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Lena wins Eurovision

AFP/The Local · 30 May 2010, 01:13

Published: 30 May 2010 00:41 GMT+02:00
Updated: 30 May 2010 01:13 GMT+02:00

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"I'm so happy and so thankful and so grateful and I never thought that we could do this," said Lena Meyer-Landrut, who just completed her high school exams.

It's the second time Germany has won the legendary song contest in its 55-year history after Nicole’s “A Little Peace” in 1982.

Dark red lips trembling with emotion, the singer told the show's hosts she did not feel strong enough to lift her trophy.

"Thank you! This is so absolutely awesome and I feel like just, this is not real," she said, a German flag in her hands.

In a competition that has come to be dominated by eastern European countries who favour super-glamourised, American-style performers, Lena came across as a refreshingly unpretentious teenager plucked from the streets of Hannover.

Untrained, unprofessional, and conspicuously adolescent, Lena, who turned 19 last weekend, has been phenomenon in Germany since winning “Our Star for Oslo” in March. Since then, Lena debuted with three singles in the top five of the music charts after being taking under the wing of German TV personality Stefan Raab.

She had been considered one of the favourites to win Eurovision and Germany will now host the show next year.


Organisers said more than 120 million viewers across 39 European countries, but also as far afield as Burma, Australia and New Zealand, tuned in to the contest, one of the world's most watched events.

The show took place without any major incidents, but one of the 16,000 fans who had packed Oslo's Telenor Arena to watch the contest live managed to slip through security and onto the stage during Spain's performance.

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Some in Spain identified the intruder as Jaume Marquet Cot, better known as "Jimmy Jump", a real estate agent from the separatist-minded region of Catalonia who is known for pitch invasions of several major sporting events.

They accused him of trying to ruin Daniel Diges' chances of winning Eurovision with "Algo Pequenito."

A total of 25 countries were competing in the final for the winner's prize, selected by specialist juries and by viewers voting by phone or text message in the 39 countries that took part in the contest.

Turkey, Romania, Denmark and Azerbaijan respectively came in to take the other top spots behind Germany.

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Your comments about this article

01:51 May 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Culture is officially dead.
03:26 May 30, 2010 by martell
Sour grapes time for bad losers.
03:37 May 30, 2010 by pmach
Very catchy tune and she won by a landslide as well. Not sure what the culture comment has to do with this, sounds like it belongs in another forum per usual. Lets stick to the topic of Lena winning the competition for the fatherland.
03:51 May 30, 2010 by askin
Eurovision Song Contest Inspires A New Idea

04:56 May 30, 2010 by Teutonic
I couldn't agree more with Prufrock2010. What lemmings people are to like music like this. Degenerate music in every way.
05:07 May 30, 2010 by wenddiver
That's not degenerate, trust me I'vedone degenerate and that's not it. She is a very cute, sweet girl. Here's to the new winner, may she make a lot of money and her fellow tatooed, and pierced teenagers adopt her clean cut look.

Germany should be proud.
07:26 May 30, 2010 by auslanderus
I am sorry but if she is the best singer of 90million people then Germany is in deep trouble. I don't like her singing in any way or form. Maybe she should get some help from a pro and then try again. Ramstein is much better than her.
09:06 May 30, 2010 by lordkorner
Prufrock and teutonic,and the rest,get a grip.using the word culture and eurovision in the one sentence is laughable. Its at best a Pantomime for the uncultured ,why do you think Italy never takes part, too proud of its musical heritage. All that apart I agree with wenddiver, Lena is cute ,sweet ,whatever and she sang a good PoP song well,well done Germany.
10:02 May 30, 2010 by JohnnesKönig
For those of you that don not like her and the song, you do not have to listen. It looks to me like a majority of Europeans like it and that's what it's all about!

I live in Hannover and it was a festive evening at the Rathaus. So many fans were there to support her. And now we hope the weather will be good again tonight to see her there!

10:14 May 30, 2010 by dbert4
She's a really cute kid, song was dumb. But aren't most of them.
10:29 May 30, 2010 by claudegaveau
Eurovision songs are nearly the same type of rubbish. This song was like a breath of fresh air. One will never find the next Mozart masterpiece on Eurovision anyway. As Wenddiver said, lets hope she really makes it and more German teens try to adopt her cleaner personality instead of become degenerate, graffiti writing, tattoos all over their face and neck drop outs.
10:44 May 30, 2010 by Victor Scicluna
Why are some of you such bad losers, this was a great song, it won and by such a great margin, Germany has been trying to win for many many years, they have tried really all forms, from crazy stuff, to extravagant shows from Stefan Raab, this time they had a pot of gold from a young innocent cute girl. She delivered and Europe voted.

I found myself heartily supporting Germany yesterday. I liked the song from the very first time I heard it on the radio and had not realised this was Germany´s entry.

So well done Lena .................... you were simply the best. As for those who do not find you so great, well they can listen to one of the other contestants .......... I think at one point some British guy appeared too.

Lena ................simply great. Wish her the best
11:11 May 30, 2010 by snaark
"refreshingly unpretentious"... I agree, she was the most unpretentious Lilly Allen rip off in the whole competition.
12:23 May 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Of course I was being facetious when I wrote "culture is officially dead." I know that Eurovision bears no relationship to culture, just as cute little Lena's song bears no relationship to music. Gotta love her for that fake English accent, though.

By the way, whatever happened to the Harry Potter guy who won last year? Has he ever been heard from again?
12:52 May 30, 2010 by whatzup
Cute kid but of course any resemblance of that performance to good music is pure coincidence. Eurovision was never conceived as anything other than teenage musical theater, its like MacDonalds in appealing to the lowest common denominator. Why begrudge the 14 and 15 year olds their fun?
13:01 May 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Teeny-bopper nationalism at its finest. American Idol on steroids, minus the talent.
13:24 May 30, 2010 by Bryan Conner
To Prufrock: Define culture for the rest of us here.
14:19 May 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Bryan Conner --

Okay, since you ask so nicely:

Culture ­ noun

1. the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.

2. that which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc.

3. a particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period: Greek culture.

4. development or improvement of the mind by education or training.

5. the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture.

6. Anthropology . the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.

You could have looked it up yourself.
15:03 May 30, 2010 by marimay
Lol, omg I actually bothered to listen to the song. Terrible doesn't even begin to describe what I just heard. I am soooo sorry, ears.
17:07 May 30, 2010 by LancashireLad
The girl can actually sing - it's just the song was crap, and yes if she's able to impove the English accent a bit ....having said that, it could become a hallmark. Didn't do Arnie any harm.
17:11 May 30, 2010 by martell
On his next stay in Oz, Times inkslinger Boyes should watch out the local farmers don't use the burdizzo on him LOL
18:18 May 30, 2010 by whatzup
Sure she can sing a little bit, just not so well in english. Why didn't she sing it in deutsch for heavens sake?

I liked "Pants On The Ground" better. The vocal was better too.
19:01 May 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
I thought Eurovision was supposed to be a SONG contest, not a personality contest. Of course the song is crap. I was subjected to it again today in a bar while trying to watch the French Open, which German Eurosport decided to dump in favor of a handball match.

The song could be useful in the war in Afghanistan, however, if played on a continuous loop at 120 dB at every Taliban stronghold. They would surrender in 3 hours.
20:10 May 30, 2010 by LancashireLad
Or pee themselves laughing at the lyrics - "I bought new underwear - they blue"

Reminds of a song title I once heard of - "Did I really shave my legs for this?"
22:05 May 30, 2010 by claudegaveau
Eurovision always tacky and always will be. But give credit where credit is due. She was refreshing and was the only song I could remember after hearing all the songs. All the rest sounded pretty much the same. At least the Germans deviated from the usual Eurovision formula with an up and coming talented young singer.
23:13 May 30, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, yes, she is an attractive young woman with a clean image and personality. Perhaps she can use her influcence to imspire other teenagers to be like her. As long as the young people thinks she's cool, then it really doesn't matter what us adults think.

The small German flag didn't hurt either. I would also say "Don't try to change your accent, just focus on improving your command of the English langauge." Unique is good.
23:18 May 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Logic Guy --

You're an adult?
01:58 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Congrats Germany. Dont worry about the losers here that have to criticize the winner as they include only the truly un-cool and very lonely pencil pocket drooling nerds like the guys above my comment.
02:18 May 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
pmach --

A career in music criticism awaits you if you ever learn anything about music and learn to write coherently. Thinking this s*it is cool doesn't cut it, bro, unless you're 13 years old. And by the way, if this is the best talent Germany could come up with, Germany's become a cultural wasteland.
05:30 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Again Prufrock your true colors are showing and your again proving to be a loser freak.

I have a very successful career already thanks, but I will give you this at least your jokes su&k consistently.

Music is a gift we all share moron. Perhaps your just retarded like everyone else here knows and haven't figured that one out yet so perhaps its you that needs to find a better hobby and how to chill out and relax (please have a heart attack you stress goyim).

If you don't like the music then go f%#@ off and listen to your own crap and don't tell others what good and whats not. Your just to stupid to educate anyone anyway. And music is definitely not your forte.

To make matters worse you pick on a 19 year old female who has done more with her life than you can ever dream and you have to attack her music style etc. In person we would all smash you little brains senseless but then again you wouldn't have the guts to say this in public because of the ass whop-pen you get from everyone in the bar. Face if your just a freak.

Germany won by a LANDSLIDE they are the best this year period. Or maybe your just jealous of people who are far superior to you like Lena. Poor proffruit cake, cant dance, sing or make friends or be famous like Nena. Sorry about your luck Prufruit cake.
07:32 May 31, 2010 by marimay
Pmach -

You just wrote a novel for a comment on an insignificant German news website. Who is the loser freak now?
11:13 May 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Jesus, pmach, what an off-the-wall rant! Are you the chick's agent or something? No, you're just a badass drive-by troll with a room temperature IQ and serious self-esteem issues. But keep the hits coming, you and your little Lena. And if you want to meet me in person to "smash my little brains senseless," let's make an appointment right now.
11:21 May 31, 2010 by whatzup
here's pmach trolling again, what a surprise.
14:14 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Sorry boys but my rant stands. You guys are pathetic and when you get told that your all pissed off because the truth hurts (but that's how I would expect idiots to respond).

As far as trolling Whatzup; Its those who visit sites to attack/influence the readers of a site in a negative way say like you and Prufrock who always have to attack subjects verses debate them. I just come it to verbally kick your pathetic butts because in person you guys are just fat, lazy out of shape losers no threat to anyone but little girls and boys as I have proved in the past. I can at least dish it out here and also in person with very few challenges the least from readers here and yes that's bragging because I can losers.

To the contrary Lena is a winner and you fools criticizing her are the total losers what are you critics LOL. Get a life smucks!!

As far as meeting Prufrock lets exchange information today and will see how quickly you sh#t your pants pussy.
15:56 May 31, 2010 by marimay
LOL this is getting beyond pathetic. I don't think room 'temperature IQ' was too far off....
16:28 May 31, 2010 by pmach
LOL Right back at you marimay.
16:31 May 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The room temperature of a wine cellar.
17:03 May 31, 2010 by pmach
You know you suck when even your jokes glaringly reflect your loser status. To be so boring that IQ referred to a wine cellar is your best option. LOL...

Lena again is proving that she has far more talent then you smucks put together since at east she gets some laughs......so as you continue to try and gain an edge here it still doesn't change the fact that you still are losers and to say that you actually have an IQ would be to big a stretch.

Lena thanks again for the best performance of 2010. Sing it loud and proud and wishing you all the success in the world. Thanks for putting a smile on millions of faces both young and old.

And thanks to the brooding, crusty blow hard losers who just don't get it because there THICK. The world would be so boring if we didn't have you losers to point a finger at and laugh. Marimay and Prufrock you crusty old farts.
17:09 May 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
I've never seen a grown man get his panties in such a wad over a fifth-rate bubblegum pop song before. A whole lotta projection goin' on here.
17:22 May 31, 2010 by whatzup
Yes, pmach is in love. Its clear he (or she) has a crush on this pop singer, maybe he has a thing for much older women.
17:23 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Speaking of getting his depends(adult diapers) all soiled up here. LOL
17:49 May 31, 2010 by marimay
Lets go 3 years into the future..

Lena who?
17:50 May 31, 2010 by pmach
No I am not in love with her whatzup. But she is very cute but far to young for me. But I can appreciate her success. But after all that not the point as I am merely criticizing losers like you and your sorry excuse of a life.

She is after all just a young happy girl liven the dream and having the time of her life unlike your sorry life which sadly consist purely of fantasy.

Su4ks to be you.
17:53 May 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Now there's a man who knows how to debate.
17:55 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Sadly this isnt a debate. Just thought Id clear that up for you as you still don't get it.
18:28 May 31, 2010 by mehta_p
I have a very different point here. Some may hate it.

Sorry to say for her peroformance in above video ONLY:

1. her moves are not kindda girlish

2. there can be better talent in Germany

but after getting tips from profi, she can be at much better level.

Wishing her all the best
19:29 May 31, 2010 by whatzup
Oh I don't know Prufrock2010. If "Su4ks to be you" is a very impressive turn of phrase. Perhaps pmach should take a shot himself at writing the next Eurovision hit as its certainly clear he has a way with words. Heck, Hemingway at his most masterful would have a tough time topping pmach's closing put down. The substitution of the number 4 for the letter c in the word sucks is particularily brilliant.
20:00 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Look at whatzup all hemmingway pomp-ass like he is trying to speak as if intelligence of any kind would ever grace his mind...not. And this from a guy who cant appreciate a 19 year old Lena....no who would have thought! Nobody puts there foot in their mouth like whatzup that's for sure. Surprised your not at the Israel bashing party front page. PS...My comment about the closed box mentality whatzup....please read it again old foolish one.
20:23 May 31, 2010 by whatzup
As I said, brilliant! "closed box mentality"?! Absolutely astounding! No one else could have put it exactly that way!
20:35 May 31, 2010 by pmach
Well we agree on something at least. Now bugger off.
20:51 May 31, 2010 by Icarusty
I could see why the song is so popular across Europe, but at the same time Lena's accent completely butchered it... no matter, her legs are amazing, and that's what won it for me.

And of course I was right about Britain... we came a respectable last place. WOOO BRITAIN!
23:37 May 31, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Don't feed the troll.
01:24 June 1, 2010 by Icarusty
Says the stuck up troll.

At least I recognise grace and beauty when I see it, and Lena has it in droves.
01:38 June 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Not stuck up, just adult.

By the way, aren't you the guy who stated on another thread:

"I shall be trawling the nightclubs during the World Cup looking for poor neglected women. I hate football but I looooovve sex."

So much grace and beauty to be found in the pubs among the poor, neglected football widows during the World Cup. Do you have a favorite pickup line other than "I hate football too, so let's go shag while your old man's glued to the tube?"
02:01 June 1, 2010 by whatzup
I don't know why you bother Prufrock, its all way over pmach's head. Don't feed the 14 year olds.
02:37 June 1, 2010 by pmach
Hahaha Like I always say whatzup your always putting your foot in your mouth and now you cant seem to keep the threads straight. How stupid is that.. I mean common Whatzup lay of the booze already.

The least you could do is keep track of the proper comment threads before your retarded inner self speaks. LOL

I like the over your head comment from a guy that keep his threads straight..how embarrassing. :)

And all this over Lena man she is good!!
06:17 June 1, 2010 by wenddiver
Since Mercedes are made in Alabama or by Turks, the little Lady is now Germany's number one export. Live with it bitter old men.
11:30 June 1, 2010 by whatzup
That kid has neither real grace nor beauty, she's a nice but very ordinary nineteen year old. What she does have is a pedestrian little hit song that will generate a nice little nest egg for her future. She must feel very lucky indeed.
12:09 June 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
"I went everywhere for you

I even did my hair for you

I bought new underwear, they¦#39;re blue

And I wore ¦#39;em just the other day

Love, you know I¦#39;ll fight for you

I left on the porch light for you

Whether you are sweet or cruel

I¦#39;m gonna love you either way

Love, oh, love, I gotta tell you how I feel about you

¦#39;Cause I, oh, I can¦#39;t go a minute without your love

Like a satellite, I¦#39;m in an orbit all the way around you

And I would fall out into the night

Can¦#39;t go a minute without your love

Love, I got it bad for you

I saved the best I have for you

You sometimes make me sad and blue

Wouldn¦#39;t have it any other way"

Sheer poetry. Move over, Shakespeare.

The fact that some people around here are so RABID in their defense of this garbage, the fact that the German media are hyping the bejeezus out of this girl in a nationalist frenzy, and some clowns think this is Germany's greatest export since the Mercedes Benz, indicate to me that Germany's collective self-esteem must be abysmal.

What a friggin' hoot!
14:07 June 1, 2010 by Icarusty

Whatever works
15:38 June 1, 2010 by pmach
Well the lyrics are not any better or worse then any of the other pop songs being spun out around the world so what counts is how catchy the tune is. If people wish to buy it hook line and sinker and its promoted as the best thing since sliced bread then so be it. No different than any other country partying up a win. Its also good for moral as the olympics alone will boost a nations moral and these days any national event win will qualify to celebrate. So what ever the reason as long as its in good spirit join the party or go home. It sounds like a few of you need to stop wining because you not invited to the party or perhaps just don't get pop music and its just time to give it a rest and go home for the minority party poopers here.

As far a taste in music no one here gets to decide whats good or not good unless you voted at which time you became the majority or minority and your fate was sealed. The wining however is pathetic boys and that's what all the post here for the most part are about not so much the Lena win or celebration as that's history but the fact that you will come back time and time again to say how bad she is when the voting closed Saturday and no matter what you LOST and the MAJORITY one so its no suprise your but kicking here is any different that the voting results is it.

PS To be clear boys the Majority does not care what the minority think in any subject true or otherwise so if your looking for some kind of justice I guess it time to grow up and move on boys. By the way Germany has been the number 1 and number 2 exporter in the world which means it has plenty to export besides Mercedes.

Join the party or go cry in your beer.
15:38 June 1, 2010 by whatzup
Its all about * money *. As H. L. Mencken commented "No one ever went broke underestimating the public's bad taste". As a piece of music Lena's little ditty is totally unremarkable but the german media as part of entertainment big business smells money to be made and promotes this vapid drivel like Christ's second coming. The business of business is business not art. The highest possible profit is assured by offering the cheapest commodity to the lowest common denominator which is the widest possible market.

This ain't rocket science, just a fact of life since man figured out how to make money with mass production.
17:34 June 1, 2010 by Thames
I hope Germany can do better in the World Cup.
18:58 June 1, 2010 by Henckel
A wonderful victory for Germany!!!
21:50 June 1, 2010 by 7ofNine
It´s extraordinary how some people assure how unimportant and inexplicable they find the whole lena-hype but nevertheless have the enormous energy to spent so much lifetime (actually several days in different threats) shooting with live ammunition at a little undoubtedly successful (whether she deserves it or not) girl that never will read any of these tirades. You guys definitly have too much time. Don´t take yourselves too seriously. Better think about what Nicole sang back in 1982 - "Ein bisschen Frieden" would suit well on you... Oh excuse me - maybe this happened before your birth. ;)
22:24 June 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The interest, and therefore the comments, are not so much about Lena's insipid drivel (which is a given), but at least in my case more about the rabid media hype with turbo-nationalistic overtones and the public reaction thereto. It's like a micro-study in sociology, at its best, and watching a cultural train wreck at its worst. If 40,000 people show up on the street in Hannover to idolize this teeny-bopper, as if she were Germany's Joan of Arc, a few comments here are certainly befitting.

Besides, it's fun to read pmach going illiterately ballistic over a non-event.
22:42 June 1, 2010 by GMona
I thought the young lady was really cute and I liked the song also. I was disappointed that most of the songs were sung in English. I think songs should be sung in the singers native tongue. Not that I would have understood it but I would have liked that better. I don't like seeing other countries trying so hard to be Americanized. I am an American who lives in California and enjoys the different people of the world.
22:42 June 1, 2010 by whatzup
It is fun watching pmach revel in a tacky promotion like the Eurovision Song Contest. I feel a bit guilty egging him on here really. I'm sure he has a good side, maybe he (or she) is particularly nice to his mother for instance.
23:13 June 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Gmona --

I'll pass your comments on to pmach, as he seems to be the German promoter of the Eurovision kitschfest.
02:43 June 2, 2010 by pmach
Thanks for the admin work Prufrock its seems you and whatzup are falling into line nicely, keep up the satisfactory work.
13:44 June 2, 2010 by Wabit
I thought that Denmark had a really nice song (sigh) :-)
14:43 June 2, 2010 by Jasmine33
I thought this song had a pretty good beat to it, but not really that much into pop music. I've heard worse than this.

Some of the lyrics I found rather questionable though, such as:

(1) The one about the blue underwear

(2) Whether you're sweet or cruel . . . . . .(don't think I could love someone cruel to me).

(3) Sometimes you make me sad and blue (how could you have a meaningful relationship with someone that made you sad and blue).

I guess the point was that she is going to love this person no matter what. Lena is a young girl with a little silly but cute act in the song, however, she won and made Germany very happy. I was surprised it was sang in English but evidently that pleased the crowds too.
01:59 June 3, 2010 by Prufrock2010
My understanding is that this song was written by a couple of American dudes. Someone else said it was written by a Danish guy. That would explain why it was "sang" [sic] in English. It really doesn't matter, however, as it's complete crapola, but nevertheless a finger on the pulse of German pop culture (an oxymoron).
18:25 June 3, 2010 by whatzup
The problem is that Germany has no popular culture worth speaking of since Hitler tried to peddle his romantic knock offs. As a consequence Germans have raided American jazz and pop. Unfortunately they never get it quite right as evidenced by this latest sample, on the whole they substitute cuteness for any real feeling which seems to be beyond them.
21:18 June 3, 2010 by Jasmine33
I should have said "sung" in English instead of L"sang" in English. This is a little off topic, but still has to do with pop music, but can anyone tell me if the German band Kraftwerk is still a popular pop, or rather electro-pop group? I've read where they had a major influence on music in general around the world, although I believe the group that included Schneider, Flur and Bartos has broken up. Perhaps since there are so many other pop bands now they no longer have the popular image they once did. I was just wondering, don't know in the US if their songs are played very much anymore. Anyone in the States remember Woodstock? I didn't get to go to the concert, too young, but from what I've heard it was one of a kind. Not much into rock like that anymore either. Like soft rock, country and western, jazz, some pop, classical, guess my tastes have mellowed a bit with age.
05:04 June 4, 2010 by pmach
Germany pop culture has risen in the ranks to new heights since the collapse of the Berlin wall. Berlin has become the world international capital of club culture, The most creative Berlin minds, around 36,300 people, are active in the film industry. In terms of the number of enterprises, the largest creative sectors are books and print media, architecture, software and games.

Bands like Tokio Hotel, Oomph and Rammstein know for there raw original lyrics are have reached International success. The German language with its strong overtones is turning out some of the best metal in the world in both English and German to which its strong language vernacular is well suited with its deep power rock baritones needed to produce powerful rock ballads. Berlin is the mecca of the young German music and fashion scene ­ Berlin is "in and the reason behind so many big Hollywood names owning residence in Berlin like Brad Pitt.

So with the growing pop culture status of Germany expanding on many fronts we should continue to see Germany spring onto the world stage in style.
19:42 June 4, 2010 by whatzup
The problem of course that once on the world stage Germany would have little to offer of any consequence that it didn't rip off from other cultures. Club "culture", in which zombied participants flail around while ingesting a wide assortment of illicit drugs, is a dead end as is Heavy Metal which the germans have yet to figure out peaked 30 years ago. Berlin may or may not be "in" at the moment but the city is currently dead broke which may or may not suit the "fashion scene".

I recommend that germans concentrate instead on producing Schlager Musik which more nearly approximates their cultural identity. At the very least we could all laugh ourselves silly rather than be bored to tears with the current fare on offer.
20:06 June 4, 2010 by pmach
Germany pop culture has risen in the ranks to new heights since the collapse of the Berlin wall. Berlin has become the world international capital of club culture, The most creative Berlin minds, around 36,300 people, are active in the film industry. In terms of the number of enterprises, the largest creative sectors are books and print media, architecture, software and games.

Bands like Tokio Hotel, Oomph and Rammstein know for there raw original lyrics are have reached International success. The German language with its strong overtones is turning out some of the best metal in the world in both English and German to which its strong language vernacular is well suited with its deep power rock baritones needed to produce powerful rock ballads. Berlin is the mecca of the young German music and fashion scene ­ Berlin is "in and the reason behind so many big Hollywood names owning residence in Berlin like Brad Pitt.

So with the growing pop culture status of Germany expanding on many fronts we should continue to see Germany spring onto the world stage in style.
21:20 June 4, 2010 by cannychanta
I wrote here before the competition that this girl would become the first real German based international star. What bothers me is where the song came from. This is a song contest and the writers of this song are American and Danish. What has this got to do with a German entry? I wanted to enter a song for Ireland but the rules require me to be resident in Ireland. I think the organisers need to get their act together. When Stefan Raab heard that this song had won the German heats and would represent Germany, he was really depressed and said that it was a democratic decision and he would have to accept it. Now suddenly he is acting as if he had chosen the song himself. He was peeved that his own song "Love Me" was quite rightly rejected be the German public. So I would like to congratulate Julie Frost who wrote the song and by the way sings a beatiful version of it. She son the Eurovision Song Contest along with her partner and with the help of lena.
00:32 June 5, 2010 by Johnny Cash
As this is a song contest I would have thought we would all be familiar with the writers name by now but so far in this forum, until cannychantas comment above , not one mention of the name or names. I thought maybe they were so ashamed of this piece of crapolla they didn't want to expose their identities. I think many of the commenters like pmach here have been listening to this sort of industrial noise so long they think it is actually music. Like most art, music is a human pursuit and requires heart ,soul, emotion, imagination,craft etc and , sorry, but the machines that played this dross are not in possession of any of those human traits so, by definition, it is just industrial noise. To paraphrase the great Bill Hicks ," just another one of satans little helpers tainting our collective conciousness". It seems that, after having their livelyhoods ripped off on the internet, all the really good songwriters have given up and left the field open to a bunch of mediocre hacks with huge egos. That is if what I hear on the radio these days is anything to go by. Just an endless parade of lame boring love songs, sung by precious little girl singers or males that sound like girls, with the vocal range of a daisy air rifle. Let's start promoting real talents like Beth Hart ,who tours Germany from time to time and no one ever hears about in the screwed up mass media. Lena is a cute kid with a small talent . Don't believe me? Then pull up Beth Hart at the paradiso on youtube and hear the difference. No autotune there and a voice that will rip you apart if you have your soul attached to your ears. Or maybe try Macy Gray live in Vegas. Then tell me this kid is in that league
02:14 June 5, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Beth Hart is a musician, sort of a cross between Leon Russel and Janice Joplin. Lena is a manufactured meat puppet.
08:22 June 5, 2010 by pmach
Did Beth hart enter the competition Johnny Cash....whats that Johnny she didn't enter? Are you sure retard because I assume since you are comparing her to Hart etc that Hart must have been in the competition. Shes no Elvis either but well for obvious reasons he couldn't make it either. If you don't enter you don't win but I guess you guys where not aware of that. But you gotta like how retarded you guys sound day in and day out about what could have been like you lost your life savings over this event. You lost your minds anyway. As for me I have to come back here out of pitty for Petes sake its like a bad accident you just cant help but look at you fools.

There is lots of great music out there and granted most music today is commercial beat your ass music but its serves a purpose to DANCE to and that's about it. Its not deep nor is it meant to be in this disposable world. If you want deep emotional heart wrenching music then????????

Not everyone is looking for the meaning of life out of every song with the exception of wimps. Can you guys even act a little like real men? I would say get a women but that would be presumptuous of me assuming you could even entertain one long enough that she didn't drop off her chair dead from boredom or your beer breath. Your attempts to prove anything here have only proven what very unsuccessful losers you guys really are and I can see why women avoid you like a plague. Your lack of enjoying the moment because the artist isnt your favorite doesnt mean you throw a temper tantrum and ruin the good time everyone else is having much like you guys do all the time. Now that you crusties know why you are hated by women it time to get your act together and learn that if music carries a beat and you can dance to it nobody really cares about the words so much as long as they are having...yes I will say it turds FUN it will likely attrack much more young and OLD ass then Beth Hart. Once you get the girls then perhaps you can romance her with Beth.

But if you just cannot get over the fact of your dislikes try this; If you like Beth Hart then turn off the dame radio off fool and listen to a CD of Beth. If you don't like pop then listen to your own crap and get the f out of criticizing what your little brains cannot grasp because you just dont get it and never will.

Me however I can listen to all types of music perhaps even Beth more so than any of you can appreciate but then again I get the women while you sit back and watch guys like me get the women while they avoid you retards like the plague. So keep wasting your time on little Lena's star and I will keep on enjoying all the opportunities to enjoy whatever I like while knowing you guys hate the fact that Lena is more successful in her little world than you are in yours.

Good luck with your new found short comings as its just another one to your already exceedingly long list losers. My charity work is done here.
10:39 June 5, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Judging from the illiteracy of pmach's off-the-wall diatribes, which are amusing for their sheer stupidity, I think he's channeling his inner Lena. His knowledge of music is limited to playing his iPod while on the bus to the unemployment office.
11:31 June 5, 2010 by whatzup
If he's really done its your fault Prufrock. Yes, his posts were illiterate and a bit pointless but they were fun to read in a nonsensical kind of way and now you've gone and discouraged him. Sure his comments were easy to make fun of but think of the consequences - no more amusing outbursts of charming inanity and potty mouth . If these boards become a colorless place in the future because of your heavy handedness in despatching fools like pmach you will have only yourself to blame.
11:52 June 5, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Mea culpa! Mea culpa! I'm sorry.

But he'll be back. He's the new peschvogel.
21:53 June 5, 2010 by cannychanta
Germany has waited many years for someone like Lena to come along and instill pride in our hearts again. I have it on good authority that she will be installed a the new Bundespresident within the next 24 hours and that Jogi Löw will soon announce that Lena will replace Ballack as captain of the German team in South Africa.
01:07 June 6, 2010 by Prufrock2010
I suspect you're right. Different result.
01:04 June 7, 2010 by harrylatour
Loving the ''Eurovision'' inquest lads,,,,,anyone who thinks that this is serious stuff should take pity on me,,,,I am a Brit!!!,,,,oh the shame,,,,oh the degradation!!
10:20 June 8, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ The Local:

Why is this non-story still on your front page when the story relating to the Israeli attack on the relief flotilla has completely disappeared overnight?
21:51 June 9, 2010 by alt_schule
Not a fan of the Eurovision venue however Germany does have some great young talented singers and musicians who thankfully sing in German - just check out Silbermond, Juli, or MIA !!!!!!!!!!! I'm an Anglo and I love the stuff :0
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