in germany are not the same no matter how you want to cut it.

@Prufrock2010 and @JAMessersmith

i agree with your criticism of fox news and much of what going in america, but at the same I feel f. roosevelt was our best president, even if sadly enough he did not shake hands with jesse owens. I guess what I am trying to get at is that once you have been spite on a few times by germans and called a 'jew bastard'. (and I am not jewish) even john wayne and signing the national anthem start to look a lot more attractive-
01:08 August 23, 2010 by Talonx
@ Trottercarriagehorse

I feel pretty safe saying that anyone who supported Hitler's policies towards marginal and minority groups is on par with the rest of the Nazis. 65 years ago, there were Hitler youth in the U.S. and there are Neo-nazis today. You're right about one thing though, the fringe groups not being so similar. They are much more prevelant and violent in the U.S. when it comes to physically and verbally attacking minorities.
13:40 August 25, 2010 by trottercarriagehorse

well without going into this somewhat assinine disccusion of who got worse N N germany or the US? .I feel obligated to say the american N N is a laughable contradiction, , his own grandparents most likey defeated N Germany in WWII, and what is more the storys of those who admired the german cause appear to have always been in the end betrayed by them. .after all it was a verbrecher stadt with no real royality to anyone. ..most of them were send anyway like all the other non germans or rassenschänder's.
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