Pensioner fined for tear gas assault over dog poo

Pensioner fined for tear gas assault over dog poo
Photo: DPA
A 69-year-old Düsseldorf man was fined €1,500 for attacking a neighbour with tear gas after a dispute over dog poop escalated, a court ruled on Wednesday.

The victim of the August 2007 assault, a 69-year-old neighbour, died shortly afterward from a ruptured abdominal artery. However, it could not be determined during the trial whether the man’s injuries were the result of the tear gas attack or other existing illnesses he suffered. As a result, the defendant was tried on the lesser charge of assault.

The defendent was apparently upset at how his neighbour removed dog droppings from the entrace of their apartment building. The two men argued over the poop, which lead to a violent scuffle including metal rake. Finally, the defendant pulled out the tear gas and sprayed the victim.

Half of the €1,500 fine will be paid to the victim’s survivors and the other half will go to the state.

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