Weekend set for lovely autumn weather

Weekend set for lovely autumn weather
Photo: DPA
The cold, grey German winter might be just around the corner but much of the country will enjoy beautiful autumn weather this weekend.

The sun will shine brightly on Friday after some regions see early morning fog, according to the German Weather Service. Only Germany’s deep south near the Alps will be cloudy with some rain. Temperatures will reach highs between 13 and 17 degrees Celsius.

On Saturday, some regions will even feel downright summer-like – by German standards – with temperatures hitting the 20-degree mark in the western part of the country. The sun will shine in abundance with only scattered clouds in the northeast.

The coastal north could see those clouds turn into rain by late Sunday, but the rest of the country will enjoy another nice day in the sunshine. Temperatures will range from 14 degrees in the Allgäu to 20 degrees along the upper Rhine region.

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