Dumped fiancée ‘disappointed and hurt’ by Boris Becker

Sandy Meyer-Wölden, the recently dumped fiancée of retired German tennis star Boris Becker, said on Thursday she was crushed by the decision to end their three-month whirlwind romance.

Dumped fiancée ‘disappointed and hurt’ by Boris Becker
Photo: DPA

“I gave everything for this relationship. I’m disappointed and hurt,” the 25-year-old jewelry designer and daughter of Becker’s former manager told celebrity magazine Bunte.

Becker, 15 years her senior, told Bild on Wednesday that the age difference likely played a role in the demise of the high-profile engagement. “We didn’t manage to get the daily things to work,” he said. “No third party was to blame or involved. Unfortunately we just couldn’t get it to work.”

Watching the rotating liaisons of the Wimbledon winner has become a public pastime in Germany, which has few celebrities as willing as Becker to live out his love life before the eyes of the world.

Most celebrity watchers were shocked when the ginger tennis star announced his engagement to the blond Meyer-Wölden earlier this year, since Becker has made no secret his “type” is actually brunettes.