Record number of foreign students stay in Germany

Record number of foreign students stay in Germany
Photo: DPA
More foreign students than ever before are staying in Germany after they complete their studies, daily Süddeutsche Zeitung reported on Wednesday.

Students who come from outside the European Union seem to like living in Germany, the paper reported. In 2006, some 2,700 foreign students were allowed to continue residing in Germany to begin professional careers. In 2007, the number rose to 4,400.

Meanwhile authorities expect up to 6,000 students could decide to remain in the country this year.

The more than 100 percent increase in just two years is apparently due to a new rule instituted in 2007. Employment agencies had previously been required to insure that a German couldn’t do the job of a foreigner instead, but the rule was abolished, opening the gate for students to find work.

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