Bakery driver on trial for burying ‘lying’ girlfriend alive

Bakery driver on trial for burying 'lying' girlfriend alive
Photo: DPA
A 40-year-old bakery delivery man went on trial in Cologne on Tuesday for burying his girlfriend alive.

Frank G. is accused of murder after allegedly assaulting the woman in the district of Merheim on May 18, 2008 and then quickly burying her while she was still alive. The man was apparently afraid that his girlfriend would leave him for another man, news agency DPA reported.

He’d left his wife – who had already reported that he was violent – for the 24-year-old victim. The accused described her as a chronic liar and thief, saying he had considered leaving her in 2007.

According to prosecutors, he lured the young woman to hospital grounds under the pretense that she should help him dig up €300,000 he’d buried in the area. After effectively digging her own grave, the man hit her on the head with a billy club, then hit her again and tied her up with a belt when she tried to escape from the hole. He then buried her alive.