Deutsche Bahn increases prices on tickets and discount cards

Travelling by train in Germany became more expensive again on Sunday, with Deutsche Bahn announcing a 3.9 percent increase in ticket prices.

Deutsche Bahn increases prices on tickets and discount cards

From this week, not only will the tickets themselves be more expensive – the discount cards will cost more too.

Consumer group Pro Bahn said the increase, particularly during a time of widespread economic gloom, was cheeky.

“It absolutely does not fit into the current economic-political landscape,” said Karl-Peter Naumann, chairman of the group. While many people are expecting to have to batten down their personal economic hatches next year, Bahn increased their prices above the base rate of inflation, he said.

“We have no understanding for this whatsoever,” said Naumann. He said the reason given by the Bahn – that energy prices had increased – sounded like a joke.

He said petrol prices were lower than they had been for years, and expressed concern that many travellers may drive cars rather than travel by rail.

The Welt Online newspaper website calculated that a second class ticket on the ICE from Frankfurt to Munich now costs €89 rather than €85, and from Hamburg to Hannover €40 rather than €39 while the 50 percent reduction Bahn card will cost €225 rather than €220, meanwhile the 25 percent card will cost €57 rather than €55.