Deutsche Bahn ICE train brakes freeze

Deutsche Bahn ICE train brakes freeze
Photo: DPA
A German ICE train’s brakes froze on Wednesday evening, jamming rail traffic and forcing some 300 passengers to disembark, national rail operator Deutsche Bahn said Thursday.

The train was travelling between Berlin and Hannover when the conductor’s computer informed him that the brakes were frozen. He stopped the train just outside Immensen and attempted to solve the problem over a Deutsche Bahn hotline, the company told news agency DPA.

When his hotline efforts were unsuccessful, the conductor got out and hand checked the train’s brakes, a Deutsch Bahn spokesperson said. The safety precautions took more than two hours while more than 300 passengers waited in the heated train cars and train traffic on the line was suspended.

The driver finally drove the train at low speed into the Immensen train station where guests transferred to another train to complete their journey to Hannover.

Germany has been suffering record cold temperatures in the last week, with lows reaching a frigid -27.7 degrees Celsius (-17.86 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday morning.