Berlin’s KaDeWe hit by huge jewellery heist

Berlin's KaDeWe hit by huge jewellery heist
A file photo of KaDeWe before the heist. Photo: DPA
Thieves stole over €1 million in jewels from Berlin’s KaDeWe luxury department story during a spectacular burglary over the weekend, according to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper.

Police said on Monday the burglars looted the store, which is closed Sundays, some time on Saturday night after entering the building via an awning. Once inside, they cleared out several glass showcases containing expensive jewellery on the main floor.

A security guard discovered the theft around 6 am on Sunday morning.

With the crime scene roped off to the public, the newspaper reported employees were still figuring the total extent of the losses for insurance purposes. Police said they still have no leads as to who pulled off the heist.