Karneval organisers cover up offensive procession figures

Karneval organisers in Mainz have altered a model of a nun in an airport scanner after protests that she was shown topless, wearing just suspenders pants and a tattoo under her clothes.

Karneval organisers cover up offensive procession figures

The ‘cheeky’ paper maché figure is due to be included in the Rosenmontag procession through Mainz, when the sculptures are traditionally taboo-busting to offer irreverent commentary on the issues of the day.

Organisers in Cologne were persuaded to paint a bikini onto a figure showing a naked Angela Merkel with pre-operation plastic surgery marks drawn on her body showing where the economy needs a lift, a boost or a reduction.

And now the committee in Mainz has bowed to pressure and will hide the half naked figure of the nun with a sign reading ‘picture disturbance’.

The nuns of the Mainz diocese complained that the representation showed a lack of respect and was highly insulting.

President of the Mainz Carnival association Richard Wagner said the original figure was not aimed at insulting a particular group of people but was intended to show that new technology would not make any exceptions, even for the most spiritually deserving.

This leaves just one side of the nun-whore dichotomy showing – the deliberately unappealing features of the red-faced sister.