Severe storm leaves knee-deep hail

Severe storm leaves knee-deep hail
Not the hail in question. Photo: DPA
A severe storm in the German state of Baden-Württemberg created what police called “winter conditions” on Wednesday, with hail up to 50-centimetres deep in some places.

The bad weather in Calw county forced officials to send a fleet of snow ploughs out to free streets from a heavy layer of hail about 15 centimtres high on Tuesday night. But one hollow near Wildberg-Gütlingen was left with some 50 centimetres of hail after the icy barrage, police said.

The storm lasted for about one hour throughout the county.

A 35-year-old driver was injured near Wildberg when he lost control of his car on the ice and hit a tree.

Meanwhile fire department workers were on hand to pump cellars free of flooding and retrieve manhole covers that had floated away in the deluge.

Police have not yet determined the amount of damages caused by the storm, which was rivalled by another in the nearby city of Karlsruhe, where heavy rainfall flooded streets and cellars around the same time.

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