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Polanski's latest film to premier at Berlinale

The Local · 15 Dec 2009, 14:46

Published: 15 Dec 2009 14:46 GMT+01:00

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The film, "The Ghost Writer," which stars Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor, will feature along with Shutter Island, a new thriller by director Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Sir Ben Kingsley, the festival's organisers announced Tuesday.

The 60th Berlinale – also called the Berlin International Film Festival – will have 26 films in its competition section. A total of seven films were announced Tuesday.

The films selected so far are from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, India, Iran, Turkey, the UK and the USA. They also include "My Name is Khan" by Indian filmmaker Karan Johar.

They include "The Robber" by Austrian director Benjamin Heisenberg and "The Hunter," by Iranian-born director Rafi Pitts.

Festival director Dieter Kosslick said the Berlinale would be marked by “a mix of styles and genres, by exciting newcomers and renowned directors.”

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Polanski, who is now under house arrest at his chalet in Switzerland, was arrested in Zurich in September on an international warrant for unlawful sex with 13-year old Samantha Geimer in the United States in 1977.

The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

16:10 December 15, 2009 by mixxim
If the victim is now happy, why pursue it? Have the lawyers not got enough to do? Mind you a court case involving Polanski must be worth a few roubles....
19:22 December 15, 2009 by Mr Goodmorning
Also, he's not being charged, he's been convicted and he's a fugitive from justice. It doesn't matter how his victim feels, it's completely irrelevant. He broke the law by raping his victim and it was the State of California, not the victim, that prosecuted and convicted him. No one, regardless of how good a filmmaker they are (and I say this as someone who has greatly enjoyed his films), is above the law. He has had his chance to appeal his conviction (and still does), but he chose to flee instead. The simple fact is this: barring any further appeals or Vacation of Judgment, he is a convicted rapist and sex offender.
07:49 December 16, 2009 by kitten1985
I don't want to support him whatsoever. The fact that he raped a child is unforgivable and she should not be allowed to get away with it, no matter how long ago it was or if the victim is forgiving him.
11:42 December 16, 2009 by Abaddon

The US legal system doesn't revolve around the victim. If you bothered to do a bit of research you'll notice criminal proceedings are??? v. State of ???. There is a matter of justice involved in this case. One in which the state has an obligation to follow through with.

Would you be so forgiving if the Swiss found kiddy porn on a computer in his house? We shouldn't set aside the law simply because of the person's wealth & prestige. In fact promoting such a societal practice is deplorable since it only encourages such crimes.
18:42 December 17, 2009 by Thames
Amazing! Germany moves heaven and earth to go after a 90 year old supposed war criminal and than allows Polanski's film

to be shown. Shamefull!
03:31 April 14, 2010 by JohnnyDee
Thank You Berlin Film Festival for awarding Best Director To Roman Polanski

He certainly deserves it for his expertise in film making, and for restoring Metropolis.

I wanted to say that Polanski: Wanted and Desired does not explain everything that is happening.

Actually it is Roman Polanski¦#39;s Movies that explain it all, starting with Rosemary¦#39;s Baby, then China Town and finally the Ghost Writer. See below for more details.

Some may believe Polanski¦#39;s latest movie ¦quot;The Ghost Writer¦quot; is a nightmare, bearing no resemblance to reality, or to his current situation, but this isn¦#39;t true since certain aspects mirror Roman Polanski¦#39;s own demise in America in 1978, which was not his own doing.

In the movie there are two ghost writers, who never meet, because the first one dies, before the other arrives. Both are linked by the same manuscript, the same people, the same location, the same corruption, the same cover-up, and the same set of circumstances which seeks to silence and kill them for exposing corruption.

In the movie the first ghost writer perishes under strange circumstances much as Roman Polanski did In America taking flight by the end of January 1978 due to Judicial Misconduct against him.

Just like the movie, and in reality a second victim exists, who experiences what Polanski experiences ­ that is Judicial corruption in the same Santa Monica Courthouse.

For the second victim the official corruption came in the form of Judicial misconduct and police brutality against her, with undocumented white County of Los Angeles Sheriffs positioned in the Courtroom & specifically there to assault and batter her, for exposing Santa Monica College Police cover up of her sexual assault complaint against a photography teacher at Santa Monica College, which sexual assault occurred in his darkroom class, by trapping her and surprising her from behind.

By exposing the police corruption which the Santa Monica Court was given notice of through the claim that was filed days in advance, she was subjected to a staged hearing and attacked in the courtroom by a number of undocumented White County of Los Angeles Sheriffs¦#39; Deputies and one defendant African American Santa Monica College Police Officer in front of the County of Los Angeles judge .

03:39 April 14, 2010 by Monde

This same County of Los Angeles Judge Laurence D. Rubin has since been promoted to the California Court of Appeals 2nd District by the former California Governor on police brutality day, just as Jay S. Bybee¦#39;s who signed the Torture Memos for the Bush Administration was promoted by the former President to become a judge on the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in 2003.

In the movie ¦quot;The Ghost Writer¦quot; a Harvard Professor is linked to the CIA., which is similar to Jay S. Bybee¦#39;s affiliation to the CIA through signing the Torture Memos, Bybee also has written for Harvard an article entitled, ¦quot; The Tenth Amendment Among the Shadows: On Reading the Constitution in Plato¦#39;s Cave, 23 HARV. J.L. & PUB. POL¦#39;Y 551 (2000)

As Polanski and another person have been victimized in the shadows of the same Cave, the Santa Monica Courthouse, who have never met, but yet whose paths are inextricably crossed through the Judicial Misconduct and corruption that they were exposed to there, Polanski¦#39;s claim for Judicial Misconduct is strengthened, since the Santa Monica Court¦#39;s exploitation of these two different sexual assault cases, illustrates how the County of Los Angeles Santa Monica Court has engaged in a double standard which depends on who the perpetrator is ­ i.e. foreign born Roman Polanski or California Santa Monica College state employee who is being assisted by corrupt police, and the Court itself.

In reality the second victim of the Santa Monica Courthouse sued but instead of any quick resolution, and apart from two rays of light of two 9th Circuit court of appeals precedent decisions, she has been slowly tortured by the endless litigation for nearly 12 years, in addition to being sexually molested, framed by the police and beaten up, and not to forget falsely arrested.

On January 11th 2006 Judge Jay S. Bybee of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who had signed the Torture Memos for the Bush administration years earlier, wrote a decision in the 9th Circuit U.S. Appeals Court, which has been used to terminate the second victim¦#39;s civil rights case which includes the Santa Monica Judge¦#39;s Judicial misconduct against her, ( the staged hearing, and the police brutality in the California Justice¦#39;s courtroom in retaliation for reporting police corruption.

Polanski¦#39;s movie ¦quot;The Ghost Writer¦quot; warns writers and viewers to not look for the truth, or expose facts that Officials do not want you to expose, because if you dare expose those political facts, or if you dare to report that you were sexually molested from behind by a Santa Monica College photography professor in his class, or if you dare to report Police corruption or Santa Monica Judicial Misconduct you may end up as ghost and either dead, or assaulted and battered in a Santa Monica California Courtroom.
03:43 April 14, 2010 by JohnnyDee
To The Federal Office Of Switzerland Justice

Issue: Roman Polanski should be released as soon as possible

Message Sent 4/9/ 2010

I STRESS Switzerland¦#39;s Justice should look very closely at the fact that there are multiple claims of Judicial Corruption at the Santa Monica Courthouse California, which are coming from other sources other than Roman Polanski.

Thus Switzerland¦#39;s Federal Office of Justice should take these other instances of Judicial & police Corruption into consideration and release Roman Polanski as soon as possible, since the California Justice system is not trustworthy.

It is all about coverup, bait and switch justice, no precedent to rely on, and assault and battery to boot.

So the law or justice is flimsy and will shatter and break if you rely on it.

Forget it Jake its China Town

Smoke and mirrors bait and switch justice, inherently unreliable.

There are witnesses to a double standard being applied in Santa Monica Courts, that sexual molestation cases are being exploited by the California authorities, which exploitation turns on who is involved. The bias seems to go against those born in Europe.

Since the police and Santa Monica Judges will cover up sexual assault by employees at California¦#39;s Colleges and assault and batter the female victim of sexual molestation, it cannot be about caring a hoot about the female sexual assault victim, whether in Polanski¦#39;s case or in other sexual molestation cases.



In view of this unstable, untrustworthy and discriminatory Santa Monica Judicial & Prosecutorial system would you send a citizen of Switzerland to face an unstable and corrupt system in Los Angeles California ­ and if the answer is NO

then please DO NOT DO this to a FRENCH AND POLISH CITIZEN ROMAN POLANSKI ­ & INSTEAD release Roman Polanski as soon as possible!
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