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Polanski only a 'ghost' at Berlinale premiere

AFP · 12 Feb 2010, 10:01

Published: 12 Feb 2010 10:01 GMT+01:00

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"The Ghost Writer" stars Pierce Brosnan as a former British prime minister closely resembling Tony Blair who hires a journalist (Ewan McGregor) to help him pen his memoirs.

But the writer quickly finds skeletons in the closet of his new boss, who is under investigation for war crimes for involving his country in CIA renditions of terror suspects, and in the process stumbles upon a global conspiracy.

The thriller is one of 20 films vying for the Berlinale's prestigious Golden Bear top prize and the most keenly awaited feature at this year's 60th anniversary event. The Hollywood Reporter called the movie "the hottest ticket in town."

Polanski, the Oscar-winning director of "Chinatown" and "The Pianist," completed the film at his Swiss chalet while awaiting possible extradition to the United States over a 1977 case of unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.

Critics who have seen the film have uncovered certain parallels to the embattled director's life, with a once-admired public figure who finds himself under fire and isolated.

Filmed in Germany, "The Ghost Writer" sees its prime minister in a kind of exile in the United States, fearing possible extradition to an international war crimes tribunal.

Polanski himself chose to flee the United States while at the height of his powers in Hollywood, unable to return without risking prison. The movie, based on British writer Robert Harris's bestseller "The Ghost," had been considered as the festival opener until organisers got cold feet.

"It might have been understood as a statement about something that we didn't want to get mixed up in," festival director Dieter Kosslick said in the run-up to the Berlinale's start Thursday with the Chinese drama "Apart Together."

Brosnan and McGregor, who were expected at the Berlinale to promote the film, told reporters in Paris this week that the 76-year-old Polanski was nothing less than a maestro.

"His energy is ferocious, he rules the set, keeps everyone on their toes," former "James Bond" actor Brosnan said. "He has an alchemy with the camera ... He's a taskmaster. You have to know your onions."

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Polanski's long-time producer Robert Benmussa said the director's arrest in Zurich in September had created unexpected complications in finishing the film.

He kept the director abreast of the post-production through courier packages sent to his lawyer, who brought them to the director's jail cell.

"He is a director who is involved in everything on a film," Benmussa told The Hollywood Reporter.

The Berlinale runs until February 21.

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Your comments about this article

11:30 February 12, 2010 by MaKo
"had to flee"? That's a curious choice of words, usually reserved for persons suffering political persecution or facing mortal danger.
01:19 February 13, 2010 by LMB222
MaKo: wasn't he considered "unfit" for hospital after spending ½ of his "sentence", after which the judge got a fit and declared him "dead"?

He's in trouble all right, ever since he was born.
13:20 February 17, 2010 by lordwilliams629
chester the molseter
02:51 April 18, 2010 by Monde
The Ghost, is an excellent movie, which parallels Polanski¦#39;s plight since the first ghost writer washed up on the beach might be Polanski, who after running into Judicial & Prosecutorial corruption became a ghost .

Polanski was Ghost because of his ¦quot;crime¦quot;. he tried to make it right but the authorities were f..... him around.

If Polanski committed a crime in California, and to commit a crime, the intent to must be there, then even so - the process should not have included bait and switch plea bargains, and illegal Judicial coercion in sentencing.

The Judicial corruption is the only reason Polanski is in the news 33 years later, if Polanski had been treated fairly, then Roman Polanski would not have felt a need to fly over the Cuckoo¦#39;s Nest, back to Paris.



It Rittenband who thought the crime was so grave that he let Roman Polanski le make a movie in Tahiti after he was arrested. See above.

If Polanski's crime was so terrible why did the Judge let Polanski leave USA to make a movie in 77?

Isn¦#39;t this insane?

In addition Roman Polanski's case is not the only Judicial corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse in sexual assault cases, which indicates a double standard,

where Los Angeles and their lawyers are exploiting sexual assault cases for their own power and greed,

so their employees can continue to sexually molest at California Colleges with impunity, knowing the County of Los Angeles lawyers will be their to bail them out.

The exploitation and corruption of Santa Monica and Los Angeles authorities is against sexual assault victims as well as those who are accused of a crime

See Link:



It is convenient for Los Angeles Prosecutors, but wrong to blame the dead Santa Monica Judge entirely for all the corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse, or Polanski,

since the Santa Monica Judicial corruption is systemic and permeates the entire California Justice system even today, including its Court of appeals, Second District where Polanski¦#39;s case is being decided.

In the California appeal court there is a Justice who was promoted on police brutality day by the former Governor, who allowed undocumented white sheriff deputies to assault and batter a victim of sexual molestation and police cover up of it, at the Santa Monica Courthouse in front of him. Later he said one African American Sheriff was in his courtroom, which is untrue and who has since been convicted in a different matter, which puts a dent in the California Justice¦#39;s credibility.

What can you say when you have experienced all this, just as Polanski has, cexcept to say ¦quot;Forget it Jake, Its China Town¦quot;
12:16 April 27, 2010 by JohnnyDee
A double standard exists in how sexual assault cases are decided in County of Los Angeles Santa Monica Courthouse, California.

Roman Polanski was not treated straightforwardly by the Judge in 1977. This is why this case has lingered on for 33 years.

Roman Polanski wanted to make good isince he would not have returned to America, and served time in 1977 & 78 , if this were untrue.

A double standard is in operation at the Santa Monica Courthouse, which hinges on whether the perpetrator works for California Government and its subdivisions.

If that criteria is met then the Santa Monica Court and other County of Los Angeles employees will act in concert in the local Government¦#39;s favor to cover up their employees¦#39; on the job sexual molestation crimes and police cover up.

But if the perpetrator or victim are not working for California and its subdivisions, were born in another country, then the Santa Monica Court and other employees will act against them, using any means and foul means.

In addition as Polanski admitted to a crime by plea bargain, the Santa Monica Judge should have honored it. When the Judge in 1977 wanted to force Polanski into deportation, using illegal coercion in the sentencing, the Judge broke the plea bargain agreement, abused his official power, using bait and switch justice,

which betrayed the righteous legal process, destroyed Polanski¦#39;s trust in it, and caused Polanski to flee.

California Officials are not policing their own institutional sexual offenders who work for the State and its subdivisions, but instead will act to cover up, physically harm, assault and batter the victim for reporting the offense, and re-victimize the victim instead. This oppression is built into California's Justice system.

In view of the double standard it would be in the interests of justice to free Roman Polanski, as soon as possible.

In fact it¦#39;s a perfect time to pardon Roman Polanski,

In view of the judicial, & prosecutorial corruption against him, plus the double standard in sexual assault cases in California, that's firmly entrenched,

It's also a good time for California to attend to its own ills.

However currently the California Appeal Court and County of Los Angeles Superior Court is diverting attention away from the Judicial & Prosecutorial corruption that occurred in Polanski¦#39;s case in 1977, by blaming Polanski for not being in Los Angeles,

but what came first the chicken or the egg,

the County of Los Angeles Judicial corruption or Polanski fleeing?

Of course it was the County of Los Angeles Judicial & Prosecutorial Corruption,

Back in 1978 Polanski faced a trap. He was damned if he stayed in Los Angeles, and damned if he took flight. Damned if he did, Damned if he didn't.

A Catch-22 situation

So could it be that the California Appeal Court Second District does not really want to investigate the Judicial corruption in Polanski's case, or for that matter in any other case?
10:40 April 29, 2010 by Monde
Just as it was outrageous for the Catholic Church, to put the untarnished reputation of its priesthood above children¦#39;s sufferings, so too those who put their faith in artists should realize that they too have no special claim to be beyond good and evil.

But Polanski never claimed to be beyond good and evil, and has admitted to his crime, so he wins out here, because he is not a hypocrite, is the lesser of two evils. In fact Polanski may not be evil at all. He may even be really good!

However California & Santa Monica Judges lose out since they are not beyond evil, and emulate Bishops by covering up sexual molestation cases,in their own Rank & File.

In addition the California Justices are not jumping at the chance to investigate their own Judicial & Prosecutorial Corruption in Polanski¦#39;s case which should send out a red flag.

In addition California Justice through implementation of bait and switch justice, and illegal coercion in the sentencing, is equivalent of raping criminal defendants and civil plaintiffs, since these practices are also an abuse of Judicial power.

In addition when a sexual molestation victim in a police cover-up case is assaulted and battered in front of a Judge using undocumented white sheriff deputies in order to retaliate, intimidate and silence them, this is also misusing Judicial power.

Finally it is also an abuse of power when U.S. Federal Judges cover up for California Judges, so the reputation of the men in black can remain untarnished, and so California's sexual molesters, police cover up con- artists, and California's Justice will also remain forever spotless in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
13:24 May 1, 2010 by JohnnyDee
The Swiss Official's and spokesperson, should study "Don¦#39;t assume, otherwise you¦#39;ll make an ass out of you and me."

If Swiss Officials are going to be fair NOT ARBITRARY in Roman Polanski's extradition process then Swiss Justice would have to study whether the current Los Angeles Prosecutor's statements regarding what Polanski's sentence was back in 1977 - is true or not.

If the sentence is less than 6 months Roman Polanski cannot be extradited by Switzerland according to their treaty with U.S.A.

Currently it sounds as if Swiss Officials want to discount the original Los Angeles Prosecutor in Polanski's case, Roger Gunson's testimony regarding what the original sentence was, without even looking at it.

For Swiss Justice to assume that Los Angeles Prosecutors always makes authentic statements when they request extradition of Roman Polanski after 32 years is to make an ass out of you and me.

Polanski's lawyers filed a motion in Los Angeles County Superior Court on 4/29/2010, seeking access to the sealed transcript of testimony by Los Angeles prosecutor, Roger Gunson, concerning the Santa Monica Judge's sentencing plan for Roman Polanski in 1977.

Polanski's lawyers motion contends that Los Angeles prosecutor Roger Gunson¦#39;s testimony proves that an extradition request by Los Angeles Prosecutors filed with Switzerland last year included a false depiction of the sentencing plan by Judge Laurence J. Rittenband made 33 years ago.

There are two other lawyers who support retired Los Angeles Prosecutor Roger Gunson's testimony one is the victim's lawyer Laurence Silver.

The 2009 Los Angeles Prosecutors request to Switzerland said that Judge Rittenband sent Polanski to prison in 1977 for a psychiatric study so he would ¦quot;be in a better position to reach a fair and just decision¦quot; before sentencing,

but this is not true, since there was one other immediate psychiatric study of Polanski when he was first arrested and before the Judge let Polanski leave the country to make a movie, and before he came back and underwent a second pyschiatric study at Chino prison.

while the Los Angeles Prosecutor Roger Gunson in Roman Polanski's 1977 case, has testified that Roman Polanski¦#39;s prison stay at Chino was to constitute his entire sentence, and lawyers Douglas Dalton for Polanski, and Laurence Silver for Samantha Geimer agree.

Also it is documented in newspapers in Feb 1978 that the original Santa Monica Judge Laurence J. Rittenband would have sentence Polanski in absentia so why is that not happening now to end this nonsense?

Isn't all this torment just to add more clout to the DA's desire to become the next Attorney General, at the expense of another famous person who apart from serving his time at Chino, is harmless, and also to deflect attention from the Santa Monica Courthouse Judicial and Prosecutorial corruption against Roman Polanski in his case, which caused him to be in a Catch-22 situation and flee?
11:07 May 9, 2010 by Monde
What Roman Polanski, writes in his statement that Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley revived attempts to sentence him last year just to get political votes has a ring of truth to it.


At these links the Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley is linked to corruption and retaliation.



According to www.fulldisclosure.net Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley has refused to prosecute pedophiles and child molesters who work in the Catholic Church.

So here's a BIG question - why is the Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley chasing across the world after Roman Polanski now, but yet will not go after the local California Church's sexual molesting predator Priests and those Government Officials that cover up the sexual molestation crimes at California's institutions?

Could it be if DA Steve Cooley receives political campaign money from the Church, that when the priests sexually molest their victims the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office might turn a blind cheek?

And does the District Attorney think that he can also use foreign celebrities like Roman Polanski - to fan the World media for Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley's own personal campaign in seeking higher office in California.

And who would benefit from Steve Cooley becoming California's Attorney General anyway?

The answer is - only those who are favored such as rich California institutions including churches, and their sexual molesting employees, who may be shielded from Justice if they come bearing gifts.

If the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office is going to hold people accountable for sexual crimes, then there should be no distinction or discriminatory measures where Roman Polanski is selected for prosecution again after 33 years, but not the local government & the Church's sexual molesters, who get a free pass with the Los Angeles District Attorneys' Steve Cooley turning a blind eye.

If this is what is happening, then isn't this strategy only

all about Steve,

where it is only about what a prosecution, or lack of a prosecution can do for Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley in advancing his political career?
01:08 August 7, 2010 by JohnnyDee
Forget it Jake - It's Chinatown

To County of Los Angeles Judge Candace D Cooper ,

Director of Santa Monica Judicial District (19484)

1725 Main St,

Santa Monica, Ca 90401

19th, March, 1999

Dear Candace D Cooper


Today I am writing to you because I would like you to ask Judge Laurence D Rubin to identify the Caucasian Sheriff Deputies in his Courtroom, on 6th October 1998, who perpetrated the Police Brutality against me, and thought that you might have access to the correct information as Presiding Judge.

1. In Judge Rubin¦#39;s courtroom there was a Caucasian Sheriff Deputy who went into an attacking expression and posture before he kicked me to the ground. He started the police brutality by this action, and one or two other Caucasian Sheriff¦#39;s deputies joined in to punch me twenty times in my soft tissue near my rib cage, even though I was not attacking them, and had already been restrained by the first one. One of them dug his fingernails way into my left hand. I would like to know their names, and identities.

2. Judge Rubin knows the identities of the Sheriff¦#39;s Deputies in his courtroom and he was there when this police brutality began, so I would ask you to ask him who the 2/3 Caucasian sheriff deputy bailiffs were, who beat me up in his courtroom on October 6th, 1998.

3. Sheriff Deputy Terry January, who I believe is Judge Laurence D Rubin¦#39;s regular daily Sheriff Deputy ­ I have never had any dealings with.

4. There was also a female Sheriff¦#39;s deputy who took the character references out of my hand which I was still clutching, after I was picked up off the floor after being punched twenty times. I would like to know her name also. She also took my black bag away with her at that time along with the three character references.

[Coincidentally one of those character references for me, was written by a relation of Ruth Gordon the academy award winner for Rosemary¦#39;s Baby, directed by Roman Polanski.

Coincidentally because the County of Los Angeles et is suppressing the identities of the White Sheriff¦#39;s Deputies of Judge Laurence D. Rubin¦#39;s Santa Monica Courtroom who assaulted and battered me, this suppression of what is real - has a similar quality to the devil shown in Rosemary¦#39;s Baby who in Rosemary's lay there hidden in the next room]

The Santa Monica Judge Laurence D. Rubin allowed the Santa Monica College Police Officer Ron Marable to control the ¦quot;hearing¦quot; on October 6th, 1998,

Thank you for your help in establishing the identities of the White County of Los Angeles Sheriff¦#39;s deputies who were involved in beating me up and falsely arresting me, in Santa Monica Judge Laurence D. Rubin¦#39;s Santa Monica Courtroom on Oct 6th 1998.


Jayne Doe
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