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Holocaust-denying bishop Williamson sentenced to fine

AFP · 16 Apr 2010, 18:20

Published: 16 Apr 2010 12:31 GMT+02:00
Updated: 16 Apr 2010 18:20 GMT+02:00

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A court in the southern German city of Regensburg convicted Williamson, 70, of inciting racial hatred for stating in a television interview aired in January 2009 that only "200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps."

He also denied the Nazis had used gas chambers.

"The statements by the accused represent a denial of the actions taken under the National Socialist regime," said presiding judge Karin Frahm.

"Bishop Williamson must have assumed that his remarks would draw attention. Williamson knowingly accepted that attention."

The high-profile proceedings opened Friday without Williamson after his breakaway ultra-conservative Catholic fraternity ordered him not to testify, but he acknowledged the offending comments in a statement read in court.

Williamson gave the interview to a Swedish television crew in Regensburg in 2008, prompting Frahm to rule that Germany's strict laws against disputing the Nazis' slaughter of six million Jews during World War II applied to the case.

He was fined €12,000 earlier this year over the same case but refused to pay, which resulted in the trial.

The Saint Pius X Society, a Swiss-based Catholic fraternity, appointed Williamson a bishop without the pope's blessing after it broke away from Rome over the Vatican II reforms introduced in 1965.

Among the reforms rejected by the organisation was a declaration called Nostra Aetate, which ended a Church doctrine by which the Jews were held responsible for killing Jesus Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI unleashed a deluge of criticism last year for reversing the excommunication of Williamson and three other Saint Pius X Society bishops in a bid to bridge the rift with the fraternity.

Williamson's interview was broadcast in January 2009, the day after the papal decree lifting his excommunication, but two days before the pope's decision was made public.

The bishop had also made similar assertions in the past, dismissing records of millions killed in gas chambers as "lies, lies, lies."

The case prompted a rare comment on religious matters by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called on Pope Benedict to "clarify unambiguously that there can be no denial" the Nazis killed six million Jews.

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The German pope later admitted mistakes in his handling of the case, saying he was unaware of Williamson's latest remarks and stressed that it was "intolerable" to dispute the facts of the Holocaust.

The trial comes amid a ballooning sexual abuse scandal rocking the Catholic Church, with hundreds of people coming forward in Germany and other countries around the world saying they were molested by predatory priests. Benedict himself has been accused of turning a blind eye to abuse before he became pope.

Williamson has said he wished to apologise to anyone offended by his comments but has refused to retract his assertions, saying only that he would re-examine the historical evidence.

The court on Friday heard an excerpt of the interview, in which Williamson is heard telling the interviewer: "Be careful, this is against the law in Germany."

Defence attorney Matthias Lossmann Lossmann read a statement by Williamson in which the cleric acknowledged casting doubt on the Holocaust.

"I was aware that it is against German law to express such doubts, so I expressed these doubts for exclusive broadcast on Swedish television" where such remarks are legal, he said.

Lossmann said Williamson would likely appeal the verdict.

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13:08 April 16, 2010 by Prufrock2010
A prison sentence seems appropriate in this case. Clearly this buffoon has no intention to pay the fine already levied. We call it contempt of court. Williamson is the embodiment of contempt of all things decent and civilized.
13:26 April 16, 2010 by Jibzy
First thing..i'm not a holocaust denier. But an idea struck me:

In the 3rd Reich, the ppl who did not do or say what they were told to do/say, they were persecuted. e.g. if u dont help the Nazi govt carry out the holocaust, you're a criminal.

And NOW..if you even say..i want to examine the holocaust-story..you would be raising eye brows and be a criminal if u deny it ..like in this case.

Secondly, where is the liberty here..where is the freedom of speech that is given in the open societies of the west?
14:01 April 16, 2010 by William Thirteen
the idea struck you? hope it didn't hurt you!
15:20 April 16, 2010 by mid503
It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry. The bishop, or any other person, should have the right to his own opinion without having to be prosecuted for sharing it. Name just one other historical topic which cannot be freely discussd. The "German" state's actions are revealing...
15:58 April 16, 2010 by dbert4
Don't blame the "German State" for principles of law that were dictated to them by the US and Brits in 1947.
16:17 April 16, 2010 by Legal E
principles of law dictated in 1947... Guess its not possible for Law makers to change or amend laws in Germany then (unless its using stolen bank data eh)
16:23 April 16, 2010 by whatzup
Jail is too good for this clown. When he mouths off on topics like this he is well aware that his pronouncements carry the weight of a "bishop". Whether Williamson is malevolent or merely confused is beside the point, the good father should be made to assume responsibility for his public actions.
17:42 April 16, 2010 by Prufrock2010
He didn't pay the first fine. Why in the world do they expect him to pay this one?

They should have levied the fine jointly and severally against Williamson AND the church that's protecting him AND the SPXS who ordered him not to appear at his trial, with an additional 1000 euro per day penalty for each day that the fines (plural) are not paid.

Since the cowardly bastard failed to appear, they can't put him in jail where he belongs.
18:25 April 16, 2010 by Cincinnatus
It is a great curiosity to me that Germany and many other European nations have instituted and ENFORCE holocaust denial laws, while they actively participate in the United Nations, which is the international home for the largest collection of holocaust deniers and anti-semites in the world.

I also find it inexplicable that Germany, and other nations have done, and continue to do business with the ruling regime in Iran, and its president, who has expressed aspirations nearly identical to Adolph Hitler, with respect to the Jewish people.

Those of you, who blame the U.S. and others, for the application of your anti-free speech laws, which you claim are still required by the international community, should be ashamed of yourselves for that disigenousness.
19:00 April 16, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Personally, I'm opposed to such laws for reasons I've already stated. I believe in free speech, within reason, and believe that cretins and fools should be allowed to demonstrate their stupidity and ignorance to the world for all to see. That said, I despise Nazi apologists and sympathizers. Somewhat of a moral, ethical and legal dilemma, wouldn't you agree?
19:13 April 16, 2010 by Beachrider
Laws about "Holocaust Denial" exist in 15 European countries (including France). 20th century European history showed a worrisome problem of revisiting social issues that tear societies apart. This problem was deemed important-enough to get special treatment. It clearly abridges freedom-of-speech, but law systems can define the limits of individual freedom versus public security.

Several comments above are severely fact-challenged. The law that this person is accused of violating stems from 1985 (not 1947). It borrows from old-German law concepts of Volksverhetzung and is hardly a wartime reparations activity.
20:13 April 16, 2010 by Bildad
Ofcourse the Soviet Union didn't care what you believed so long as you kept it to youself. Nice to see how far Germany has progressed. You WILL believe damn you!
21:07 April 16, 2010 by dbert4
@Beachrider - The German Criminal Code incriminates the offence of Incitement to Racial Hatred or Violence ("Volksverhetzung", § 130 Strafgesetzbuch ­ StGB, enacted in 1960), an offence substantially revised in 1985 and in 1994.

21:08 April 16, 2010 by wood artist

I'm intrigued. While I can't speak directly to the Soviet Union, it's pretty clear that the Stasi really did care a lot about what you believed, and spent a lot of effort to find out. Within Germany you may hold whatever opinion you like regarding other religions or your political positions, but this is one place where there is a reasonable limit.

Almost all states place some limitations on the freedom of speech, starting with the classic "you can't yell Fire in a crowded theater."

Speech that is clearly designed to incite civil unrest is often classified in those terms, and within Germany the limits regarding Holocaust are stated in those terms. It's perfectly legal to maintain the earth is flat, but doing so is unlikely to create civil strife, whereas openly espousing some of the dogma of the Third Reich is quite possibly different.

21:21 April 16, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Wood Artist has it right, at least so far as American law is concerned. There are limits to free speech, as there are with all freedoms in a civilized society.
23:54 April 16, 2010 by Beachrider
@dbert4 - Then we are in agreement about the charge under German Law?

That is the offense that the man is charged with. The penalty cited comes from that law.

As to further refinement of the law in 1994, I agree.

He clearly wasn't charged with violation of some 1947 anti-Nazi war reparation. Nor was the law unique to Anglo-American concerns for post war Nazi-sympathy. This law came from Germans and German legal traditions.

The other 15 European countries have something like it, reflecting their own legal traditions. Interestingly, the English and Americans have no 'Holocaust' specific law on their books.
01:20 April 17, 2010 by Bildad

Your point on shouting "Fire!" is ofcourse appreciated. There are no complete freedoms. However, this line of reasoning should not be used to "gag" commentary we find uncomfortable or even stupid. When asked about the holocaust, the Bishop simply stated that he believed " the historical evidence was against the Jews being deliberately gassed..."

Now you or I may believe there is enough evidence. But what of it? His statement is hardly hostile. It does not by itself prove he hates one group or another. Neither does it necessarily mean he is sympathetic to the old Reich. Let's not be too fragile here.
02:12 April 17, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ Bildad:

You stated: " When asked about the holocaust, the Bishop simply stated that he believed ' the historical evidence was against the Jews being deliberately gassed..'."

That's not quite what the "good" bishop said. According to the article:

"The bishop had also made similar assertions in the past, dismissing records of millions killed in gas chambers as 'lies, lies, lies.'"

Hardly being "too fragile" here. The bishop is insane.
04:31 April 17, 2010 by Bildad

Actually that's exactly what the Bishop said because I just reviewed his video interview before posting. He also acknowleged that years earlier he'd referred to the deliberate gassings of millions of Jews was "lies". Well fine, believe him or not.

You may recall that for years the Auschwitz Museum in Poland had a large plaque that Presidents, Popes and the public stood in front of that stated "four million people suffered and died here..." was replaced in 1990 that then stated "the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women and children...".

That's a big change! Is it not plausible that some one might even say it was the first plaque that the Soviets inscribed was a lie?

And who by the way has been incited to racial hatred? That is what he has been accused of. Can we actually point to anyone specifically?

Sorry, I'm a big boy now. I can make my own informed decisions without needing the "protection" of the State. The price is too high the other way.
05:55 April 17, 2010 by pmach
Thats interesting Bildad! If the number is no longer 6 million why does everybody keep saying its 6MM including Merkel? If it 2MM or 4MM then why is the 6MM so important? If thats the case then the number at 6MM is fraud is it not?
07:35 April 17, 2010 by Ellin
If anybody wants to know why the '6 million' story must be defended at all costs, then read 'The Holocaust Industry' by Professor Norman Finkelstein. He is Jewish and lost both parents during the Third Reich. When you've read it, you will understand that - to paraphrase Bill Clinton - 'it's about the money, stupid'.
10:26 April 17, 2010 by Kennneth Ingle
For some time I have been following the change in numbers, when it comes to German history. While having deep feelings about the Holocaust crimes, I was a child in England during WW2, there are some mathematical reasons to suspect the numbers of victims have been politically manipulated.

In papers from America, I have read that some 5.5 million Jews were living in Europe during the year 1939. We also know that thousands left Europe after the war to found Israel. how do we therefore come to the figure of 6/7 million being murdered by the Nazis?

The same applies to the victims of the bombing of Dresden. In the sixties it was accepted from eyewitness accounts that more than 200. 000 died. German television programms now only speak from 18.000.

I find altering such numbers, just for political reasons, is disgusting and an insult to those who really suffered. Can ths whole case be the result of anti-German propaganda? if so the Judges are no better than the people they judge!
11:17 April 17, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ Bildad:

The exact number of Jews (and others) murdered at Auschwitz will probably never be known and is irrelevant to this particular conversation. Whether it was 4 million or 1.5 million is not the issue vis-a-vis Williamson's published comments, nor does it include those who were murdered at other Nazi extermination camps.

You state that you reviewed Williamson's taped interview and confirm that he said that he believed " the historical evidence was against the Jews being deliberately gassed..."

That statement of Williamson is not about the numbers of Jews who were gassed, it is a denial that ANY Jews being "deliberately" gassed (as though they could have been inadvertently gassed!).

Williamson's statement is, by definition, a denial of the Holocaust. It has been the mantra of the neo-Nazis since their inception and it is, by Williamson's own admission, illegal to publish in Germany. While I may disagree with that law for reasons stated above, I stand by my opinion that the man who made the statement is insane. The fact that he made the statement in his capacity as a Catholic priest (excommunicated or otherwise) only adds to its perniciousness, as he was and is a prominent figure in the ultra rightwing SPXS movement of the Church, whose numbers are growing exponentially. He was speaking as a "religious leader" with the intent to sway tens of thousands of people to his indefensible position.

A German neo-Nazi leader, Christian Worch, once made similar statements to me in a taped interview. Despite his yuppie appearance and calm demeanor, Worch was the embodiment of evil, and his "arguments" were meant only to incite hatred against the Jews by suggesting that the Holocaust was a fiction they invented. Williamson is no better.
13:30 April 17, 2010 by martell
Who cares about the blabbings of a confused bishop. Nobody is forced to believe him. Everyone with some education knows that this man is wrong.

But it is a scandal that Germany calls itself a democratic country but does not have the concept of free speech. The existence of thought crimes punishable by legally existing laws are characteristic of a dictatorship. The existence of a muzzle law clearly is a breach of the human rights convention. Don't blame Chinese censorship, Germany.

There is not one reason for the Swedish journalists nor for the disoriented British bishop to appear at a German court.
14:13 April 17, 2010 by Bildad

You stated: "While I may disagree with that law for reasons stated above, I stand by my opinion that the man who made the statement is insane."

This is your informed, thoughtful conclusion. And ofcourse it is your right. You disagree vehemently with the Bishop and have not been swayed by his viewpoint. It doesn't sound to me like you have begun hating any other racial group either.

You have in fact demonstrated my point. Neither you nor I need such a legal sledgehammer to protect us from ourselves. I believe the vast, vast majority of people have the same ability to discern what is right and what is wrong.

We actually agree my friend, more than you realize and I have enjoyed our healthy discourse.
15:05 April 17, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ Bildad:

I, too, have enjoyed our healthy and respectful discourse.

I am not here to persuade anyone that my point of view is the only correct one. It is, after all, simply my informed opinion. My sole objective is to attempt to provide food for thought in a civilized way. I don't always succeed.
17:44 April 17, 2010 by deutschamer
Why is it not illegal to deny that Stalin killed 30 million people during the purges of the 1930s?
19:07 April 17, 2010 by pmach

Exactly,...but perhaps people don't realize that the truth does not fear investigation!
20:41 April 17, 2010 by mid503
The bishop has been described above as 'insane' and 'disoriented'. But what evidence has been cited to demonstrate this is so? Or have these descriptive words been used because some of us cannot accept the possibility that he just might be right?

It seems to me the reasonable course of action would be to consider the evidential arguments of the bishop and those that think like him rather than subject them to ad hominem attack, prosecution and imprisonment.

Adherence to dogma is futile.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is

violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

- Arthur Schopenhauer
01:11 April 18, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ mid503:

The bishop has no "evidential" [sic] arguments to consider when he states that no Jews were gassed by the Nazis in extermination camps, and that the Holocaust is all "lies, lies, lies." These are the rantings of a madman, as the history of the Holocaust is indisputable. History is not dogma. It is factual, empirical and documented -- with respect to the Holocaust, documented even by the perpetrators. Your quotation of Schopenhauer actually sabotages your point: First, the neo-Nazis ridicule the truth of the Holocaust. Second, they violently oppose it. Third, eventually even they will have to accept is as self-evident, as the victims of their atrocities remain a constant reminder of that truth.

Your attempt to rewrite history by lending any credence whatsoever to those who deny the fact of the Holocaust is not about searching for the truth, for the truth is well-established and universally acknowledged. It is instead another cynical refrain from the neo-Nazi propaganda playbook, and it is not appreciated by civil society.
06:46 April 18, 2010 by pmach
Looks like Prufruck is rewriting history as it was lies lies lies regarding the gassing people to death. The red cross reports regarding life in the camps can be found on line do this day.

The fact that no one is aloud to question the old evidence from post war is why this is blowing up to such a degree as most youth believe closed subjects are about lies,lies lies and deceit. So who says the post war evidence would stand up to modern forensic testing..i dont think it would stand a chance myself and maybe this is what is feared most. Imagine the horrow and shame if it was shown that people where not turned into lamp shades and soap by the evil Germans...o-yes that was proven fake. Or the FACT that 6 million jews also died in world war 1 as well..that makes it 12 Million by my math?? That's factual and fishy? Even today they can tell if gas was used and what type and if the facilities could support such gassing without killing everyone within a 100 ft of the building. The chambers where not exactly anyway near airtight. So if there was an issue that the chambers where not sealed and air tight then gas being gas would easily escaped and depending on its properties would have also killed the Germans as well if they got to close to the buildings. Also how was the gas removed from the buildings safely without special equipment or ventilation systems in order to remove it safely..did they just open the windows and make a run for it? So with questions like these abound and perhaps this is what this man is talking about.

Again .... the truth does not fear investigation. And again the ones calling people Nazis are the ones that need to be investigated as they hate investigations of any kind.
11:16 April 18, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ pmach:

I won't dignify your preposterous comments above with a response. Thank you for identifying who you are.
12:16 April 18, 2010 by Talonx
@ pmach

Firstly, the Nazi's painted up the camps for the Red Cross visits. In fact many guards are on record speaking of orders to do so as are various victims of the camps. Further, I believe there are documents still in existence which speak of dealing with the incoming Red Cross.

Secondly, it's a matter of historical fact that Zyklon B was used primarily as a safe delousing agent and in fact poses no serious poison threat despite being based on cyanide, EXCEPT over longer time spans (20 mins vs 5 mins). Over long time spans it gets into the blood through breathing and as well works as a simple suffocant. Engine exhaust and co2 gas were also used in some cases of gasings. The point is, they could actually just open a 'window' when they were finished.

Thirdly, the information above isn't really questionable, it's pretty basic.

Fourthly, Williamson wasn't proposing questions he was stating that his version was fact without any evidence. This is quite a different way of going about things than doing normal research, I think you'll agree.

Fifthly, I agree with Prufrock2010's overall analysis of the situation.
13:31 April 18, 2010 by Baynik
Am I missing something, or are people on this forum saying it is OK, in the name of freedom of speech, to deny reality! How dumb is that? To deny the Holocaust is like denying the Rwandan genocide; also very convenient for those who just couldn't care less! Wait until they deny your own suffering, you'll be the first to jump on you little crybaby horse for some justice! Oh, I forgot, justice has nothing with this, or does it?
17:38 April 18, 2010 by yonnie
This is so unbelievable, do we have to put up with this and have a repeat of history to re-learn this lesson? There is no denying of what happened because the Nazi's kept extensive records of everyone who was sent to those camps. The Nazi's if anything taught the world how to keep records and they also taught us something else... that when a lie is told often enough the people will perceive it as truth.

This Bishop should be tossed-out, de-frocked and exposed as a liar. One thing a Bishop should stand for and that is truth. He should stand for his own religions laws: Thou shall not bear false witness. Because of who he is, the penalty should be stiffer. I doubt there is a family in existence that didn't lose a member in that horrid war. The lessons must be learned, remembered, and never again be allowed to happen.
21:36 April 18, 2010 by Kennneth Ingle
There is certainly no reason for yonnie to call for a repeat of history, those of us who lived through WW2 always hoped that it was a war to end wars. Our British troops are still fighting and it seems there will be no end to that madness.

The question we have to answer here is, can it be a crime to doubt something for which there is much evidence, but little proof.

What we believe is not always a reallity. There was a time when people were put into jail for saying the world was round and not flat

The British fought against a country in which judges sent Jews into concentration camps. The judges of that country now condemn a British Bishop because he says he doubts what most others believe.

I ask myself why so British soldiers lost their lives fighting for freedom, when the freedom of speech is still not allowed in the very country we helped free from the nazis.
22:15 April 18, 2010 by Celeon
What does it matter how many were killed?

Fact is people were killed, they were shot, killed in human experimentation and gassed.

Evidence for that exists in form of hundreds of photos, found bodies, massgraves, testimonies of eyewitnesses, buildings, documents and detailed confessions.

3 million, 4 million, 6 million. What does it matter? Would it change things even one bit of you would find some mathematical error in the counting process?

Is there a number that defines what genocide is? 3.5 million and everyone who just killed 3.499.999 gets a retroactive absolution from history and an apology for exaggeration from the rest of the world?

What really drives the self-declared investigators and revisionists is their problem with accepting something they dont like. Wether they are aware of that or not.

And so they flee into conspiracy dreams and pseudo-scientific research in which a cyanide based insecticide becomes actually quite harmless, sketchy purely estimated population statistics of the 1930's are undeniable facts, photos are staged and hundreds of thousands of eyewitness are all sworn in liars or are just greatly exaggerating.

The problem is that everyone who expresses doubt into the Holocaust. Even if he just wants to do it for the sake of setting something like a number right, he plays into the hands of people who call the whole thing a lie.

In case of the Holocaust, doubts sum up over decades. A little doubt here, a little doubt there and the words of people that say EVERYTHING actually never happened get a tiny bit more likely to be accepted as valid by younger generations.

Its sort of a slow process of undermining history and people like the Bishop give the perfect ammo to people who drive this process forward.

If i would start expressing doubts to the fact that no WMD's were found in Iraq right now, via the internet, through the media , into the ears of people who cant stand the idea that none were found. It will take just a few years until hundreds of thousands will believe that nonsense. And no history book will get in the way for aslong as it is something they want to believe and im speaking manipulative and convincing enough.
23:58 April 18, 2010 by Prufrock2010
@ Celeon:

00:31 April 19, 2010 by Johannes De Silentiio
Anyone see Shindler's List? What's the opening scene? The clerks setting up their little tables to do what? Make up the lists! So where are the lists?....

300,000.... six million.... how would I know? So if I don't parrot the mantra "6 million Jews killed" I'm a criminal? That's just plain bizarre....

The Germans need to take Germany back and restore true liberty and democracy in Germany. The bad old past is not coming back. That was a specific development from a specific set of circumstances, historical and otherwise. We have things happening now that need our attention.
01:05 April 19, 2010 by Prufrock2010
I think many of the lists were introduced into evidence at Núrnberg.
12:53 April 19, 2010 by Kennneth Ingle
"We have things happening now that need our attention."

These very wise words from Johannes De Silentiio, should not stop us learning from what went wrong on the past. Most of our information however is 2nd hand and has been filtered by the powers that be, before we are allowed to see it.

As far as Nürnberg is concerned, evidence for the defence was blocked to a large extent and other evidence often obtained by torture.

I do not pretend to know what or how much, but as we are told by the media, such practices are still being used by many countries across the world.
14:06 April 19, 2010 by Beachrider
This discussion is going in circles. The 'hate speech' laws in the German legal system (not the American or English legal system) have been extended to specifically cover discussion about the Holocaust. If you want to change that law, contemplate what you need to do to get that done.

You will either have to remove the German legal tradition about having any laws about hate-speech or you will have to convince the population that the laws are OK, but shouldn't specifically cover the Holocaust.

Then you should think about Germany's emerging position as a leader in the EU. It would be harmed by this activity. 14 other European countries have very-similar laws to this. If that impact is justifiable, then DO IT. IT IS YOUR COUNTRY. Some other country will fill the vacuum left by Germany's actions. Whatever Germany is to be, internationals will impact it, but Germans have the main control.

As an American, I hope that Germany can explain to its post-WWII generations why the hate-speech laws exist. I hope that the 15 European countries can discuss why those traditions were expanded to cover the Holocaust specifically. At the end of a day, if that fails, then it does. Perhaps the Italians, French, English or whomever will seize the opportunity to build their reputation, influence and economy from this German decision.

You guys run the place, for good or for bad. We have our judgements, but Europe is strong enough to withstand a few decisions that have questionable benefit.
16:05 April 19, 2010 by Lyndam
Time for an international debate on the holocaust.

Truth does not fear investigation.
22:39 April 19, 2010 by Talonx
@ Lyndam

In the words of the immortal John Stewart "Keep f#cking that chicken".

Enough research has been done, everything that exists has been gone over umpteenbajillion times, one more time isn't going to change anything. Besides that's not what's at issue, Williamson isn't calling for an investigation of facts he's calling for a revision of history based on his limited, highly limited, scholarship of it thus far.
13:42 April 21, 2010 by Lyndam

I don't know if the Bishop is calling for anything. He was voicing his opinion on an historical event. In a free, democratic society that would be his right and not against the law.

Unless we are happy to let governments decide how we should think and what we can say we should all be fighting against these horrid, oppressive laws spreading across Europe.
15:57 April 21, 2010 by Beachrider
Anyone can anything about your personal freedom (freedom to murder?). There is no limit to what laws can be discarded in the name of maximizing personal freedom. That is a very Narcissistic perspective.

No one is telling you how to think, just what you can prosthelytize to a crowd.

There is a lot of hyperbole in this thread about what you can think versus what an authority can preach to a group of (potential) followers. The hate-speech is about the latter. Just try to get rid of the law and see what people say to you. Writing it in a blog doesn't take that into perspective.
12:21 April 22, 2010 by Lyndam
Why is it anymore right for the Government of Germany to decide what the official party line is re: the holocaust than any one of us? If we allow our governments that power we will soon be living in the nightmarish world of Orwell.

Freedom of speech is the most precious right we have. I am surprised how many of you would just throw it away to defend an officially sanctioned version of the holocaust.

Maybe you have forgotten Voltaire.
16:41 April 22, 2010 by Beachrider
An obtuse comment.

Maybe you forgot something much more recent and its much more enduring impact on German society.
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