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Dog that killed baby will not be put down

DDP/The Local · 4 May 2010, 15:18

Published: 04 May 2010 15:18 GMT+02:00

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The Husky-Alsatian mixed breed has behaved completely normally since it killed the baby last month with several bites to the head, he said. Animal experts have reported no heightened aggressiveness towards people or other dogs.

The parents of the baby said via their lawyer that they agreed to put the dog in “responsible hands” after it was determined it did not need to be euthanised.

The attack happened during a garden party after the baby girl had been left in her pram outside while the parent went inside briefly. The dog jumped up and pushed over the pram and bit the baby in the head. She was taken to hospital but died shortly afterwards from head injuries.

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Her parents, aged 37 and 38, could now face charges of negligent manslaughter.

DDP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

17:24 May 4, 2010 by tdm3624
IF the parents knew their dog had a tendency to be aggressive then OK, maybe they should be charged with negligent manslaughter. However if this was the only instance of the dog ever acting out then I don't think the parents should be held liable. Accidents happen. It is sometimes impossible to watch one's child every second of the day and/or child proof the entire neighborhood.
17:39 May 4, 2010 by Bushdiver
Good decision. The dog certainly did not deserve to be put down. Accidents do happen. Animals are animals, sometimes unpredictable. I would have taken the dog if the owners no longer wanted it.
18:46 May 4, 2010 by NYsteve
This is such a terrible situation....my heart goes out to the family for their daughter and my heart also went out to the dog (the dog did not deserve to be killed). The parents should NOT be charged....2 wrongs do NOT make a right......this is the problem here in the US.... and I hope the authorities in Germany come to see this a just a tragedy with no "fix"...let the family heal....
19:15 May 4, 2010 by joe cook
I can not believe this ,this dog tips over a carriage bites a baby in the head and kills it and you do not want to put this animal away? it did this once , what makes you think it would not do it again under the same situation..My advice is to say we can afford to take the chance
20:04 May 4, 2010 by marksmar
Just so I understand, how many babies does a dog have to kill before it is a problem? Would you extend the same courtesy to a human that killed "only" one baby? Especially if they behaved normally before and after the killing?
21:35 May 4, 2010 by wxman
Thanks Joe & Mark, I was beginning to get worried.
21:52 May 4, 2010 by tdm3624
@marksmar: Human beings have the capacity to think independently and so (in my opinion :)should be held to a higher standard than an animal that runs only on instinct.

If it was my dog and my kid I really don't know if I would let my dog live. I mean, every time I looked into her brown eyes what emotions would I be going through?
22:01 May 4, 2010 by Bushdiver
Thanks Joe, Mark and Marksmar, I was afraid all the morans would stay away from this one. You proved me wrong. Killing in Germany isn't such a big deal as other places in the world. Most murderers here are out after four years or so, nevertheless the dog certainly didn't deserve to be put down for this. It was an accident.
22:54 May 4, 2010 by Edmond Schindler
Hows this for a scenario:

The parents colluded in the destruction of an unwanted infant. Together they decided that taunting the dog with the child as bait until it struck was to be the murder weapon and they could walk away Scott free, innocent in anyone's eyes.

Because nobody could imagine anyone could be capable of such a deliberate crime.

Except, if you have been reading of the many horrific dead baby discoveries in attics, plastic buckets etc. as forms of disposal of unwanted murdered children over the last few months than this possibility should not shock you. Just a thought, another angle to the story.
00:49 May 5, 2010 by Prufrock2010
And I thought I was a cynic, Schindler. Man, you take the prize.
11:30 May 5, 2010 by NYsteve
Instead od devious scenarios...lets try this one.....there were no witnesses, otherwise this wouldn't have happened....

Maybe a bird landed on the pram.....the dog trying to protect the child, chased away the bird but knocked over the pram.....the child tumbles out....the dog then tries to put the child back into the pram but does not and cannot realize how fragile the child is....the rest of the story we know....

Sounds far-fetched but there are many instances of an animal doing this exact behavior. The article doesn't mention if the dog was a female which would make this scenario even more plausible. The dog was never aggressive in the past.

One child lost is too much....I lost a niece that was kidnapped, killed and buried in the CA desert for over a year and was found a few weeks ago. And I hope they "throw the book" at her killer when he's found.

There is no perfect answer or solution.

Once again I say...this is a tragic story with no "fix".....
11:42 May 5, 2010 by B-dogg.
Last year a man in Australia is bitten on the hand by a dog media describe as Pit Bull and receives medical treatment. Story causes breed hysteria, perpetuates ignorance and goes international. Now a dog media describe as Alsatian Husky cross pushes over a baby's pram, bites into her head killing her, and it's a case of "accidents happen". Well the lesson I have learnt here is that a Pit Bull bite to the hand should be treated more seriously than a fatal attack on a baby from a Husky Alsatian cross.
13:30 May 5, 2010 by varghese2go
thanks Joe and Mark for the sanity. rethink, we kill chickens and fish and eat them and they've done nothing to us, and I believe this is acceptable. a dog (albeit cute) kills a baby and we?.......
18:46 May 5, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
Following some of this logic, we'd have to put down all dogs. Let's follow this logic:

- Dogs sometimes get jealous.

- Dogs sometimes mistake things for toys.

- Dogs sometimes get really mad.

Therefore, all dogs are unpredictable. Therefore, we must kill all dogs.

Complete non-sense. Dogs are animals. Animals do things we don't understand sometimes. It's not a blood-thirsty mass murderer; it only did what nature taught it to. Leave the poor dog alone, for goodness' sake.
00:25 May 7, 2010 by thequeen09@att.net
Did anyone stop to think that the dog may not have pushed the baby over intentionally? If the dog is of a larger size it would not take much to knock a baby over. Killing the dog will not bring the baby back. It is sad that it happened and I have sympathy for the parents loss. But to kill another life because it can not talk to tell you what happened is WRONG! Some people like to kill animals because they feel they have more rights on this earth than them. I see people who murder and guess what? We don't kill them! Killing the dog is wrong & I am glad that he or she will live. Too bad he can not talk & give his side of the story.
16:07 May 7, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
This all boils down to idiotic parents.

When I was 10, my mother purchased a Rottweiler, basically for me to have as a weapon to defend myself when she was at work. She understood that the animal would try to assert dominance, and she enrolled the dog and I in communal classes so that I could be established in the dog's mind as an alpha. Dogs aren't just fuzzy and cute; they are some of the most skilled predators on earth - that's why they've survived so long!

You can't put a husky and a baby in the same household and expect good things to happen. If you do, you're just a blistering idiot. Nothing redeeming about it. Just plain idiotic.
05:31 May 8, 2010 by erinjohn
thats why i dont have any pets!....they are nothing but pains in the arse.
05:46 May 9, 2010 by LoMo
Germany must really love dogs if they allow one to live that's killed a person. In the U.S., a dog that bit someone would be likely to be put down. One who killed someone, almost certainly would.

I'm not going to say what I think is "right" here and stir up a lot of controversy. But I'm not big on the keeping of "pets" at all. In a world with 6 billion people, it's just another burden on the environment and from a personal POV, I'm tired of seeing, smelling and stepping in their waste every time I go out. But I guess we'd need to make a lot more changes than the phasing out of pets to get the planet back into balance.
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