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Hunters urge calm as wolves return to Bavaria

DDP/The Local · 26 Feb 2010, 10:48

Published: 26 Feb 2010 10:48 GMT+01:00

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“Fear of a single wolf would be totally unfounded,” ÖJV leader Wolfgang Kornder said, advising anyone out for a walk in the forest to behave “normally.”

Wolves have no interest in coming into contact with humans,” he said.

On Friday, Bavarian Environment Ministry wildlife manager Manfred Wölfl confirmed with daily Münchner Merkur that a wolf had been identified based on sightings and evidence of bite marks found on deer carrion. According to Wölfl, the animal has been seen in the area since December and has not attacked any livestock.

The ÖJV’s Kornder speculated that the rare canine was a young male on the prowl for a new area to settle.

“It can't be assumed he brought along a whole pack,” Kornder said, adding that his organisation hopes the animal stays in the southern German state. “It’s a fascinating occurrence when the big predators return. We should be happy that it’s happening.”

The return of wolves to the area means that environmental conditions are improving, Kornder asserted, though he admitted that there could be problems too.

“Naturally one has to assume that in the future he could kill a house pet or two, or for example sheep in the fields at night,” he said.

But people can erect electric fences and anyone who loses an animal to a wolf is entitled to compensation from the state, he assured.

“We just need to be engaged,” he said, urging residents to be understanding.

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The Canis lupus, or grey wolf, was hunted in Germany beginning in medieval times. The species disappeared from the country in the 19th century, when they were driven east to Poland and Russia.

But the wolf has been making a slow return to Germany despite residents’ fears and several lethal incidents with angry hunters. Experts estimate there are about five packs totalling in some 45 wolves in the northeastern part of the country. The five wolves in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are believed to have wandered into the country from Poland.

In June 2009 a hunter in Saxony-Anhalt was charged with killing a male wolf that lived with a female and their young cubs at the military training facility in Altengrabow.

DDP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

15:32 February 26, 2010 by petrag
I fear humans much more than wolves! I really hope this news story will die off and the wolf can live his/her life out of the public eye.
19:48 February 26, 2010 by auniquecorn
Next weeks article will be ( Polizei shoot wolf on autobahn)
19:50 February 26, 2010 by MaKo
Wow! That is going to amp up the living in a fairy tale feel of these quaint little mountain villages.
20:01 February 26, 2010 by css1971
There are plenty of humans. A few lost to wolf packs wouldn't be a problem.
21:36 February 26, 2010 by Kazenra
Yeah but if they kill a human then they're screwed.

It's unfair isn't it? We kill thousands of animals every day for reason which don't include survival

(I'm not talking about life stock btw because that's kinda necessary)

but when an animal kills, or even just attacks a human it HAS to be destroyed because we haven't screwed up this planet enough by ruining their habitat and destroying their pray so that they have no choice but TO attack us.

I have tigers in my head now but it sort of applies to wolves too.

Hunting is wrong. Unless a population has totally spiralled out of control that is it is actually necessary to cull some of the animals and it's not just Sarah Palin making it up so she can shoot some wolves cause of the blood thirsty creature she is.

I read an article. She's been killing animals since she was a kid and she loves it.

Might have spelt her last name wrong...oh well you see my point.
07:46 February 27, 2010 by ColoSlim
Even if wolves attacked humans...

I would rather die as food for a wolf, than to be stabbed over 40 Euro by some punk who needed a fix, or of a heart attack, or in some car accident. Besides everyone would remember the guy who was eaten by the wolf. One or two generations after you die of a heart attack, nobody will remember.
16:08 February 27, 2010 by magdelana
Wolves are completly family oriented. We could learn from them. They have been persecuted and discriminated against just as the Germans have. They also manage the eco system keeping deer healthy. Germans should welome the oppotunity to have a complete ecosystem again. They can also bring tourisim this means euros. Do not discriminate them let them live to raise thier familys. This is likely a lone wolf anyway. Sincerely and respectfully. Henry.!!
01:16 February 28, 2010 by Ivan Ivan
Magdelana, you are talking nonsens - myths about wolves - american green New Age myths about nature. Man has nothing to learn from wolves. Many zoo's have to close up from time to time because there is a war in the wolf pack. They kill each other to make a new hierarchy. Studies of wolves in Yellowstone show that more than 50% of the death wolves are killed by competing wolf packs. Wolves have nothing to do with keeping deer heathy. It is first of all the propagation behavier that keep the population of deer heathy, and then a good pasture. The wolf kills nearly only calfs of elk, moose and bison because they are the easiest prey to kill - eighter the calfs are healty or not. It is no money in carivore tourism in the wilderness. If you want to make money on wolves you better start a zoo. And remember; discrimination is a term within the human community, not in the wildersness. Human justies is not a parameter in the ecosystem. And Magdelana; do not dear to say that the german people or nation has any common with wolves.
04:54 February 28, 2010 by 1FCK_1FCK
Wolves may kill each other from time to time but humans' closest relative, chimpanzees revel in killing each other. Humans are but monkeys (chimps) whose brains grew to large.

And Small Town Boy - why are you sending people to an animal prison? Those animals are political prisoners, they've done nothing wrong.

08:01 February 28, 2010 by biker hotel harz
I never fail to be amazed at mans fear of anything that doesn't look remotely like itself
11:27 February 28, 2010 by Ivan Ivan
WOW, thiny small animal activists in the city boiling of pasion and anger. Does the big towns and cities make the individs feel thiny small and negligible and replacable and therefore some turns into emotional bombs of antrophosophic hate? Or is it naturetainment channels such as Animal Planet, Discovery and so on, that brainwash some vulnerable soules? You turn the animals i the zoos free. Let them roam the streets and boulevards in city and keep the urban man healthy.
12:20 February 28, 2010 by Kazenra
@ Ivan Ivan

Wolves keep the deer population healthy. They kill off the sick and old so that there is more food to go around for the healthy.

They may kill the young but this drives evolution, the fastest survive, the strongest survive. They then have young which are stronger than the others, and can outsmart their predator.

This then drives the wolves to be smarter and faster, it's a continuous cycle and humans just love to interfere.

There are no longer any wolves in England. Scotland is suffering from and explosion in the deer population and there is nothing to control it.

The healthy have been starving to death this winter because there are too many deer and their environment cannot sustain them all.

There is nothing wrong with zoos. Tigers are going to become extinct from the wild very soon, we try and we try to save them but I see only a small chance of them surviving. Zoos are there to preserve the animals which humans deem pretty enough or useful enough to slaughter in the thousands.

Humans have no natural predators any more. Hospitals keep the sick and disabled alive, there is no survival of the fittest in our species, it's just surviving.

The world is now crippling under the weight of our existence, there isn't enough space for us and the creatures that live on this planet with us.

Our population is unhealthy because we have gone past the stage of just the healthy and the smartest surviving.

Ivan you are a selfish person, you think of only your self and you are too short sighted to see what is right in front of you.

You have been brainwashed by your own instincts as a creature, to be lazy, to think of only yourself and to ignore the fact that humans do not know everything and that we are in fact just animals themselves.

we roam the cities and we kill each other. We don't need predators, because we kill ourselves.

How many wars have we had that have killed millions? How many bombs have we dropped? And what were the causes of these wars?

Greed, the want to have everything and money.

Wolves kill each other to keep order in their pack, and the compete for food. Basic survival.

You think you understand things but really you have no idea how the world is meant to work do you?
14:12 February 28, 2010 by zeulf
The reintroduction of Wolves in Yellowstone has totally changed the enviroment, for the better, Elk now stay away from the rivers resulting in the regrowth of Willows. I think the Fence is for the Wolves Comfort at the Animal Park, they are naturally reclusive Animals. even on the small Island of Isle Royal in Lake Superiour where there are plenty of Wolves ( most of the time)You may hear them every night for ten days, but never see one .
12:49 March 1, 2010 by Ivan Ivan
Zeulf; The federal authorities banned hunting in Yellowstone Park. That¦#39;s the reason the herds of elk grows so large. Instead decimating the herds by hunting they put out Canadian wolves trying to cultivate wilderness ­ man made wilderness. The problem is wolves leaving the park and making damage outside the park and the locals pissed off. Now they have started legal wolfhunting. But then the wolf lovers get pissed. What a silly idea putting out wolves. It is only making conflicts and damage.

When comes to Isle Royal I do not know if Zeulf is up dated. Its long-term wolf/moose predator/prey study is no longer a peace and harmony and now longer suitable example of so called ecological balance. The balance has crashed. The wolves got Canine parvovirus. In 2005 it was only three wolf packs left at the island. The moose got ticks and down to only 18 moose peer wolf. And top of all. The balsam fir has gone. Check here; http://www.admin.mtu.edu/urel/news/media_relations/366/ Its shows the only sure about nature; nothing last forever. Read the book "Wolves of Isle Royale - a broken balance"

Here you have the last update (2008-09 Annual report) about wolves at Isle Royale; ¦quot;In the past year, we discovered high and increasing rates of congenital bone deformities among Isle Royale wolves. When these deformities occur in domestic dogs, they can have important health consequences. This is the first strong evidence of negative physical impacts to wolves attributable to inbreeding and prompts reconsideration of the appropriateness of introducing new wolves as means of genetically rescuing the Isle Royale wolf population.¦quot; Ref; http://www.isleroyalewolf.org/ann_rep/ann_rep/home.html.

They want to put out new wolves from the mainland and turn the island into an artificial wilderness/domesticated wilderness. The Isle Royal is too small and too isolated to sustain a moose and wolf population in the long run.
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