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Serbia sink 10-man Germany as cards fly

AFP/The Local · 18 Jun 2010, 15:49

Published: 18 Jun 2010 15:29 GMT+02:00
Updated: 18 Jun 2010 15:49 GMT+02:00

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Klose, four shy of Ronaldo's World Cup record of 15 goals, picked two of several controversial bookings by Spanish referee Alberto Undiano and was sent off in the 37th minute for fouling Serbia captain Dejan Stankevic.

“Overall it was a fair match. It wasn’t a nasty foul,” said Germany coach Joachim Löw, pointing out that ref doled out nine yellow cards. “That many yellows and a red were simply too many.”

Less than a minute later Serbia went ahead after a three-man move.

Milos Krasic sent a high ball in from the right post for Nikola Zigic, the tallest player at 2m 2cm high, to head down for Milan Jovanovic to flick in past keeper Manuel Neuer.

A goal and a man down, Germany attempted to get back into the match and they almost grabbed a first half stoppage time equaliser when Sami Khedira's shot hit the crossbar.

“We had difficulty finding our rhythm,” said Löw. “We were down a man for a long time and still managed to get our chances.”

Germany came on strong early in the second half and the ref awarded Löw's side a penalty after a deliberate hand ball by Serbian defender Nemanja Vidic.

But Lukas Podolski was unable to convert it and the striker failed to make use of several other good chances to equalise.

Subs Marko Marin, Cacau and Mario Gomez couldn't turn the tide and Serbia held on for their first victory of the tournament. The result marked a stunning turnaround in fortunes after Germany crushed Australia 4-0 in Durban in the team's first match of the tournament.

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"I have to take responsibility," he said, referring to his flubbed penalty. "You can't blame the ref. But maybe the red card was an overreaction."

However, midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger was visibly angry at the Spanish official after the match.

"I'm at a loss for words," he said. "For me that was ridiculous. If there's a red card in every match you have to ask yourself what's the point. It's no longer any fun."

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

15:36 June 18, 2010 by hanskarl
I was only able to watch the last 40 minutes. I have never seen so many yellow cards. Even the commentators were continuously stating this was very inordinate. I hate to say this in a forum because I love good competition but Germany didn't lose and Serbia didn't win. The referee won. Schade.....Mensch..........
16:41 June 18, 2010 by Celeon
After the fourth foul (second of Klose) i said to a friend "What the hell are they doing? Are they fishing for red cards today or what ?"

"I tell you if Klose gets red, we are done for"

About 8 minutes after ive said that, Klose went of the pitch with red and a minute later Serbia shot the 1 : 0

Sorry but that was not bad luck that was what the team deserved today.
18:14 June 18, 2010 by pmach
Germany in the last world cup had one good game followed by a bad game. Looks like a repeat performance.

Although they do well under pressure the loss of Klose was a shock, but Low could have pulled Klose off and replaced him so it seems like a number of gaffs coach and players made this a loosing day...but that soccer.
18:20 June 18, 2010 by marimay
Germany played a very impatient and unorganized game regardless of fouls and cards.
19:04 June 18, 2010 by Thomas Tariro
The game was full of yellow cards but i think Klose should have been very cautious with his tackles like what Joachim Löw said.The Referee did his job so well.He wanted to stamp his discipline on the players.With a yellow card on his head, Klose must have avoided any controversial tackles.However, for me the boys played very well.
19:11 June 18, 2010 by Nur Ainne Johar
Gosh, I was sooooo dumbfounded when Klose was sent off! It reminded me of the ugly sent off of Zidane...(Man, I miss that guy!). I was hoping energetic duo Ozil and Podolski to give my friends and I the chance to roar of joy to sooo annoying Malaysian serbia team's supporters. Of course, it didnt turn out like that....I guess they were just distracted with Klose's ugly fate which slowly led them to play impatiently (that was the only reason I could come out to calm myself!)......I really believe they will turn this joke to happy-ending victory really soon!
19:12 June 18, 2010 by markoer
I totally agree with who said that Germany played an impatient and disorganised game. They were too much arrogant after having luck with Australia.

And the German supporters too :-) now, back to reality. Frankly, too many cards or not, they deserved it.
19:16 June 18, 2010 by mintu
Germany missed at least 7 chances .. still it would win if the referee woudnt have given major punishment for minor fault. nevertheless Germany would go 2nd round. more care needed as either in 2nd round or in quarter final it will have to face Argentina, my calculation say. > mintu
19:30 June 18, 2010 by markoer
I don't agree with mintu - that is a biased view. Serbia has hit a crossbar and had at least as many chances as Germany. If you fail a penalty, it is always at least for the 80% a mistake of the striker, and maximum 20% a good save. So Germany can only blame themselves for the failed occasions.

No one can say what would have happened if the referee was different. Games are not made with "if"s and "would"s. And referees are part of the game, if you don't understand this, you don't understand football, period.

What is certainly true is that Germany went on the pitch with a totally wrong mindset and disposition, and deserved totally to lose the match. Now Germany has a good occasion to reset and start from scratch and try to do at least a decent World Cup.
19:45 June 18, 2010 by cobalisk
What bothered me the most was the standing around by many on the team on numerous occasions. You did not see the movement in space by players without the ball which is so essential for good passing.

There was an exception to this, as a team they were aggressive, pressing the pace, and demonstrating good movement in the early part of the 2nd half and consequently had good opportunities. However, after Podolsky missed the 11-meter they seemed deflated and many players went back to loitering, waiting for the ball to come to them similar to their poor first half showing.

A very disappointing performance overall.

Markoer -

While I certainly agree that Germany played poorly and as a result lost the match 'deserve' has nothing to do with it. Saying they 'deserve' to lose is simply inflammatory and shows your own bias.
23:36 June 18, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, allow me to give everyone some things to think about.

Spain was upset by Switzerland. Spain has never won a World Cup. Only Brazil and Italy has more than Germany. And Germany defeated Australia easily a few days ago.

Referees are human. Therefore, if you think for even a second, that they don't have favorites, then you should consult the nearest Psychologist.

The last thing that Ref wants to see is Germany win the World Cup. I played soccer here in the US for many years and therefore I know. And look at what happend to our team with Slovenia. That Ref disallowed our winning goal, even though he refused to expain why. And so there you have it.
00:20 June 19, 2010 by star15
The standout feature for me in this game was what seemed to me to be a very physical approach employed by Germany. The number of fouls and yellow cards awarded against Germany for 80% of the tackles seemed to be spot on and I would agree with the referee¦#39;s approach to stamp out such play. Football becomes ugly to watch when a player recklessly plays the player and not the ball. I think this was a bad strategy on Germany's part and obviously was a factor in losing the game.
01:47 June 19, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Always an excuse, always an alibi, always someone else to blame. Maybe the German team isn't all that good. A possibility, at least.....
02:19 June 19, 2010 by Eagle1
Germany was robbed by the referee today, not as badly as the Amis were, but definitely robbed. To play a man down for 80 minutes or so and only lose 1-0 says volumes about the quality of this team. Go Deutschland!!!
03:10 June 19, 2010 by 1FCK_1FCK
The main problem Germany had today is one that only goes away with experience -- they have a very young team. Young players are prone to inconsistency. One game (Australia) they're really really good, while the next they are so-so. This tournament will help the national team immensely, but the pay-off may not come for another 2 years, and then 2 years after that. No, the veterans didn't do their jobs today, but they need the youngsters to come through for them consistently, and that didn't happen today. But it's not because they're no good, or believed their own good press. It's because they lack experience at this high level of the game. They'll be fine next game.
04:03 June 19, 2010 by Raybat
The problems with this game were the referee and the Germany team itself. The referee handed so many cards with inconsistent judgements throughout the game and in comparison with other referees. For example, why wasnt the handball given a red card just like in Serbia vs Ghana game? and you could see in second half that the referee seemed to incosistently be more lenient. It led people to believe that the referee might either be inexperience, too strict or have personal agenda (maybe he's devastated for the loss of Spain).

I must admit that the Germans played a bad game. It broke my heart since I just bought expensive German kits a few days ago and I have glorified the Germany team so much. They should have substituted Podolski earlier and kept Ozil in the game. Podolski has gone down mentally from the time he missed the first chance. Ozil played a good game but he has not got a good ball in a good position yet. The Serbian goal was a defensive blunder since the goal scorer was completely unguarded. These cannot be repeated if Germany are to face England or Argentine.

The blame should go to the Germany team and the coach!
06:30 June 19, 2010 by Bushdiver
@ Logic Guy.............You're full of crap, plain and simple. Plain truth is that the US sucks at soccer. The winning goal may have been called back but had the US not played so poorly in the first half they wouldn't have been down by 2 goals. I think this is the 4th WM for the US and this team still can't put together a good offence. Donovan who is probably the most experienced player on the team also makes his share of bad passes as well. In any case even if they make it to the second round they will have to face either Germany or Ghana which will be the end for the US. Germany didn't lose this game because Klose got a red card. They just didn't play well, period.
11:50 June 19, 2010 by somenath chatterjee
Well...even after the loss i believe Germany will lift the trophy this time...

the foloowing are the arguments:

1) Germany is only team to win WC even after losing match in group stage (1954 & 1974)

2) Similarity to WC 1974 (Missed penalty)

3) Every team must have a bad game & for Germany it's over

So be brave & win the last match against ghana..

Go germany
12:07 June 19, 2010 by patrpace
It was a combination....firstly the ref was horrific....I am starting to TRULY believe certain refs are going in matches with a hidden agenda.....certainly this Spanish ref`s attitude was `strange`....eg if he referees in Germany or England with `his` criteria....teams would end playing 5-a-side....cos the games are very physical...basic refereeing states that any ref should judge whether tackles are violent....maybe 3 out of the 10 he dished out were....and the first Klose card? Ridiculous!

Secondly Germany panicked after the Serbian goal.

Thirdly, Loewe made bad substitutions....Gomez by now should be considered ineffective in any situation for the german team (he should NEVER have been chosen for the WC...Kuranji was the obvious choice) ....and Marin and Cacao simply did nothing not to mention that our best player...Ozil...was taken off!!!!. And why not substitute Podolski then? It was clear his mind was blown up after the penalty miss so it would have been better to change him for the remainder of the match.....

Is all lost? Never!

Germany are used to be in trouble and get out of it.....I am hoping they will do so again....but one thing is sure...they HAVE to beat Ghana now...without Klose... and they can do it....Go Germany!
13:48 June 20, 2010 by guerito
Germany played somewhat lousy in this game, and I don't think they lost because of the cards. However, the referee destroyed the game for the audience. Soccer is not water ballet - how are the players supposed to play when every little tackle is followed by a card?
05:17 June 21, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
If you're not bleeding, nothing is broken, and you're still awake, then it's not a bloody card. FIFA is run by a gaggle of old women.
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