Police conduct massive child porn investigation

Law enforcement agencies in Bonn are investigating 563 cases of suspected online child pornography across Germany, daily Bild reported on Tuesday.

The Bonn public prosecutor’s office searched the homes of 518 suspects, the paper said, making the operation one the country’s largest ever operations against illegal child pornography.

“In 466 cases, considerable quantities of child pornography materials were confiscated,” spokesperson Jan van Rossum told the paper.

Investigations in “Operation Data” include doctors, priests, and football coaches across the country. One priest allegedly used a rectory computer to log in to a child pornography site. He has been suspended from his duties after authorities secured photos and films as evidence.

So far the Bonn authorities have compiled a 180-page list of alleged child pornography buyers that includes their credit card data and addresses, Bild reported.

At the minimum, many of the suspects will have to pay fines starting at €4,500 for possession of the illegal media if convicted.