Man drowns in storm drain trying to get lost car keys

Man drowns in storm drain trying to get lost car keys
Photo: DPA
A 22-year-old Bonn man apparently drowned in a storm drain while trying to retrieve the keys to his car, local police officials said Friday.

A father taking his child to kindergarten discovered a pair of trainers protruding from a storm drain at the side of the road and, upon inspection, discovered a body hanging upside down

The victim lost the keys to his Nissan 350Z down the drain and removed the cover in an attempt to recover them. He apparently lost his balance as he reached for the keys and became stuck in the tight drain, drowning in the rainwater at the bottom.

City officials said they found the keys when they went to recover the body and have ruled out foul play.

“In cases like this you can call us,” an unnamed city official told tabloid Express. “We’ll get the keys out.”

The paper said the victim had been drinking with a co-worker before heading home.

It’s unknown how long the body was in the drain before it was found, the police said.