Professor convicted for demanding sex for help on oral exam

A professor from the University of Augsburg was sentenced on Thursday to 10 months probation and fined €8,000 for attempting to pressure a female student into exchanging sex for better grades.

Professor convicted for demanding sex for help on oral exam
Photo: DPA

According to the master’s candidate involved, a 34-year-old woman from Ukraine, the professor suggested sex as payment for raising the student’s marks on an oral exam.

“Yes, I wanted sex,” the 58-year-old married economics professor told the court. “She wasn’t an unattractive woman. I thought she was nice and beautiful, and I wanted to have an affair with her.”

The woman said the professor suggested a trade at their first encounter.

Asking the man what he exactly meant, he held up six fingers. The student thought he wanted money, but he was making a play on the word sex. Indignant, the woman rejected the professor’s advances.

But in a second meeting, the student brought along a camera and microphone to in order to document the conversation. For a third meeting, the student even sent a private detective to the scene.

After that encounter, in which the student threatened to make the professor’s propositions public, the professor informed the university dean of the situation.

The man was found not guilty of a more serious attempted coercion offense, but the prosecution accused him of “shattering trust in the integrity of those employed in the public service.”

Meanwhile, the student completed her oral test with a different professor, passing her master’s exam.