German MPs warn against selling subs to Pakistan

The Social Democratic Party’s foreign policy expert in parliament on Friday warned the German government against selling Pakistan three submarines.

German MPs warn against selling subs to Pakistan
Photo: DPA

Rolf Mützenich told public broadcaster ARD that a country plagued by both terrorism and financial crisis like Pakistan “needs submarines least of all right now” and recommended Berlin rethink the lucrative arms deal.

Mützenich said from Germany it was impossible to have a clear picture what was going on in Pakistan. However, he did not have complete confidence in the country’s military and Berlin knows that it has been developing missiles that could one day be launched from subs.

The deal has been temporarily halted, but is to be discussed by Germany’s cabinet-level Federal Security Council.

Winfried Nachtwei, the parliamentary foreign policy expert for the Greens, echoed Mützenich’s concerns about selling the highly advanced submarines to Pakistan. He said even if the Security Council opted to proceed with the sub sale MPs could still create a “political front” of opposition to the deal.