SPD politician’s office searched for child porn

SPD politician's office searched for child porn
Photo: DPA
Police searched Social Democrat (SPD) parliamentarian Jörg Tauss’ Berlin office on Thursday on suspicion of child pornography.

“I’m waiting calmly,” Tauss said as authorities searched his office. “I can’t comprehend it.”

The 55-year-old has been in parliament since 1994 and serves as the centre-left SPD party’s parliamentary expert on research and education as well as their general secretary for the state of Baden-Württemberg.

“I’ve concerned myself with this scene for years now,” Tauss said, adding that he couldn’t be sure whether the investigation was part of a “plot for revenge.”

Tauss’ second office was also reportedly searched on Thursday. According to broadcaster RBB, the public prosecutor’s office applied for a warrant in February.

The Bundestag earlier stripped Tauss of his immunity. The chairman of the Bundestag immunity committee, Thomas Strobl, said its members had closely reviewed the evidence against Tauss before taking their decision. Police were searching for suspect photographs and video material.

The online service of Der Spiegel magazine reported that one man, who had been accused of distributing child pornography in the past, was found to have been in possession of two private phone numbers for Tauss, as well as his home address.

Der Spiegel said the man from northern Germany also sent Tauss a DVD and exchanged 23 text and picture messages with him. State prosecutors declined to comment on the report.