Red Cross preps for swarms of Italians at Oktoberfest

The Bavarian Red Cross is preparing to treat hordes of Italian revelers who have made a tradition of attending the second week of Oktoberfest.

Red Cross preps for swarms of Italians at Oktoberfest
A file photo of the Red Cross working Oktoberfest. Photo: DPA

Each year an average of 200 Italian visitors to Munich’s Wies’n require medical assistance after enjoying the beer bash. That beats out both the Austrians (on averge 80 treatments) and the Brits (60 treatments) when it comes to overdoing their Bavarian debauchery, news agency DPA reported.

This weekend Munich is expecting 100,000 Italian visitors to take part in the second-week tradition, Munich city spokesperson Astrid Ganssen told The Local.

“We have no idea how it happened, but it’s become a custom that they always come this weekend,” she said. “It’s not clear to me why there may be more medical situations with the Italians, but naturally they are quite festive and enjoy celebrating.”

Volunteers from the Italian province of South Tyrol, where many people speak both German and Italian, will also be on hand to treat the rowdy Italians this weekend. Their main role will be to act as interpreters to insure optimal care, German Red Cross spokesperson Gisbert Frühauf told DPA on Friday.