Telekom spied on applicant’s sex life

The Deutsche Telekom spying scandal has been found to extend to the sex lives of job applicants abroad, financial daily Handelsblatt reported on Wednesday.

Telekom spied on applicant's sex life
Photo: DPA

According to a 2004 document obtained by the paper, entitled “Company Security Personnel Screening,” the company hired private German investigators to spy on a female manager for a Croatian telecommunications company.

The document reveals intimate personal details, including how many lovers she had and her “select association with older men.”

“In her personal life she could be described as a female carnivore with an extremely elevated need for sex,” the document continues, adding that the woman’s sister is an “active agent of free love.”

The woman was apparently applying for a high-level management position at Deutsche Telekom’s Croatian subsidiary.

The document also reveals that the company also used the German intelligence service as a source in their analysis of the employee.

Deutsche Telekom assured Handelsblatt that they generally do not analyse the personal activities of job applicants. But at the end of 2004, the company’s human resources department used personnel screenings with private details as an example for possible future security measures.

“The suggestion to make these kind of screenings standard practice was rejected by human resources,” the company said.

Deutsche Telekom has already been the focus of a spying scandal since last spring, when the company confirmed bank records of more than 100,000 workers had been trawled for possible instances of corruption.

The operation was intended to track down the sources of leaks to the media, the company said.

Investigators say they have found evidence that the company took telephone records of supervisory board members as well as the workers’ council, journalists and other such as Frank Bsirske, head of the Verdi trade union.

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