VW worker collapses on hunger strike for more hours

VW worker collapses on hunger strike for more hours
Photo: DPA
A Volkswagen temporary worker on a hunger strike for a contract extension at the firm’s Hannover plant collapsed and was taken to a local hospital on Tuesday.

The number of workers on hunger strike to encourage a contract extension at the commercial vehicle plant has increased to seven since three workers began the initiative on Friday last week. Since then they have camped out by the door to the VW plant around the clock in hopes of securing an extension of their contract, which expires on Tuesday.

“We will stay here as long as necessary to achieve our goal,” one of the hunger strikers told the paper.

On Sunday, one of the workers fainted after a night spent out in the cold and had to receive medical treatment, the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung reported on Tuesday. The workers had to receive emergency medical attention again on Monday.

A spokesperson for labour union IG Metall said the union stands in solidarity with those on hunger strike and that they have a “deep understanding for the worries and hardships” of contract and temporary employees. But the union emphasised that hunger strikes are the wrong way to go about combating fears of unemployment.

“That is highly dangerous to one’s health,” the union’s spokesperson said.

Volkswagen is looking into hiring the men for an extended period of time.

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