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Children's stone attack on Jews sparks outrage

The Local · 24 Jun 2010, 07:12

Published: 24 Jun 2010 07:12 GMT+02:00

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About 30 children and youths, largely of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian descent, threw stones at the dancers on Sunday, shouting “Jews out!” daily Berliner Morgenpost reported.

The youths were aged from 10 to 15, the paper reported.

The dance troupe, named Chaverim – Hebrew for “friends” – broke off their performance after one of their members was hit in the leg by a stone and lightly injured.

Lower Saxony Integration Minister Aygül Özkan said through a spokesman she was “deeply shocked” by the incident.

Charlotte Knoblauch, president of the German Jewish Council, said the incident showed “a new social provocation, which already in the past weeks is clearly visible as it hasn’t been before.”

Anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic feelings were evidently simmering among Muslim youths living in Germany, she said, adding that this case “saddens me especially because these anti-Semitic attitudes are encountered already in children and youths with this vehemence.”

The incident follows the recent attack by the Israeli military on an aid flotilla that was attempting to break the Jewish state’s blockade of Gaza, in which nine Turkish members of the flotilla were killed, earning Israel widespread international condemnation.

Hannover Mayor Stephan Weil branded the incident “unacceptable.” The city was meanwhile pursuing charges of incitement and attempted assault. He said at a press conference Wednesday there was “no evidence that the crime was prepared by an organisation or in advance.”

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The chairman of the Jewish community in Lower Saxony, Michael Fürst, said however that “the children acted at least with the approval, if not even the direction of their parents.”

According to police, this was the first violent anti-Semitic crime in the Hannover area this year that was not committed by neo-Nazis, though there had been anti-Israeli demonstrations outside of the far-right movement.

The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

08:33 June 24, 2010 by Fatz Lewinski
Hatred of Jews, hatred of muslims, it goes on and on to the point that one becomes immune to it. That is until it spills into your own country! I've had enough of these groups and neither party will gain further sympathy from me.

Of course, religious hatred doesn't stop there - did you know that God hates the Faroe Islands? Take look at this bunch of lunatics:


Check out Handmaidens disgust of the city of Onancock! Hilarious but stay worried that the same extremism exists wherever there is a book written in the name of a God.
08:38 June 24, 2010 by marimay
Jewish dancing is pretty bad....
08:50 June 24, 2010 by Fatz Lewinski
Oh, and my fellow ex pats from the UK, check this one out!


I never know that Andrew Lloyd Weber was so dangereous!
09:51 June 24, 2010 by Jibzy
Lol @ marimay. But seriously, if they're so shocked then they need to stop their "ultra-orthdox" Jewish brothers from doing the same in Israel.

Funny how when some Jewish person is an extremist, he's an "ultra-orthodox" jew but if a Muslim is ultra-orthodox, he's an "extremist".
09:53 June 24, 2010 by scout1067
But Islam is the religion of Peace isn't it? That is what our political leaders keep trying to tell us anyway.
10:05 June 24, 2010 by marimay
Christianity has a pretty brutal past and present as well. But, if you want to keep your eyes closed to that...

Religion in general is BS and full of manipulation. I am tired of people pretending one is superior to the other.
10:44 June 24, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Of course the little bastards won't be prosecuted because there's no frigging mechanism under German law to prosecute "children" who commit crimes! Unbelievable! Maybe their parents should be prosecuted for the crimes of their little darlings -- or better yet, the children removed from their parents' homes and placed in foster care.
10:52 June 24, 2010 by marimay
LOL the paranoia on this website is hilarious...

@ Jibsy

11:41 June 24, 2010 by whatzup
Wonder what Gert Wilders would say? On the other hand I don't wonder what he would say. Of course these kids were reflecting the views of their parents. With cheap labour you get cheap social attitudes.
12:58 June 24, 2010 by T.J. Morton
@Fatz Lewinsky, you do know that www.landoverbabtist.net is a parody site don't you?
13:37 June 24, 2010 by LancashireLad

Right behind you on that one. Richard Dawkins phrased it along the lines that children should never be referred to as "muslim children" or "christian children" but "children of muslim etc. parents". Spot on.

However let's not forget that the parents have also gone through the same indoctrination process.

The problem isn't even the religon/creed/whatever tribe (if they didn't exist, something else would replace them), but the people who twist their guidelines to their own ends.
13:57 June 24, 2010 by NYsteve
Here in the US the same thing happens all too often and after being on this Earth for 51 years....I wonder if things will ever truly change. Unless people honestly see things thru other people's eyes we will repeat the same mistakes over and over. Geo. Bernard Shaw put it best....."What we learn from history is that we don't learn from history".....very sad but true! Growing up in NY, my parents were very predjudiced and I made a promise to myself when I left home at 17 NOT to be like them. I am far from perfect but I believe my life has been better for it. Teaching childern to accept rather than seeing the differences is the first step.......that is if the parents can learn to accept first.
14:16 June 24, 2010 by Aschaffenburgboy
Lalalala.... peace love harmony and chocolate milk for all!
14:24 June 24, 2010 by LancashireLad
Sadly Aschaffenburgboy you're on the wrong forum for that (Just wait unti the uneducated Americans who have never set foot out of the US get online ....)

Or was the "lalalalal" a reference to Lala land?

I'll go with the chocolate milk, though.
14:52 June 24, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
I'm trying to understand what part of this article is so shocking or surprising.
14:55 June 24, 2010 by Der ewige jude
Reading some of the comments above... it is shocking how some people justify an unprovoked racial attack on Jews. For whatever reason. Like it or not, these hooligan kids are the future of Germany. Germany may want to deal with it or not. Jews will have to make up their own minds on their future. As always, left alone.
15:30 June 24, 2010 by marimay
Yeah, yeah, and those kids are never ever ridiculed and singled out or beat up by German kids AND/ or adults because of their religion, right? Bunch of hypocrites.
15:30 June 24, 2010 by LancashireLad
@Der Grenadier

The most shocking bit is the ages of those displaying such a level of hatred which they would be hard ressed to explain or (not that it can be) justify.
16:28 June 24, 2010 by Eagle1
"About 30 children and youths, largely of Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian descent, threw stones at the dancers on Sunday, shouting 'Jews out!' daily Berliner Morgenpost reported."

Jews out? How about Lebanese, Palestinians, and Iranians out? Round up the whole lot of 30+ kids and their families, put them on a bus, and send them back to their wonderful homelands. Problem solved and lesson taught. Germany better establish some control over these idiots before rock-throwing turns into something much worse.
17:31 June 24, 2010 by Fatz Lewinski
@ T.J. Morton

re: www.landoverbabtist.net is a parody site

You know, I did wonder! A friend from the Faroe Islands found it via a Google search and was between bemusement and outrage. I started to wonder when I saw that it is led by Pastor Billy Ruebin which I recall fron "Silence of the Lambs" as the chemical that colours faeces.

But if it is a parody, it has to be one of the best I've seen!Do many of the contributors know this?

Don't worry about the connection to Monica - she was my inspiration for this, my former stage name from when I played in a band called the Funky Presidents.

Please post some more parody sites - life is too short without them!
18:24 June 24, 2010 by mixxim
Although I agree with el3ktro, it would still not solve the problems caused by the state of Israel being formed by displaced europeans in an arab part of the world. It is naturally Palestine, perhaps Israel should be returned to people who really belong there.
19:59 June 24, 2010 by Der ewige jude
#23, what is religion got to do with this? Jews are a nation like Italians or Germans are with a language (Hebrew) , A Homeland (Israel), Distinctive culture and even a stong Ethnic similarity.

Problem is, that it is now okay by some people to trow stones at Jewish children in Germany.
20:01 June 24, 2010 by garretso
Judenhass is once again fashionable in Europe. It boggles the mind that so many readers are coming to the defense of children taught to hate by attacking Israel and Judaism. It is as if there is a law stating that one may not criticize Muslims unless equal or greater criticism is directed at Christians and/or Jews.
20:48 June 24, 2010 by Laurence F
1. What is that NY guy talking about?

I have never heard of anyone throwing stones at some dance group or other entertainment group. Ever.

2. It is typical of the Left to be apologists for the bad behavior of Muslims.

a. If, the Muslim religion is violent; they will go back to the middle ages and equate this with Christianity and the inquisition.

b. If, the Muslim children kill people, as stone throwers or little suicide bombers, then they will equate this with Israel defending their children. Jews do not teach their children to harm others or hate others. The textbooks of Arabs do teach their children to hate and kill.

c. It is easier to just lump Muslims and Jews and Christians together. Did someone forget that the Communist Atheists killed over 100,000,000. So much for your critique of religion.

Jews live in Germany and it is your responsibility to protect them. Don't rationalize and make excuses.
22:35 June 24, 2010 by vonSchwerin
If Muslim residents of Germany are angry with Israel for its policies, I can understand that. But there is no excuse for engaging in acts of violence against European Jews because of that anger.

Regardless of what happened before 1945, it is simply not how things are now done in liberal, democratic, western Europe. And if non-citizen immigrants to Germany (or other EU countries) can't understand that, they should be sent home. Germany doesn't need to import the violence of the Middle East.

If people in Germany want to do something about the Middle Eastern situation, engage in political lobbying or fundraising for relief organizations. But we don't need stone-throwers in Hanover.
23:19 June 24, 2010 by saucymugwump
mixxim wrote " It is naturally Palestine"

That rather depends on what year in history you are talking about, doesn't it? Jerusalem was captured and recaptured 44 times. Both sides say they have religion and history on their side; they are both right and wrong.

But Muslims (and everyone else) lose the sympathy vote when they throw stones at innocent people. Not to mention when they kill or attempt to kill someone who makes fun of their fearless leader.
23:56 June 24, 2010 by Jen06
March 31, 1977, in an interview in the Dutch newspaper, Dagblad de Verdieping Trouw, Zahir Muhsein, PLO executive committee member, said:

¦quot;The ¦#39;Palestinian People¦#39; does not exist. The creation of a ¦#39;Palestinian State¦#39; is only a means for continuing our struggle against the State of Israel for our Arab entity. In reality there is no difference between Jordanians, ¦quot;Palestinians¦quot;, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a ¦#39;Palestinian people,¦#39; since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct ¦quot;Palestinian People¦#39; to oppose Zionism.¦quot;

Trans-Jordan was intended as the homeland for the present-day Gaza Scroungers and ¦#39;king¦#39; Adbullah knows it; his wife Rania is herself a ¦#39;palestinian¦#39;. The ¦#39;jordanian royals¦#39; make a big deal of swanning around Europe and America as the ¦#39;moderate, modern¦#39; phony image of Islam
02:17 June 25, 2010 by Prufrock2010
So what is the REAL image of Islam -- immoderate, fundamentalist, dogmatic, misogynistic, homicidal, imperialistic, theocratic, expansionist, dictatorial, mired in the tenth century, parochial, terroristic? Boy, there's a religion I could cling to!

Thank god I'm an atheist.
05:08 June 25, 2010 by Avidror
This is horrible. Will the Jews have to hide their identity again in Europe?
07:02 June 25, 2010 by kotapzero
maybe that can be seen as a result for the use of phosphoric bombs in gaza

Æqualitas non parit bellum
08:20 June 25, 2010 by E-Roc
For those of you wanting another parady site check out http://christwire.org/ Just a weird as the first one....
11:41 June 25, 2010 by dbert4
@Avidror - "This is horrible. Will the Jews have to hide their identity again in Europe?"

No, generally they just steal the passports of others to accomplish that.
13:53 June 25, 2010 by Canoe
German children throwing stones at jews. Who would have thought !
17:17 June 25, 2010 by liorabs
The children are trained since infancy that Jews are monkeys and pigs.

Islam feels very comfortable in EU.

Some primers in USA (I saw that on Fox News a little befoe Xmas) claim that Jesus was a Palestinian.

Will both religions merge?



At any rate, we know that Jews are not welcome in EUstan. What is surprising or not surprising that here they did not say "Israelis" out, they said "Jews" out, showing the roots of EURstan`s predilection.
18:30 June 25, 2010 by Canoe
From a country that eliminated six million Jews. Throwing stones at a group of Jewish dancers, is not too much of a stretch.
18:38 June 25, 2010 by P.B.
One very important question must be asked and that is:

How did the know that the children were Lebanese, Palestinian and Iranian descent?????????????????????????????

Did they wear Placards?????????????????????

Truly, give me a break.......
23:06 June 25, 2010 by jamesvik
Multiculturalism doesn't work, you just end up importing conflict from other parts of the globe. Unless you allowed one group and not another, which wouldn't be proper in a country extremely weakened by "human rights" bullsh*t. Banning Muslim immigration is such a logical thing to do, Its hard to believe any European would be opposed to it. For a country so ashamed of their Nazi past, they are importing the closest thing to it: MUSLIMS.
00:25 June 26, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, obviously what happened here is a reflection of the conflict in Israel.

And the truth is, it's going to take a small miracle to solve that situation.

Someone, or a new group of very intelligent people are needed.

If you look closely at all religious and cultural problems, you may also agree that the UN has not done so well. It is the world's government agency. It is therefore their responsibility to think PROACTIVELY and help the various nations of the world avoid religious and cultural clashes.

Unless humanity subscribes to a new and effective form of Psychology, then what hope is there?
13:21 June 26, 2010 by P.B.

Were the children in the dance troupe Germans or Israeli?

Why the spot light on the word,,, term JEW??????

Just because it happened here in Germany is that why????

F.T.D = f that deal
15:49 June 26, 2010 by wenddiver
Sad and embarrasing.

By the way Prison does work. I think it was Regan who reacted to Car-Jackings by passing out 35 to Life sentences. The population of people inclined to car-jack quickly ceased to be a social problem in the larger sciety and now are tennis shoe thieves in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

It just doesn't work in countries that make excuses for violent criminals and continually return them to society.

I would turn the children over to child services, clearly the parents are unfit to be organizing such activities.
17:05 June 26, 2010 by CindyRBP
These islamic fascists need to be driven back into the waste land where they belong. Get rid of them or Europe dies.
19:20 June 26, 2010 by Rover
Cindy, beyond your above statement which doesn't help matters, here are more pertinent observations:

1)The organizers of this dance event are to blame for stupidly putting the dancers in a predominantly turkish area so soon after Israel attacked a Turkish aid ship to Gaza.

2)Common sense would dictate that this is not the right time to force an 'israeli' dance on inflamed youths.

So, this has nothing to do with religion, but with asking for trouble by creating such a politically idiotic engagement.

Also, who are these dancers? Are they German? If so, why are they performing 'Israeli' dances in a Turkish area?

And if they are 'Israeli', surely their organizers should have known better.

It seems that this event was deliberately orchestrated to inflame and subsequently get political mileage from 'moslems attack jews'.

The victims here are the dancers as well the hot hotheaded youths who fell into this trap and didn't have better sense not to throw stones at a cultural event, however geographically misplaced.

It's like Palestinians performing a dance in an israeli settlement.

Also not a smart move.
23:16 June 26, 2010 by Avidror
I wrote before:

"This is horrible. Will the Jews have to hide their identity again in Europe?"

This was dbert4's answer: "No, generally they just steal the passports of others to accomplish that."

Jews are attacked in Europe and it seems that for many people the Jews themselves are those who must be blamed for the aggression due to Israel's policies; it has been asked here if the Jews attacked in Hannover were Germans or Israelis. This reminds me Malmö's Jews, who are fleeing their city due to harassment by muslim etremists and, to a lesser extent, radicals from the far left and the far right. Malmö's mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, responded to this problem by equating Zionism with racism and telling that Jews must distance themselves from Israel's policies.

And now I ask: what would the problem be if those Jews were Israelis instead of Germans? Because in such a case, aggressions committed by Jews against Germans would be understandable or even justifiable due to the Holocaust against the Jews; aggressions committed by Jews against Spaniards (such as myself) would be understandable or even justifiable due to the 1492 royal decree which made the Jews to convert to Christianism or to abandon Spain, and due to the Spanish inquisitorial practices against the Jews; aggressions committed by Jews against muslims would be understandable or even justifiable due to the muslim practice of considering the Jews inferior people known as dhimmis; aggressions committed by Jews against Italians would be understandable or even justifiable due to the Jewish Diaspora, caused by the Roman Empire; aggressions committed by Jews against American republicans would be understandable or even justifiable due to McCarthy's witch-hunt against supposed communists, mostly directed against Jews; aggressions committed by Jews against Russians would be understandable or even justifiable due to the pogroms against the Jews;...

Holy mother of God. If aggressions against Jews (Israeli or German ones) are understandable or even justifiable due to Israel's policies, understandable or even justifiable Jews' list of victims would be almost endless...
01:07 June 27, 2010 by Rover
Avidror, you completely ignored the point I was making and went into a tangent about Jews.

I was saying it was reckless of the organizers to endanger innocent dancers and have them perform an 'israeli' dance (whether by German Jews or Israelis) in such a location especially after Israel's recent attack of a

Turkish aid ship to Gaza.

Twisting my post to the point where you conclude that I'm saying aggressions against Jews are justifiable is totally disingenous.

It is completely ridiculous that one cannot make a single observation about anything remotely to do with Israel without having to get the really overused 'antisemitic' routine.

Again, I'll say it: Having the dancers perform in that location at that point in time was not a smart move.(I did NOT say that makes any form of aggression excusable, whether against Jews or anyone else).

So, presumably I'm not allowed in your book to even say that, as the organizer is probably Jewish and that will elicit another tirade of 'antisemitism' accusations. What a luxury! What other race, nation or religion has such an effective 'muzzle' on the slightest utterance that isn't completely a fawn fest?

Go ahead, call me an antisemite if that floats your boat.
13:16 June 28, 2010 by Avidror
@ Rover

I'll not call you an anti-Semite, Rover; what I'll do is to suggest you to think before writing. I mean, I never cited you or your comments specifically. I wrote what I wrote as a response to many of the comments.

Certainly, your last comment was not a smart move...
11:50 July 19, 2010 by Red Squirrel
Islam will destroy Europe, kill all Jews- then Christians etc, until we make a stand! Our politicians are pathetic for importing all these 7th Century lunatics into our nations.
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