Cologne man trapped in old clothes container

Cologne man trapped in old clothes container
A 20-year-old man from Cologne was forced to spend an entire night in a metal container for old clothing donations after trying to steal what was inside.

The man was freed only after he was found on Wednesday morning by a worker doing rounds to empty clothing containers, German daily Express reported on Thursday.

The large metal containers, ubiquitous in German cities, allow people to donate bags of old clothes and shoes, but not reach inside. Somehow the prospective clothing thief managed to fall into the 1.3 metre by 1.3. metre chamber with more than 180 kilogrammes of unwanted duds, though.

Upon discovery, the clothing company employee quickly shut the unlikely prisoner back inside the metal clap and called police, the paper reported.

The 20-year-old told officers he had wanted to sleep inside the container, but the clothing collector said theft was widespread.

“People are always holding their kids by the legs or even put them in all the way,” he told the paper. “When the container is empty they pull the kids back out.”