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Thousands demonstrate against Israeli sea raid

DDP/DPA/The Local · 5 Jun 2010, 10:04

Published: 05 Jun 2010 10:04 GMT+02:00

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The demonstration marched through the city centre, many waving Turkish flags, after the council of the Islamic Society in the city called for people to show their support for Gazans and those who tried to break Israel’s blockade of the strip.

Demonstrators shouted slogans calling the Israeli military murderers and demanding that the blockade of the Gaza Strip be lifted.

Nine people are known to have been killed during the Israeli military boarding of a Turkish boat which had been part of a convoy taking aid to Gaza.

The ship was raided in international waters, an act which has provoked outrage around the world and most seriously damaged Israeli diplomatic relations with Turkey.

The British Guardian daily paper reported at the weekend that Turkish post-mortems on those killed showed many had been shot several times, including in the head.

The Israelis argued that their forces were attacked when they boarded the boat, and say the blockade of the Gaza Strip is necessary to limit the rocket attacks launched from the area, which is ruled by the terrorist grouping Hamas. The blockade has led to terrible humanitarian conditions for those living in Gaza.

Eleven Germans, including MPs for the socialist Left party, Inge Höger and Annette Groth as well as former MP Norman Paech, were on the convoy, which had been organised by the group ‘Free Gaza’.

One German was injured in the raid and received treatment in Tel Aviv after he and the others on the boats were taken to Israel. Three of the five Germans so detained were released on Wednesday and extradited from the country.

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One further aid ship, sailing under an Irish flag, was on Saturday stopped by the Israeli marines as it tried to reach Gaza. No violence was reported.

The boat – called Rachel Corrie after an American activist killed when trying to stop houses being destroyed in the Gaza strip by the Israeli forces – was carrying around 1,200 tonnes of aid, with a group of around 20 activists including Northern Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Maguire.

DDP/DPA/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

18:30 June 5, 2010 by Bushdiver
These people should be demonstrating against the outrageous taxes here in Germany instead of what they are protesting against. There is nothing to protest against Israel. The flotilla was warned and deceided to be heroes anyway. They asked for it and they got it.
19:42 June 5, 2010 by wgbh66
you are right, they have to demonstrate against the taxes issues AS WELL.....

but who caused the problems with the taxes are human being.... while who caused the problems to the aid ships convoy are wild, non-human, creatures called Israelis..... and i think this provides high priority.
19:56 June 5, 2010 by bernie1927
Israel is truly a terrorist state, armed with nuclear weapons. Why should Iran not be allowed to defend itself against this rogue state? I thought the Israelis were only armed with paint ball guns, but how come they all of a sudden produced and used real guns to kill innocent civilians? I wish our president had the guts to cut off all aid to Israel.
21:10 June 5, 2010 by pmach
Looks like the swastika is being replaced by the star of david. But no they have nothing to demonstrate against Isreal like the USS liberty attack or boarding unarmed Flotilla vessels bringing aid to Palestinians and killing the aid workers because they support Palestine and not Israel. The Israelis want to preserve there existence it seems at everyone elses expense these days. The bottom line is they over reacted and made a big miscalculation and its one they will never live down.

The Israelis where also DANCING in the streets like they won the world cup after the deaths of the Turkey citizens just Google it pretty disgusting. Perhaps next time the term such as negotiating passage as an option or taking out the propellers which are standard practice before the slaughter option just because they enjoy killing people and then celebrating by dancing in the streets is all they proved in any event.

Hopefully the block-aid and Palestinian boarder will open for the world to repair what has been almost completely destroyed by occupying Israel who's only goal appears to be compete eradication of the true but converted Semitic Jews, the Palestinians. If they do not get help soon the world knows they will be completely exterminated by the Israelis as they have lost 75% of THEIR land already. Oops a firecracker went off said the Israeli better kill some more Palestinians for the attack.
01:27 June 6, 2010 by wenddiver
I pray to God that the world realizes that most of theseanti-israelis posters are Muslims and Turks living in Germany, with a few extremists thrown in. I can not believe that Germany, her governmentor her people would want to go back to it's 1945 reputation. The effect on exports would be catastrophic. The effect on reputation totally negative.
01:35 June 6, 2010 by dv600
Maybe someone can explain

- why do the Palestinians shoot rockets at Israel after this one completely withdrawn from Gaza? what the hell do they want?

- where were all these demonstrators, commentators and press when rockets were falling on towns and villages in Israel !?

- "One further aid ship, sailing under an Irish flag, was on Saturday stopped by the Israeli marines as it tried to reach Gaza. No violence was reported."

Ah Ha. What happened? Maybe they were just more peace seekers and not provocateurs sent by the new extreme Islamic Turkish government??? (the same one that tells Turks in Germany they should not try to integrate and women in Turkey they should dress religious again, deleting all the good legacy achieved by Ataturk...)
07:18 June 6, 2010 by baronprod
A most unfortunate scenario.... Israel warned the flotilla but wasn't taken seriously.

It's time for Germans to realize some truth, namely that the aid on those ships was rejected by Hamas! The aim here is to bolster a terrorist group that allows its own people to suffer to further their heinous cause. The German people should know who their friends really are.... and it's not the Turks! Gaza was given back, completely and totally and what did the Israelis get in return.... thousands of rockets! Germans should not fall for the calls to unite against Israel but rather should understand that their enlightenment will come from supporting their ally and friend and as friends do, criticize when a mistake is made, but not waver in support of a nation created mostly as a result of Germany's creation due to it's own horrible actions of WW2. And don't forget who's now trying to champion the cause of the Pals..... Iran! It should be a moral responsibility of Germany to recognize the coming of Hitler #2 and fight against the spread of this hateful regime that is spreading its poison throughout the world. Unfortunately for the Turks, they have caught this nasty disease and will suffer as a result.
10:35 June 6, 2010 by auniquecorn
A Blockade is a Blockade, When you try to crash one, you will pay the price. If they would of stopped and let them search the ship I´m sure they would of let them thru. But when you try to run it it´s only self defence on Isreals side.
11:25 June 6, 2010 by swoki

I can explain:

Q: why do the Palestinians shoot rockets at Israel after this one completely withdrawn from Gaza? what the hell do they want?

A: It's true that all Isreali troops have withdrawn from the Gaza strip but Isreal is under strict control of Gaza borders, seacoast and airspace. Nothing can get either in or out. Rockets *and* all sorts of goods included. No building materials have been allowed, making it impossible for Gaza to recover from the 2008-2009 war. In the same time, Israel receives billions of dollars from the US as foreign aid. The State of Israel is mocking international law by claiming they no longer have Gaza under occupation. Actually, according to several UN missions the blockade is a war crime.

Q: where were all these demonstrators, commentators and press when rockets were falling on towns and villages in Israel !?

A: Some quick numbers, to demonstrate how disproportionate the violence against Gaza is, compared to the violence against Israel. During the 22-day Gaza War, 1400 Palestinians died, 5000 homes, 16 government buildings and 20 mosques were destroyed, while 25000 homes were damaged. During the same war, 13 Israelis died, and and unknown number - you can help me with that - of Israeli homes was damaged. I guess that's why noone demonstrates when Israel is attacked.

Q: "One further aid ship, sailing under an Irish flag, was on Saturday stopped by the Israeli marines as it tried to reach Gaza. No violence was reported."

A: Boarding any ship, in international waters, is a direct violation of maritime law. Using this incident as an example is just ridiculous. To remind you some facts: Isreali soldiers, properly trained, boarded a ship full of civilians in international waters. Even if Israel's version is true - no proof has been brougth to light - and the commandos were attacked with axes and knives (that's how many people would treat pirates anyway), ending up with 9 people with bullets all over their bodies (including their heads) is a serious hint that something is terribly wrong with these soldiers and the commands they had been given. If these Turkish people - who have been called terror extremists by the Israeli governent after they had been shot to death - wanted to actually kill Israelis, don't you think they would have been carrying something a bit more serious than axes and knives. If they wanted to fight, they knew they would have to fight against professional soldiers.

13:17 June 6, 2010 by ron1amr
The truth is Israelites are getting away with murder and have been for some time. I don't know what roles Netanyahu plays in this. To board a vessel in international waters is an act of piracy and hopefully enough international pressure will encourage Israel to come clean on this issue. They are blatant liars and would use any form to falsify their claims to justify their actions. This along with their accused assassination of a Hamas leader. (what happened to all that news it is no longer even mentioned is their going to be an investigation on that matter?)

I think a lot of people will be watching Israel a lot more closely and if you dig a little you will find a lot of atrocities that they have committed.

its about time that they need to be accountable for their actions and follow international law.
13:23 June 7, 2010 by username123456789
Read kopp-online.com to understand better who is guilty.

Summarize: The ship did not stop, when Israelis said, that it should stop.

So, Israelis had to stop it, to protect theirself. Or would GBritain and Germany it ejoy to get weekly rockeets from their neighbors? israels gets from the radical Hamas, which are in Gaza, rockets, because their target is to destroy Israel.

Inside the ship they found terrorists....

This means: If you select a "Die Linke" party (partyowners were at the ship) next time at germans votes, then you vote for Islam and against Israel, against homosexuality, against freedom, for Imans, for Muslims.

Read the quran to understand what their plan is. Their plan is that they rule world.

Important: In the quran they write about "land of peace" (all countries where the Islam rules) and the "land of war" (lands where not the Islam has the power = mostly all western countries).

Islam would never let them integrate in a western democracy, because the Scharia (islamic law) is the only power for them.

Western democratic countries should start to wake up!! Or soon will Konstantinopel will become Istanbul in the whole of Europe.
16:04 June 7, 2010 by pmach
I think because of recent events the blockade will be broken and Israel will loose it power to police its contrived enemy. Israel was settled with a gun and a bible and that's why we have this mess today. The Palestinians are the real Jews who converted to Christianity so how can the Jews from Europe try and continue to claim land in the name of Israel when the true inhabitants for centuries remain there and continue to loose land under false pretenses again by the bible and a gun which would not hold water in any other country rule of law.

Iran is now sending in its own aid escorted by its military and Turkey may also do the same.

By this Israel will have to stand aside or fight and they will not beat both Turkey (all German subs) and Iran who also has significant resources. I hope it doesn't come to this but Israel is not the by any means the right governance over the Palestinians being that they are enemies which is as a result of there occupation and massive land grab and the end of the day. Gaza needs international military aid to stabilize its borders and help return it to some sort of Normalized state as well as expand its boarders too far more reasonable terms which are all points neglected by the above user name.
18:58 June 7, 2010 by Kennneth Ingle
It is one thing to defend a country against terrorists, quite another to see everybody who has a different opinion as an enemy or anti-Semitic.

National pride is not always wrong, but pure nationalism invariably dangerous.

The world must decide whether it is to accept Israel¦#39;s crimes against humanity without any sanctions, or whether the same rules should apply to all countries.
22:00 June 7, 2010 by derExDeutsche
why do I feel like we are doomed to fight WWII all over again?

Germany not had its fill of 'Jew bashing' yet?

Still some 'debt left unsettled', Germany? Not had your fill?

That you Anti-Semites get off on calling people Nazi s a symptom of your illness. You disgust me. Germans need to not wonder why their Nazi past follows so close behind. They will just give all the old Terms NEW NAMES, and all is forgotten. Nothing changes.
22:22 June 7, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Well, this time it won't be WWII all over again, it will be WWIII. And this time I think it will be Israel that starts it, not Germany. And before you start flaming, I am not anti-Semitic, as the Palestinians are Semites as well. I do have some problems with Zionist nationalism, however, which is the bag that Netanyahu is in. The 3-year blockade of Gaza is an abomination and a crime against humanity. Maybe this recent act of piracy and murder on the high seas by the IDF will serve as a catalyst to inspire the international community to stop kissing Israel's @ss and compel it to act responsibly and lawfully.

Noam Chomsky has written about these issues accurately and eloquently. He's also a Jew.
22:50 June 7, 2010 by derExDeutsche
Noam Chomsky is a JOKE!!! Don't worry, Hitler had Professors, too.

You do realize that what YOU are engaging in AN UNINTERRUPTED ANTI SEMITISM. Hitler was approached by the Mufti of Palestine, Yassers Uncle, I believe. To offer Hitler his support in in the killing of Jews. THE WAR HAS NEVER ENDED FOR THE JEWS! THEY ARE STILL AT WAR! What part do you not understand? They are not nice enough to the Nazi s, Idiot? They are nicer than I would be.
23:42 June 7, 2010 by Talonx
@ Swoki and Prufrock2010

Excellently explained.

@ derExDeutsche

The good Christian Irish also offered their support, as did the Catholic church till 1937, as did various Christian groups in the U.S. and Canada as did the Italians and the Spanish. By your logic all these folks ancestors are part and parcel?

Further, what is nazi short for? Oh, that's right 'nazionalist'. What's Noam? Oh, that's right an anarchist. And, what about Chomsky is anti-semitic, I think you could say he doesn't think Israel should exist, but neither does he want the U.S. or any other nation to exist (part of being an anarchist generally entails anti-nationalist leanings)? You're lucky he's an anarchist or he might go after you for libel.

Quit talking out your #ss.
00:03 June 8, 2010 by Prufrock2010
ExDeutsche --

"Noam Chomsky is a JOKE?"

What in the world does that make you? The punch line? Because you may be the only person in the world who thinks he's a joke. Even his mortal enemies, such as Netanyahu, take him seriously.

Talonx --

Chomsky is not an anarchist, by any stretch of the imagination. However, I do recommend reading "Fateful Triangle." It is a scholarly, factual account of what's led up to this mess. Probably too many footnotes and annotations for our Israeli (right or wrong) apologists on this thread, though. The facts cited would tax their bumper-sticker political orthodoxy too much and fry what's left of their brain cells.
00:21 June 8, 2010 by Talonx
@ Prufrock2010

I hate to disagree with you, but what do you think a 'libertarian socialist' is (which is what he calls himself)?

He's stated his beliefs are classic (Kropotkin and Proudhon) ones and that he sees the sense in syndicalism of the Spanish sort. Finally, he's written numerous articles on anarchism, constructivist pieces concerning progress towards anarchism and he's an IWW member.

Realists can be anarchists too.
00:59 June 8, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Point noted, but I would think that if he refers to himself as a libertarian socialist (which I haven't heard from him, by the way), then that's his intellectual construct. I think the terms are mutually exclusive, but he's more scholarly than I. That does not equate to anarchism in my mind. I am also a philosophical anarchist, and have written on that theme, but I also know that abstract philosophy and the realpolitik seldom collide. So if I were forced to pigeonhole him, I would deem him to be an enlightened socialist humanitarian realist, which is probably how I would classify myself in the most flattering terms when my demons are asleep.
02:25 June 8, 2010 by derExDeutsche
Yes yes, He is a VERY SERIOUS ANARCHIST.... JOKE! He's a decent Linguist and a world class Douche Bag. LOL.

Maybe it is HIM and his MINIONS(you) handing out Lefty Litter-ature on how to Burn a Car without getting caught???

NOOOO, it couldn't be!!! yay, Anarchy!!! I'm 13 years old, wheeeee!!!!!
04:39 June 8, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
I wish this were a comedy.
15:25 June 8, 2010 by Talonx
@ Prufrock

He also refers to himself as an anarchist from time to time. He uses the term 'libertarian socialist' partially to be cheeky and partially to make people think. You are free to pigeonhole whomever however you like, but Chomsky considers himself an anarchist as do other anarchists.

@ derExDeutsche

You certainly behave like a 13 y.o. Though I doubt you have any principles.

Anyways, what I find most interesting about reactions from the IDF, Zionists, and apologists to the Israeli govt. is the selective attention paid to the groups involved with the flotilla.

It is the truth that all of Israel DOES NOT support Netanyahu or the actions of the IDF. The Flotilla was organized by Palestinians, ISRAELIs, Turks, Irish, Germans, loads of diverse interests all focused on helping a people that have been denied any form of usefull aide by the IDF and what has been technically described and validated by international measures developed following the WWs as 'crimes against humanity'.

Please recognize the difference of a people and a govt. Not all Israeli's (not even a majority) necessarily support the actions of the current (or past) govt. and in fact some are allies in the fight against oppression and the militaristic state of Israel.
15:43 June 9, 2010 by Major B
I am strongly aligned with those who saw through this Turkish ruse and I totally defend Israel's right to defend itself. Some of the comments above, that the "Star of David is the new Swastika" are reprehensible and blasphemous!!!!! Bernie1927 and my man Prufrock I have to differ with you here. Say what you want the trauma from WWII is still with the Jewish people and will take some decades to filter out, IF ANOTHER major conflict DOES NOT take place. Ask the Koreans and Chinese how they STILL feel about Japanese atrocities during WWII. Germans, get into the files and find the hard feelings your ancestors had resulting from atrocities from the Hundred Years War. Ask the Greeks, who were "flagellated" for their economic troubles, about Turkish occupation and you will see and instant firecracker. AS FOR THE TURKS, WHO ARE THEY TO CRITICIZE ANYONE? I am so bewildered as to how the Europeans were taken in by their ruse. Why? Easy? When they withdraw from Cyprus, allow that country to reunite and hold fair elections, then they can be taken SERIOUSLY. Until then, Turkey lives in a glass house!!!
05:14 June 10, 2010 by Talonx
@ Major B

I fail to see how this is a 'Turkish ruse' at any level. Surely you don't mean nationally, Turkey as a Nation had really nothing to do with this as far as organization goes. If it did, good for them for actually doing something about Israel's crimes against humanity by breaking the blockade. If you meant that some Turks were involved, fair enough, but you must realize that so to were various others involved including Israeli nationals, this was not any one nation or group of nationals effort.

Your opinions don't conform to reality.
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