Twin KaDeWe robbery suspects’ family in ‘red light scene’

Twin KaDeWe robbery suspects' family in 'red light scene'
Photo: DPA
The 27-year-old twin suspects in the sensational jewellery robbery at Germany’s most famous department store, the KaDeWe in Berlin, apparently have relatives with a criminal past, daily Berliner Morgenpost reported on Friday.

“So far they aren’t talking about the allegations,” Berlin police spokesperson Michael Grunwald told the paper, adding that police are still searching for the jewellery.

The suspects, Hassan and Abbas O. will be interrogated in the coming week. Police still aren’t sure what kind of role they played in the robbery, the paper said.

The brothers come from a Lebanese family in Lower Saxony that is related to a large “clan” in Berlin, the paper reported. “This clan has a close connection to the red light scene,” according to the paper.

One family member apparently ran over a 77-year-old tourist near Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz in October 2008 and then fled the scene. He died fleeing from police in a December car chase. Police have refused to comment on whether they think the KaDeWe robbery was a family affair.

This Wednesday, police arrested the two – who did not resist – in the town of Rotenburg in Lower Saxony.

In what has been described as one of the most spectacular heists in post-war German history, thieves used a ladder to climb onto a projecting roof on the Ansbacherstrasse side of the grand old store on January 25. They relieved the massive shopping paradise of €6 million in jewellery and luxury watches.

CCTV evidence suggests that three masked men then took their loot in two stages, using the projecting roof to store the valuables while they returned to get more. Police are still trying to work out why no alarms were triggered during the robbery.