‘Fire devil’ arsonist running amok in Viersen farmland

'Fire devil' arsonist running amok in Viersen farmland
A file photo of a barn fire in Germany. Photo: DPA
A “fire devil,” who has set eight blazes in less than two weeks, is on the loose in the North Rhine-Westphalian county of Viersen, daily Express reported on Monday.

“Not just police are involved in the hunt for the sinister fire devil,” the paper reported. “Now citizens are running their own patrols near the crime scenes.”

Police believe one or more arsonists have ignited eight fires starting March 11. A squat building, two apartment building entryways, and five barns in the area have all gone up in flames, the paper reported.

“The population in the Viersen area is extremely anxious,” the paper reported. “Night and day many townspeople drive patrols to catch anyone suspicious. So far there are no concrete clues.”

Meanwhile the cost of the fire damage to farmers, one of whom lost more than 100 round hay bales, has been “enormous,” Express reported. One farmer has put up a reward of €1,000 for information on who burnt down his barn near Lüttelforst.

Viersen police have asked witnesses to call 02162/ 377-0.